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OSCE Broadcast 21 March

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  • EU Office wants investigation into beating of Petrovic with Srpska Lista officials (RTK)
  • Brnabic: Initiative of France and Germany for revocation of tariff (KTV)
  • The EU is colonising Kosovo north with Serbs from Bosnia and Croatia (GazetaExpress)
  • Petrit Selimi calls Mogherini an “Empty Promise”(RTK)
  • PSD proposes inquiry committee for nepotism in all institutions (KTV)
  • Lumezi on the issue of employments: Prosecution is gathering information (RTK)



EU Office wants investigation into beating of Petrovic with Srpska Lista officials


RTK portal reports that the European Union Office in Kosovo has demanded a full investigation into the beating between Slobodan Petrovic, a Serb politician from Kosovo, and officials of the Srpska Lista entity.

“We are aware of the reported incident that took place yesterday in Prishtinë/Pristina. We expect the Kosovo authorities to conduct a full investigation, to find the facts,” reads the response of the EU Office for GazetaExpress.

Brnabic: Initiative of France and Germany for revocation of tariff


Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic stated that revocation of the tariff is not on the horizon, but a French-German initiative is dealing with its revocation, KTV portal reported.

“This initiative certainly moves in the direction of revocation of the tariff because we have said that there will be no dialogue until the tariff is revoked,” Brnabic told Radio and Television of Serbia.

According to her, it is good that Washington and London have also engaged for suspension of the tariff.

 The EU is colonising Kosovo north with Serbs from Bosnia and Croatia


Mayor of Mitrovica South, Agim Bahtiri, has criticised the European Union for disregarding the requests of Albanians to return in their homes and properties in northern part of the country dominated by Serbs, English edition of GazetaExpress reports.

Bahtiri who is mayor of the Mitrovica South the ethnically divided town with Serbs living in the north and Albanians in the south, said that around 13 thousand Albanians were expelled from their homes in northern Kosovo were never returned. He said Serbian criminal structures, through the elected representatives in local institutions or mafia-like groups have terrorised Albanians by preventing them return their homes. “The EU has discussed a lot about return of Albanians in the north but did nothing to return them home. To make things worse, in the north has started a multi-million project called ‘Sustainable return – support and strengthening’ financed by the European Union, aimed at return of Serbs, but in reality will return only Serbs who never lived in Kosovo, currently living in Serbia as refugees with the origin from other parts of ex-Yugoslavia,” Bahtiri wrote.

Bahtiri said through this project will continue colonisation of the north with Serbs from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, aimed at changing ethnic structure in that part of Kosovo. “This is shameful, unacceptable and should be stopped,” Bahtiri said in a Facebook post. He also blamed the Government of Kosovo and the Ministry for Return and Communities which is headed by a Serbian representative for investing millions in the north for Serb returnees, adding that in reality this investment was about colonising the north. “I call on the Government of Kosovo not to ignore this reality before it becomes too late, as our impatience grows,” Bahtiri stated.

Petrit Selimi calls Mogherini an “Empty Promise”


A large number of Kosovo citizens reminded EU High Representative Federica Mogherini of the promises she had made a year ago regarding visa liberalisation.

One year after the ratification of Demarcation, which constituted the last requirement for visa liberalisation, Kosovo still does not have visa liberalisation.

“Good news from Pristina: ratifying agreement on border demarcation with Montenegro, Kosovo heads towards visa free to EU for its people,” Mogherini had written.

On the other hand, Petrit Selimi qualified Mogherini’s statements as empty promises.

“Dear Empty Promise, Happy Birthday. May you be quickly forgotten in the valley of broken dreams, long visa queues and utter, cold, inconsolable isolation. Yours, That’s me in the corner,” Selimi wrote on Twitter.

 PSD proposes inquiry committee for nepotism in all institutions


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) has taken the initiative to establish a parliamentary inquiry committee on nepotism in public enterprises, the Government of Kosovo and state agencies.

Dardan Molliqaj, MP of this party, said that the phenomenon of nepotism followed all the Governments and, according to him, it particularly continued in Haradinaj Government.

Molliqaj stated that they also expect support of other political parties for establishment of this inquiry committee.

According to Molliqaj, the Prosecution has a ground to launch investigations into party-affiliated employments in public institutions.

Lumezi on the issue of employments: Prosecution is gathering information


State Prosecution is at the stage of gathering information on cases reported in the media as nepotism of politicians in Kosovo Telecom and other public enterprises, Chief Prosecutor Aleksandër Lumezi said.

“We have information that there are many political interferences, family interference, but also corruption and bribery during the employment process. Looking at the recent situation and seeing that many directors or members of public enterprises have hired their family members, together with the Kosovo Police, respectively the Kosovo Special Prosecution Office together with the Department of Economic and Financial Crimes, we have started gathering information regarding the identity of persons who committed the criminal offense during the employment process,” said Lumezi in RTK’s “n’Shesh” show.

According to him, bribery during employments is not a phenomenon that is being investigated regarding recent cases of employment.


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