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Dacic: Serbia warned NATO, we will react if Serbs are attacked (TV Pink, Tanjug, B92)

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There is no unified appeal by the international community to Pristina to revoke the tariffs on goods from Serbia, and that is why they remain in force, Serbian Foreign Affairs Minister Ivica Dacic told TV Pink.

He added the US has been interested in the tariffs to be revoked and the dialogue to continue, because they want to score political points.

However, Dacic underlined “that some EU countries do not wish that to happen and keep telling Ramush Haradinaj not to revoke the tariffs. They want the dialogue to continue and when everybody is at the negotiation table, to remove the tariffs then.”

He recalled that the Great Britain does not condemn Pristina acts and they are also against border change. Germany too, does not agree to border change, however, they do not support what Haradinaj has been doing.

“In our opinion, the Great Britain is encouraging Haradinaj to keep the tariffs, they do not like an idea for a compromise and they do not like either because they are not a leading factor. They are not thinking this issue should be resolved. They propose a solution implying that we should recognize Kosovo within existing borders and that the north of Kosovo should have a wide autonomy,” Dacic said.

He also stressed Pristina stopped the dialogue by introducing the tariffs and adopting the dialogue platform. Asked if the platform was written by Pristina or they got it from the outside, Dacic responded he thinks it was prepared in Pristina, with involvement of several factors, and each of them added something.

“No document was against the dialogue as much as the platform is. This annuls the Brussels dialogue. The platform has a list of wishes Serbia should fulfill. This platform is insignificant to us, and Serbia will accept nothing from it. This is also an indicator how much Pristina is against compromise solution,” Dacic explained.

Speaking about “Steel Ring” action, Dacic noted Serbia has warned KFOR and NATO it would react if the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija are attacked. “Serbia will not allow attack against the Serbs in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, Of course, Serbia will not allow attack against them anywhere in Kosovo, but the north is their (Albanian) obsession,” Dacic concluded.


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