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Drecun: We are not setting barriers (RTS, Tanjug)

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There is no solution for Kosovo without Serbia, and if someone thinks that eventual unification of Kosovo and Albania and creation of “Great Albania” could resolve this problem, that one is in illusion, Chairperson of the Serbian National Assembly Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun told RTS.

“That would neither be peaceful nor sustainable solution, and it would not help stabilize the region. It is in full contradiction to all of that,” Drecun said for the RTS morning program.

He added, there are provocations not only in Kosovo, but also KLA graffiti was sprayed over the wall of Serbia’s Consulate in Vienna and Albanians celebrated electoral victory in Tuzi municipality near Podgorica.

Drecun went on saying that this is the result of Edi Rama’s attitude, who is sending messages about “Great Albania.” According to him, it is important to observe the reactions of leading western countries, in particular the US.

“They keep urging to continue the dialogue, they warn Pristina, but nothing concrete happens. And then Assistant US Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Philip Reeker calls upon Belgrade and Pristina to remove barriers in the negotiations, and enable dialogue to move forward,” Drecun said.

“I do not know why he would call upon Belgrade and Pristina to remove the barriers. Pristina sets the barriers. It is very clear. Remove the tariffs, that both US and EU said are unacceptable and contrary to the reached agreements. So, it is Pristina that should remove them, we are not setting the barriers, we are just asking for barriers to be removed so we can continue the talks,” Drecun added.

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