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Dacic: I also warn Serbian citizens do not go to Britain (RTS, Tanjug, B92)

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Serbian Foreign Affairs Minister Ivica Dacic has responded to a UK advisory to its citizens not to travel to northern, predominantly Serb, part of Kosovo, “because of crime.”

Dacic said on Thursday that he, too, is warning the citizens of Serbia not to travel to the UK because of major political instability in that country, that is currently experiencing “major political chaos.”

“If (citizens) have some other destinations to go to, I recommend that they don’t go there, so as not to put themselves in danger due to the daily demonstrations. I’m being deliberately cynical, because when somebody – with the terrorists, cutthroats and criminals in Pristina – says that crime is in northern Kosovo – it’s a lie. There’s certainly crime there, but not more than there is in Pristina, starting from human organ trafficking to war crimes, the way the Albanian mafia is financed, which is the main (criminal group) in that same United Kingdom,” Dacic told RTS.

According to him, the reason they talk about the North now can also be viewed from the political angle.

“Pristina is aware that things are not going their way and that things are unfolding towards a deal. They don’t want agreement and consider it a loss in relation to what they had achieved, that is, declaring independence, and therefore they are investing everything into blocking a deal,” Dacic said.

He also spoke about Belgrade-Pristina dialogue saying he is certain the progress in a dispute over Pristina’s tariffs will not happen before the European Parliament elections are concluded.

“Haradinaj receives indications from some European states to keep it on hold. Some of them are saying that publicly. I speak about Britain and Germany. I can’t stay they are the most responsible (for a stalemate in a dialogue) but they keep that balance and support Haradinaj,” Dacic said.

He recalled American representatives were surprised and caught by the situation that Haradinaj and Thaci can not sit at the same table. “There is part in US administration supporting that, in particular in the Congress, but I have no doubt that Trump’s administration wants an agreement because that would be a political point for them,” Dacic emphasised.

He underlined that 6 years after the signing of the Brussels agreement Pristina does not even think to establish the Community of Serb Municipalities. He reminded that while signing the Brussels agreement, Serbia had three requests – Kosovo cannot be a member of international organizations, police in the north should be Serbian by composition, and no armed forces may come to the north of Kosovo without the consent of KFOR and municipal mayors there.

“A series of things occurred that went away from the essence of the Brussels agreement,” Dacic said, adding a new situation has been created now in which Serbia is requested to continue the dialogue no matter what.

“I think a humanoid robot would be useful in this situation because it would be able to say what is being said all the time, there is nothing new there.”


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