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UNMIK Headlines 24 March

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“Thaci tones down Kosovo army rhetoric” (Koha Ditore)
Engel: U.S. should support creation of Kosovo’s army (Epoka e Re)
“Association, compromise for army and border demarcation” (Zeri)
Vucic: Pristina and Bosnia are playing with stability of the region (Lajmi)
Haradinaj: Process against me is a political game (RTK)
Forensic teams recover human remains from Prizren cemetery (RTK/RFE)
Hoca e Madhe/Velika Hoca residents prevent Serb election rally (Klan Kosova)

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Headlines 11 January

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Kosovo Assembly fails to pass resolution on Haradinaj’s detention (dailies)
Serbia submits extradition request for Haradinaj (Kosova Sot/Koha)
Kocijancic: Kosovo and Serbia should step up judicial cooperation (Bota Sot)
Haradinaj’s case mentioned also at the UN (gazetaexpress)
Thaçi, Engel: Haradinaj’s arrest scandalous, Serbia abusing Interpol (Lajmi)
Pan-national protest for Haradinaj today (gazetaexpress)
Explosive device thrown at government building in Mitrovica North (Metro)
Border demarcation not in government’s agenda for 2017 (Koha Ditore)

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Headlines 18 November

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• No Association/Community without dissolution of parallel structures (Zeri)
• Havolli: No visa liberalisation without demarcation (Bota Sot)
• A march for Astrit Dehari today in Pristina (RTK)
• Shala: The state responsible for Dehari’s death (Epoka e Re)
• Lushtaku and 23 others indicted on organised crime charges (Koha Ditore)
• Protests in Skenderaj/Srbica against sentencing of KLA members (Epoka)
• AAK will not attend border demarcation meetings anymore (Koha)
• O‘Connell: Corruption is a problem for Kosovo (lajmi.net)
• Engel praises Kosovo authorities for stopping terrorist attack (RTKLive)

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Headlines 3 September

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• Postponement of demarcation does not delay visa liberalization (Zeri)
• Votes for demarcation in package with concessions to Serbs (Koha Ditore)
• Engel: Problems in Kosovo to be resolved in democratic way (Koha/VoA)
• Protest in Pristina today aagainst Jeremic’s bid for UN chief (media)
• Arifaj: Thaçi does not need permission to visit the north (media)

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UNMIK Headlines 26 February

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• Kosovo Assembly to vote on new president today (Koha Ditore)
• Thaci calls on his supporters to celebrate at home (Kosovapress)
• Grabovci: Thaci has the necessary votes to become president (Zeri)
• Kurti: We are for new elections (Epoka e Re)
• Serbian List to vote for Thaci (Lajmi)
• Kuci: No court will be able to overturn Thaci’s election (Klan Kosova)
• Engel: Kosovo political parties must renounce violence (Zeri/VoA)

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Keeping Kosova on the Path Toward Democracy (The Huffington Post/Republika)

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By Eliot Engel Representative from the 16th Congressional District of New York Witnessing Kosova’s move from war to peace and from tyranny to liberty has been among the most fulfilling aspects of my career as a public servant. The establishment of Kosova’s democratically-elected Assembly, its free and fair elections, and its system based on the rule […]

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Kosovo needs US and European support (Politico.eu)

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By ELIOT L. ENGEL 22/7/15 Building a democracy is hard work, and Kosovo needs international backing in achieving this. I recently returned from Kosovo where I met with the country’s leaders. We discussed the growth in Kosovo’s democracy and how Freedom House has upgraded its rating to “Parliamentary Democracy.” We reflected on the overwhelming support […]

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UNMIK Headlines 23 July

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• Thaci: Special court to be voted before holidays (Epoka e Re)
• Yazdgerdi: Special court must be established by Kosovo institutions (Bota)
• Vetevendosje fails to pass resolution on EULEX (dailies)
• EULEX reacts to opposition’s motion (Koha Ditore)
• Poll: Dramatic decline of PDK (Kosova Sot)
• Hyseni: Kosovo, a place of origin for extremists (Zeri)
• AAK: Our people are not involved in FYROM events (Epoka e Re)
• US Congressman Engel calls Sudetic a slanderer (RTKlive)
• Jevtic expresses concern over incidents involving returnees (Kosova Sot)

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UNMIK Headlines 7 July

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• Special court, not in the agenda of the Kosovo Assembly (Kosovapress)
• Engel: I was told that UN can establish the special court (Kosovapress)
• Opposition warns over the Association/Community (Zeri)
• Thaci: Kosovo to join the EU in ten years (dailies)
• Jahjaga: Brussels agreements to be implemented (dailies)
• Hodzic: It is time to see implementation of agreements (Epoka e Re)
• Minister Bajrami says she will not stop battling corruption (Kosova Sot)
• LDK elects party presidency (dailies)
• KP: Fire at the house in Llapushnik caused by electricity (Zeri)
• Anarchy in management of public funds in the north (Koha)

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Mustafa: Kosovo has the capacity to make important decisions (Telegrafi)

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Kosovo’s Prime Minister Isa Mustafa met today with United States Congressman Elliot Engel in Pristina and discussed on-going processes in Kosovo, reforms being made by the Kosovo government, the implementation of international obligations and Kosovo’s Euro-Atlantic prospects. Mustafa thanked Engel and the United States administration for their continuous support for Kosovo. Mustafa and Engel also […]

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UNMIK Headlines 3 July

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• Engel: Special court, a necessary evil (Koha)
• Thaci: We will not avoid international obligations (Zeri)
• Delawie: Kosovo should respond to war crimes allegations (Epoka e Re)
• Hilmi Jashari elected Kosovo Ombudsperson (Zeri)
• Ramush Haradinaj re-elected AAK leader (Epoka e Re)

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United States to continue support for Kosovo (Express)

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The Kosovo Assembly President Kadri Veseli, met today with United States Congressman Elliot Engel, and discussed current developments in Kosovo, its European perspective and cooperation between the two countries. Veseli thanked Engel for his engagement and contribution in raising the awareness about the Kosovo issue and the efforts for liberation and independence. Veseli briefed Engel […]

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