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Collaku: This is the scenario for unification of Mitrovica (RTK)

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Bekim Collaku, adviser to the President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, told Klan TV that scenario of correction of the borders, will definitely unify Mitrovica. He added that they have indications that Serbia would accept ideas for final agreement. “Germany is not in conflict or in disagreement with the US, as far as the final agreement is concerned.” “We are convinced that in this scenario Serbia will recognize the state of Kosovo, we will be able to correct a historic mistake made to Albanians living across the Kosovo border, and we will be able to get Presevo Valley inside the border of Kosovo.”

“I am saying it tonight for the first time that with this scenario of correction of the borders, if anyone is really interested and worked ever for unification of the municipality, there is possibility for unification of Mitrovica as one city only inside the borders of Kosovo,” Collaku said.

“This is the essence of this scenario of correction. If the Negotiating Team has the capability to convince Serbia without this scenario, then let them proceed,” he added.

“This might not sound good to someone, but we are professionals. Someone might become emotional when borders are mentioned. We have the case of Montenegro, they were ready to burn it, but at the end, it came out that Kosovo did not lose any part of land,” Collaku said.

“Illusions that everyone loves us, and everyone is opponent to Serbia should not be created. President Trump and each individual involved in such negotiations knows that this process should have an end.”

“Actors are on the right place, decision makers are on the right place, but the pressure is also over the right country.”

“We do not know if the other party will accept it, but we do have indications that they might. The Assembly gave them the mandate, if correction of the border happens, we will have functionalizing of the state of Kosovo. There will be a reduction of some competencies guaranteed to Serbs.”

“This matter was never discussed with the other party. The letter of President Donald Trump says also that such agreement should be balanced.”

If there is going to be an agreement on the border scenario, then it has to be a balanced one. If there is going to be an agreement on human rights, it should be a balanced one,” Collaku said.

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