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Drecun: US can discipline Thaci and Haradinaj (BETA, RTS)

By   /  14/02/2019  /  Comments Off on Drecun: US can discipline Thaci and Haradinaj (BETA, RTS)

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Serbian National Assembly Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Chairman Milovan Drecun said he believes a way would be found to abolish tariffs Pristina imposed on the goods from Serbia, BETA news agency reports.

He added Kosovo Prime Minister Haradinaj and President Thaci need to “find an exit strategy” from a situation they brought themselves in, otherwise they risk losing support of “the sponsors of Kosovo independence.”

Speaking for RTS morning news edition Drecun noted that messages from Washington and Brussels point out Pristina is a problem and an obstacle to continue the talks, that Belgrade insists upon, as it is a way to protect the Serbs in Kosovo.

According to Drecun, Ramush Haradinaj managed to postpone the talks between Belgrade and Pristina and additionally strengthen his position among the extremist part of the Albanian constituency in Kosovo, however, he crossed the limit, he should not have, while Hashim Thaci would probably profit more politically “as he proved to be a more reliable partner to the USA.”

Drecun also said US has sent a clear signal they want the final agreement on Kosovo to happen and do not accept that the agreement is based on unilateral and maximal Pristina’s demands, concluding that the USA can discipline Thaci and Haradinaj.

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