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UNMIK Headlines 23 May

By   /  23/05/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• PDK and LDK did not envisage pay raise until 2020 (Koha Ditore)
• Competition is done by political programs not by war or peace wings (Epoka)
• CEC does not extend deadline for Diaspora voters (Koha Ditore)
• Political parties do not respect official terms for election campaign (Epoka)
• IMC bans media from airing election debates (dailies)
• Haradinaj: We will create the army during the first 90 days of work (RTK)
• Thaci in Vienna: We do not seek confrontation with EU (Koha Ditore)
• O’Connell: I would not vote candidates with indictments (Gazeta Metro)

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UNMIK Headlines 22 May

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Parties don’t heed appeals to ‘clean’ election ballots (Koha Ditore)
PDK and LDK continue to keep their ballots under wraps (Zeri)
Daka: Problems with diaspora voters due to snap elections (Koha Ditore)
Veseli: Elections called because of government’s lack of vision (Zeri)
Kurti presents Vetevendosje’s political programme (dailies)
Haradinaj promises visa liberalisation in three months’ time (Kosova Sot)
Pacolli: With Vetevendosje after elections (Zeri)
“Serbian List would prevent creation of Kosovo’s army” (Lajmi)
Apostolova: Kosovo decides on whether to renegotiate demarcation (RTK)
Thaci travels to Austria to meet President Van der Bellen (RTK)

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UNMIK Headlines 18 May

By   /  18/05/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

“Guns vs. Roses” election battle (Koha Ditore/Epoka e Re)
“War wing” aims over 50 percent of votes (Epoka e Re)
No coalition agreement reached between LDK and Vetevendosje (dailies)
U.S. reiterates: Support uncorrupt candidates (Zeri)
100 observers from the EU will be monitoring elections (Epoka e Re)
IMF advises parties not to promise pay raise during election campaign (Koha)

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LDK: PDK-AAK-NISMA coalition was foreseeable (media)

By   /  17/05/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Officials from the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) reacted to the news that the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) signed a pre-election coalition with the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) and the Initiative for Kosovo (NISMA) by saying the move was foreseeable. LDK spokesperson Arban Abrashi said to Klan Kosova that PDK signed […]

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UNMIK Headlines 15 May

By   /  15/05/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

LDK against the idea of a broad pre-election coalition (Koha Ditore)
Veseli: Elections came as consequence of Mustafa’s failure (Epoka e Re)
Haradinaj: Internationals to settle Kosovo-Serbia outstanding issues (Koha)
Xharra in a stable condition following assault (Koha/Insajderi)
Hoyt hopes new Kosovo prime minister will ratify demarcation (Lajmi)
Rakic blames EU for murders in the north (Zëri)

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Headlines 28 December

By   /  28/12/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Kosovo government: Serbia is trying to destabilise Kosovo (Koha)
• Kosovo Assembly postpones resolution on Mitrovica wall (Kosova Sot)
• Rakic: The wall, part of revitalisation of bridge agreement (Zeri)
• Poll: PDK first, followed by LVV, LDK, AAK-NISMA and AKR (Epoka)
• “Serbia does not want normalisation of relations with Kosovo” (Epoka)
• UN does not recognise Enver Hoxhaj as Foreign Minister (Bota Sot)
• Only Kosovo’s ambassador invited to Trump’s inauguration (Zeri)

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Headlines 22 December

By   /  22/12/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Slavko Simic dismissed from post of Serbian List leader (Zeri/Klan Kosova)
• Kosovo Assembly to vote on next year’s budget today (Kosova Sot)
• Border demarcation, next year (Zeri)
• Turkish President Erdogan to receive President Thaci next week (media)
• Kosovo heading towards bankruptcy (Zeri)
• Kosovo keeps license for Serbia Telecom a secret (Koha)
• “Early next year could bring new recognitions from Asia” (Epoka)
• Svecla: Increased chances for VV-AKR coalition at central level (Gazeta Metro)
• Austria keeps soldiers in Kosovo to prevent terrorism (Insajderi)

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AKR and Vetevendosje to announce coalition in Mitrovica today (Gazeta Metro)

By   /  21/12/2016  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Citing an unnamed source, the news website reports that the New Kosovo Alliance (AKR) and the Vetevendosje Movement (VV) will announce their coalition for the municipality of Mitrovica South, today at 11:00. Mitrovica South Mayor Agim Bahtiri earlier gave to Vetevendosje three municipal departments and the post of deputy mayor. The news website recalls that […]

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Headlines 8 December

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• Partition of Mitrovica fortified (Koha Ditore)
• EU to assess if Mitrovica wall is in accordance with agreement (lajmi.net)
• Rakic: Wall will not be demolished (Zeri)
• KDI: Construction of the wall creates insecurity and fear (Koha Ditore)
• Assembly commission recommends session on Dehari (Kosova Sot)
• O’Connell: I regret that there are still criminals in politics (Telegrafi/RTK)
• NISMA and AKR sign coalition deal in Drenas/Glogovac (Bota Sot)
• Haradinaj: PM Mustafa tried to smuggle demarcation at the Assembly (RTK)
• Eight Kosovo Albanians held on terror charges in Belgium (Telegrafi)

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Headlines 7 December

By   /  07/12/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Five-day campaign for the runoff in Drenas/Glogovac (Epoka e Re)
• AKR will join NISMA at Drenas/Glogovac runoff (Klan Kosova)
• Mustafa to invite opposition experts in territory measurement (Bota Sot)
• International assessment confirms Kosovo’s failure in education (Koha)
• Yagcilar to be appointed ambassador to Ankara (Koha Ditore)
• Palmer: Remove corrupt people from important posts (Zeri)
• Bahtiri: The wall was not part of the project (Klan Kosova)
• Pessimism dominates north of Kosovo (Koha Ditore)

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Vetëvendosje and AKR reach coalition deal in Pristina (Telegrafi)

By   /  08/06/2016  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Vetëvendosje Movement and the New Kosovo Alliance (AKR) have reached a coalition deal in the Municipality of Pristina. The deal gives AKR two municipal directorates, that of culture and agriculture. AKR, in turn, has four seats at the municipal assembly. Vetëvendosje recently reached a coalition deal in Pristina with the Alliance for the Future of […]

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UNMIK Headlines 16 April

By   /  16/04/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Thaci: Kosovo will show no compromise in war against radicalism (media)
• Mustafa: Government has met 90% of planned objectives for 2015 (media)
• Erdogan calls on Islamic countries to recognize Kosovo’s independence (media)
• Association/Community of Serb-majority municipalities drops from the agenda (Zeri)
• Ahmeti signs coalition agreement with AKR in Pristina (media)

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