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UNMIK Headlines 6 July

By   /  06/07/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

Arrests made in connection to police officers’ killing in 2004 (dailies)
Kocijancic: EU has no preferences over who forms government (RTK)
PAN has not yet decided on candidate for Assembly speaker’s post (Zeri)
Abdixhiku: Cooperation with PDK, the biggest sin (Klan Kosova)
Bahtiri: AKR would support Kurti for prime minister (Koha)
Deda calls on AAK and NISMA to join LAA and Vetevendosje (Rrokum TV)
Yee: Western Balkans far from EU integration (Zeri)
Serbia complains to U.S. over Kosovo army (Kosova Sot) 

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Headlines 28 February

By   /  28/02/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

UN Security Council discusses situation in Kosovo (dailies)
Tahiri: Demarcation should be resubmitted or we head to elections (Epoka)
Konjufca: Those who vote demarcation are traitors (Lajmi.net)
“Dukagjin MPs should not vote demarcation” (Epoka)
European Parliament requests establishment of Association (Kosova Sot)
Lunacek requests five EU member states to recognize Kosovo (Epoka e Re)
Kosovo leaders hail Bangladesh recognition (dailies)

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Headlines 2 September

By   /  02/09/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• PM Mustafa withdraws demarcation agreement from Assembly (media)
• Lunacek and Fajon: Assembly’s decision regrettable (Epoka e Re)
• Thaci: MPs are threatening state interests (dailies)
• Veseli’s announcement on developments at the Assembly (Koha)
• Zbogar: Demarcation, a special condition for visa liberalisation (Lajmi)
• Vetevendosje’s Sejdiu calls for early elections (Telegrafi)
• Genocide lawsuit against Serbia, Thaci’s unfulfilled promise (Koha)

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Headlines 1 September

By   /  01/09/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Kosovo Assembly to vote on demarcation with Montenegro today (media)
• Thaci: Demarcation agreement will be ratified on Thursday (Rrokum TV)
• Ymeri calls on MPs not to vote demarcation deal (Zëri)
• Gecaj: Government will not fall even if demarcation fails (Klan Kosova)
• KLA veterans: MPs should not ratify demarcation deal (Epoka e Re)
• Fajon: No visa liberalisation without ratifying demarcation deal (Zëri)
• Serwer: Demarcation risks Kosovo’s stability (Bota Sot)
• Thaci: Normality in the north is result of Brussels dialogue (media)
• Hoxha: “Pronto” is not exempt from justice (Zëri)
• Tahiri: Serbia should transform into European spirit (Epoka e Re)

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UNMIK Headlines 6 August

By   /  06/08/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Pristina and Belgrade agree on revitalisation of Mitrovica bridge (media)
• Haliti: No change of positions on border demarcation (RTK)
• Limaj: Demarcation agreement needs to be reworded (RTK)
• UNMIK condemns attack on Assembly (media)
• EU strongly condemns Assembly attack (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 16 May

By   /  16/05/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• UN chief concerned over slow implementation of Brussels agreements (media)
• Russia calls for police capacities for UNMIK for special court (Koha)
• UNMIK asked to assist in issuing international arrest warrants (Tribuna)
• Mustafa: Inclusiveness in dialogue (Epoka e Re)
• “Demarcation with Serbia, in third round of talks” (Gazeta Blic)
• Opposition to return to Assembly for demarcation (Zeri)
• Murati: Demarcation should be send to international arbitration (Koha)
• Sporadic protests don’t frighten the government (Zeri)
• Court of Appeals confirms Limaj’s innocence in Klecka case (dailies)
• Decan residents address Court over disputed property (Kosova Sot)

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UNMIK Headlines 8 April

By   /  08/04/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• President Thaci meets Quint representatives (RTK/Klan Kosova)
• US Deputy Assistant Secretary Hoyt to visit Kosovo today (Kosovapress)
• Reichel: Germany committed to supporting Kosovo’s development (Koha)
• Simic: Thaci to do more for communities (RTK/Klan Kosova)
• “First to be indicted by special court is Agim Ceku” (Bota Sot)
• Deda: Vetevendosje will not use tear gas in the Assembly anymore (RTK)
• Konjufca: It is time for AAK to make concessions (Telegrafi/Rrokum)
• Albania PM: Vetevendosje is a national treasure (Klan Kosova)

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UNMIK Headlines 25 March

By   /  25/03/2016  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Mustafa: Government ready for dialogue with opposition without ultimatums (media)
• Ymeri: No amnesty for Veseli, Mustafa and Thaci (Koha)
• Kadaj-Bujupi resigns from AAK (media)
• Gashi: I want to join Vetevendosje (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 5 November

By   /  05/11/2015  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Haradinaj: Protests to begin in November (Kosova Sot)
• Chief Prosecutor: Opposition MPs could be arrested (Zeri)
• Deda: Do not call for session without resolving crisis (Gazeta Blic)
• “Association/Community with constitution-making powers” (Zeri)
• RTK managers react against government decision (RTK)
• FYROM approves agreement to cross border only with ID (Epoka e Re)

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UNMIK Headlines 15 October

By   /  15/10/2015  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Mustafa to opposition: Take the debate back to institutions (Indeksonline)
• Veseli: I will not order police intervention in Assembly (Telegrafi)
• Police to enter Assembly if lives of MPs are in danger (dailies)
• Krasniqi: We will prevent tomorrow’s session of the Assembly (Klan Kosova)
• Prosecutor: Police had no arrest warrant for Kurti (Kosova Sot)
• Kurti: I am against Serbia’s rights within Kosovo (RTK)
• Minister Abrashi pelted with eggs (Zeri)
• Thaci: Kosovo one step closer to UNESCO (RTK)
• EU keeps silent, Serbs react over Iber Bridge (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 10 September

By   /  10/09/2015  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• New maps confirm Kosovo lost over 8,000 hectares (Koha)
• Rasic: Only Belgrade benefits from Association/Community (Klan Kosova)
• Biserko: Belgrade will use Association/Community to block Kosovo (dailies)
• Serbian List postpones higher education draft law (Epoka)
• Jahjaga to meet Albania’s leaders in Tirana today (Kosova Sot)
• Reinhardt: Kosovo doesn’t need more than 3,000 soldiers (Epoka)
• Discussions on Association of Albanian municipalities in Serbia (Indeksonline)
• CDHRF wants autopsy results for those killed in Kumanovo (Koha)

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UNMIK Headlines 21 August

By   /  21/08/2015  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• President Jahjaga signs Laws on Special Court (dailies)
• Constitutional Court does not suspend special court’s establishment (Koha)
• Kerry supports Kosovo’s bid to join UNESCO (Kosova Sot)
• UN Security Council to discuss Kosovo today (Tribuna)
• New US Ambassador arrives in Kosovo (dailies)
• Millions of euros for Association/Community (Zeri)
• Government to discuss Armed Forces in a roundtable (Zeri)
• Limaj to face court again for “Klecka” case (RTK)

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