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UNMIK Headlines 22 April

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Hoyt discusses border demarcation with Mustafa (Koha)
Border demarcation to be put to Assembly next week (Koha)
Lekaj: No chance for demarcation to be passed next week (Gazeta Blic)
Limaj: Haradinaj, AAK and NISMA candidate for prime minister (RTK)

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Headlines 9 January

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AAK accuses government of not doing enough for Haradinaj (Koha Ditore)
“Haradinaj could be released on bail this week” (Gazeta Blic)
Albanian FM: Haradinaj’s detention unjust (Kosovapress)
Thaci: No one from Kosovo was invited to Trump’s inauguration (Koha)

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Çollaku: Demarcation cannot return to point zero (GazetaBlic)

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Kosovo’s Minister of European Integration, Bekim Çollaku, said on Tuesday that the border-demarcation process with Montenegro cannot return to point zero. He said the ratification of this agreement remains a criteria for visa liberalisation and that Kosovo must not waste time in this regard. Çollaku also called for political consensus among all parties, because any […]

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Grabovci: Government should not delay demarcation issue (Gazeta Blic)

By   /  20/06/2016  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

The Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) parliamentary group chief, Adem Grabovci, told the news site his party has not yet decided whether it will vote in favor of the border-demarcation agreement with Montenegro. However, Grabovci called on the government to send the agreement to the Kosovo Assembly as soon as possible. “The government should not […]

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AAK and NISMA to boycott Assembly’s voting on EULEX mandate (Gazeta Blic)

By   /  14/06/2016  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Officials from two opposition parties – the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) and Initiative for Kosovo (NISMA) – announced plans to continue boycotting Kosovo Assembly’s session, including the one set to vote on extending the mandate for the EU rule of law mission, EULEX. AAK’s Muharrem Nitaj said the party’s MPs would not […]

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Hyseni: Serbia and Bosnia are deterring our fight against terrorism (Gazeta Blic/RFE)

By   /  07/06/2016  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Kosovo’s Interior Minister, Skender Hyseni, told Radio Free Europe on Tuesday that international cooperation and exchange of information between security institutions of different countries, are the essential elements for combating terrorism and violent extremism. According to him, the non-recognition of Kosovo by Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the lack of diplomatic relations with these […]

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UNMIK Headlines 16 May

By   /  16/05/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• UN chief concerned over slow implementation of Brussels agreements (media)
• Russia calls for police capacities for UNMIK for special court (Koha)
• UNMIK asked to assist in issuing international arrest warrants (Tribuna)
• Mustafa: Inclusiveness in dialogue (Epoka e Re)
• “Demarcation with Serbia, in third round of talks” (Gazeta Blic)
• Opposition to return to Assembly for demarcation (Zeri)
• Murati: Demarcation should be send to international arbitration (Koha)
• Sporadic protests don’t frighten the government (Zeri)
• Court of Appeals confirms Limaj’s innocence in Klecka case (dailies)
• Decan residents address Court over disputed property (Kosova Sot)

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Cinderella’s fairy tale is over, now the truth (Gazeta Blic)

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Ben Andoni writes that the decision of the European Commission to recommend liberalization of visas for Kosovo, was celebrated more by the politicians than the ordinary citizens. Just like in Albania, majority of them remain skeptical that liberalization of visas would change things much, even though, non-liberalization of visas in Kosovo was felt a bit […]

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UNMIK Headlines 28 April

By   /  28/04/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Syla: I am innocent, I will cooperate with the judiciary (media)
• EULEX and Kosovo Police searching for PDK MP Azem Syla (dailies)
• Mustafa returns from Brussels without visa liberalization (media)
• Kosovo Assembly to meet today (Kosovapress)
• Sejdi Thaci, returned in Klina, was not a missing person (dailies)
• Freedom House: Kosovo marks slight increase on freedom of media (Epoka)
• Vetevendosje election process starts on 2 May (Epoka)

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UNMIK Headlines 16 April

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• Thaci: Kosovo will show no compromise in war against radicalism (media)
• Mustafa: Government has met 90% of planned objectives for 2015 (media)
• Erdogan calls on Islamic countries to recognize Kosovo’s independence (media)
• Association/Community of Serb-majority municipalities drops from the agenda (Zeri)
• Ahmeti signs coalition agreement with AKR in Pristina (media)

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Vetevendosje: Holding Serbian elections in Kosovo, Mustafa’s failure (Gazeta Blic)

By   /  14/04/2016  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Vetevendosje movement assessed that eventual holding of Serbia’s elections of 24 April in Kosovo, are yet another failure of the Prime Minister Isa Mustafa. Glauk Konjufca from Vetevendosje, said at a press conference that holding these elections in Kosovo is in contradiction with the Constitution of Kosovo. According to him, the current governments violating the […]

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Seselj’s radicals fail badly in Gracanica (Gazeta Blic)

By   /  11/04/2016  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

Serb radicals failed badly during their gathering today in Gracanica municipality. Sources of Gazeta Blic stressed that a very small number of people responded to the call for the gathering. “It was a symbolic number of citizens at the pre-election gathering of the Radical Party in Gracanica,” said this source.

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