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Lunacek: Implementation of agreements, priority of the new phase of dialogue (RTK)

By   /  06/07/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

The European Parliament Vice-President and Rapporteur for Kosovo, Urlike Lunacek, said that implementation of the reached agreements should be priority of the new phase of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, in order to reach complete normalization of the relations. “We should still wait and see the results of the renewed dialogue. Complete implementation should […]

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Lunacek: Implementation of the agreed is the priority (media)

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European Parliament vice-president and rapporteur for Kosovo Ulrike Lunacek says that the priority of the new phase of the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina should be the implementation of already reached agreements, with the goal of normalizing relations, reports Radio Television of Serbia (RTS). “We still have to wait to see what will be the […]

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UNMIK Headlines 5 April

By   /  05/04/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

Coalition admits vote problem with border demarcation deal (Koha Ditore)
Lunacek: No visa liberalisation without ratification of border deal (RTK)
“Visas should be removed, with or without voting on demarcation” (Epoka)
Thaci: We are getting ready to sue Serbia for genocide in Kosovo (Bota)
Assembly session postponed pending Haradinaj’s hearing (Zeri/Koha)
Opposition: Unacceptable for Jablanovic to lead Serbian List (Telegrafi)

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Lunacek opposes Kosovo Assembly resolution for suspending talks with Serbia (RTK)

By   /  10/03/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

European Parliament Vice President, Ulrike Lunacek, reacted to the resolution of the Kosovo Assembly calling for suspension of dialogue with Belgrade by saying both parties need to resume talks. “Belgrade and Pristina must get back to the negotiating table and continue dialogue process. Serbia needs to withdraw its outdated international arrest warrant against Ramush Haradinaj,” […]

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EP’s Foreign Affairs Committee approves Lunacek’s report on Kosovo (Media)

By   /  28/02/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

The European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee approved today a report drafted by the Deputy President of the EP and Rapporteur for Kosovo, which refers to Kosovo’s progress towards the European Union. “Today’s vote again sends a strong signal that the future of an independent Kosovo lies in the European Union. With only a few steps […]

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Headlines 28 February

By   /  28/02/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

UN Security Council discusses situation in Kosovo (dailies)
Tahiri: Demarcation should be resubmitted or we head to elections (Epoka)
Konjufca: Those who vote demarcation are traitors (Lajmi.net)
“Dukagjin MPs should not vote demarcation” (Epoka)
European Parliament requests establishment of Association (Kosova Sot)
Lunacek requests five EU member states to recognize Kosovo (Epoka e Re)
Kosovo leaders hail Bangladesh recognition (dailies)

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Headlines 18 February

By   /  18/02/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Lunacek: Ratify demarcation and travel freely (Lajmi)
• Thaci meets Mogherini at the Munich Security Conference (Lajmi)
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns removal of Turkish flags in Prizren (Lajmi)
• “At the time of major doubts, trust in Kosovo” (Lajmi)

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UNMIK Headlines 1 February

By   /  01/02/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Thaci: I expect further de-escalating of tensions with Serbia (RFE)
• Dialogue at level of Presidents and Prime Ministers resumes today (media)
• Government fails to respect Assembly’s resolution on Mitrovica wall (Zeri)
• Lunacek: Reconciliation is an obligation (Zeri)
• Zeri: “Fears of possible bomb threats alarm Pristina”
• Koha: “Kosovo Security Force will (not) become Kosovo Armed Force”
• Tsipras: Greece will not change its position on Kosovo (media)

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Headlines 31 January

By   /  31/01/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

Mustafa-Apostolova-Rakic reach agreement on Mitrovica wall (Koha Ditore)
Tahiri: Epilogue of the dialogue is the authority of the government (Zëri)
Lunacek: Dialogue to conclude with recognition (Epoka e Re)
Serwer: It is time for the army of Kosovo now (Epoka e Re)
Jahjaga, Hysa and Rexhepi, candidate for head of intelligence chief (Zeri)
Plans to give additional authorities to KSF under way (Zeri)
Freedom House: Kosovo, partly free (Koha)

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Headlines 19 January

By   /  19/01/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

Headlines – 19.01.2017 Thaçi: I stopped the train, I feared repetition of “Panda” case (Epoka e Re) Kosovo FM writes to 49 countries about Serbia’s provocations (Zeri) Thaci thanks Biden for efforts in de-escalating Kosovo-Serbia tensions (Telegrafi) KLA veterans ready to fight again with Serbia (Lajmi) Vucic: Majority of agreements reached with Pristina are only […]

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Headlines 10 January

By   /  10/01/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

Kosovo MFA: Dacic provoking stability in the region (Koha Ditore)
EP: Kosovo Serbs to become independent from Belgrade (Zeri)
Albanian interior minister writes to Interpol regarding Haradinaj’s (Koha)
Justice agreement not implemented within set timeline (Koha Ditore)
Tahiri: Serbia towards recognition of Kosovo (Zëri)
Gecaj: Unilaterally established association will be proclaimed illegal (Zëri)

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Headlines 6 January

By   /  06/01/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

AAK leader Haradinaj remains in French detention (dailies)
Lunacek calls for annulment of Serbia’s outdated arrest warrants (Koha)
Nikolic not granted permission to visit Kosovo (dailies)
Police deny media reports Muhaxheri is in Kosovo (Zeri)
Lawyer claims Astrit Dehari did not commit suicide (Epoka e Re)

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