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SOC Bishop Grigorije: Delineation would bring nothing good (BETA, B92, Blic)

By   /  25/02/2019  /  Comments Off on SOC Bishop Grigorije: Delineation would bring nothing good (BETA, B92, Blic)

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Serbian Orthodox Church, Bishop of Dusseldorf and Germany Grigorije assessed that delineation with Kosovo would bring nothing good to anyone, BETA news agency reported.

“I have no even a glimpse of faith something like that would bring any good to anyone. On the other side many misfortunes and miseries would affect already afflicted people,” Bishop Grigorije told Blic daily.

He noted Kosovo belongs not only to the Serbs, but also to the Albanians, who live there same as Serbs.

“In fact, the fundamental issue is why these people do not want to live together with us and why would we be incapable of accepting 8 or how many percent of Albanians in Serbia, and why nobody expects from Albanians to accept and integrate 8 percent of Serbs living in Kosovo and Metohija,” Bishop Grigorije said.

He further noted this issue is rather complex and was always approached from a wrong side.

“If we say it is ours and not Albanian area, then we are sending a message we do not want these people in our territory and we do not want to live with them and there naturally comes to a conflict. But if we say this is ours and their area the situation is significantly different,” Bishop Grigorije said.

He added not everybody is happy in France, Italy or Germany over migrants from Africa, Asia and those from the Balkans as well, but also no one is thinking that ghettoization or separation of people is good, rather both sides work intensively on the integration.

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