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Uproar among Serbs in Kosovo; Jablanović usurped Serbian List (Blic)

By   /  06/04/2017  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  No Comments

Today’s edition of the daily newspaper Blic writes that the return of Aleksandar Jablanović at the head of the Serbian List has shocked and surprised most people in this political organization of Serbs in Kosovo. – It is completely a unilateral decision of Jablanović, and we have learned about it, what is worse, from the […]

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Dacic to Thaci: KLA committed genocide against Serb people (B92, Tanjug)

By   /  06/04/2017  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  No Comments

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci is “continuing with provocations,” Serbian First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic observed on Wednesday. According to Dacic, after “the debacle” of Thaci’s idea to form the so-called Kosovo army, he is trying to “switch the domestic public’s attention” to a different topic – a genocide lawsuit against Serbia. In […]

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UNMIK Headlines 5 April

By   /  05/04/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

Coalition admits vote problem with border demarcation deal (Koha Ditore)
Lunacek: No visa liberalisation without ratification of border deal (RTK)
“Visas should be removed, with or without voting on demarcation” (Epoka)
Thaci: We are getting ready to sue Serbia for genocide in Kosovo (Bota)
Assembly session postponed pending Haradinaj’s hearing (Zeri/Koha)
Opposition: Unacceptable for Jablanovic to lead Serbian List (Telegrafi)

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Thaci: No one can use veto on establishment of Kosovo’s army (Koha)

By   /  04/04/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

The President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, said that establishment of Kosovo’s army is already a necessity. “I have undertaken the legal initiative for KSF being convinced that all the possibilities to create it through the Constitution were exhausted. This also came as a need being that Kosovo cannot be part of NATO without an army. […]

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Kosovo as a casual topic in the Serbian presidential elections (KIM radio, Kontakt plus radio)

By   /  04/04/2017  /  Serb. Monitoring  /  No Comments

During the election campaign Kosovo was not much of a topic for the presidential candidates in Serbia. Some have visited Kosovo but without much fanfare, and the winner although he announced his Leposavić’s election rally, dropped out of the visit. According to the head of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Đurić, Vučić has […]

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UNMIK Headlines 4 April

By   /  04/04/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

EU does not back down on border demarcation criteria (Koha Ditore)
Hoxhaj: Demarcation has to be ratified, it is a condition (Epoka e Re)
Vujanovic: Kosovo to ratify border demarcation agreement (Klan Kosova)
“No decision if Kosovo will renew UNESCO bid this year” (Klan Kosova)
Former cellmate of Astrit Dehari dies while in detention (Koha Ditore)
Viets: The governing coalition has a stable majority (Epoka)
“Serbia’s integration to be conditioned with the issue of the missing” (Epoka)
President Thaci condemned attack on the Dragolec returnees (Bota Sot)
OSCE: “Kosovo and Metohija” designation was technical error (Zeri)

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UNMIK Headlines 3 April

By   /  03/04/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Vucic claims victory in Serbian presidential elections (dailies)
• Government ready to submit border deal to Assembly (Koha Ditore)
• Haliti: Government will not submit border deal without securing votes (Zeri)
• COMKFOR: Kosovo army, political issue (Zeri)
• Haradinaj doubts France will extradite him to Serbia (Telegrafi)
• Apostolova: Freedom of expression, the most cherished European value (Zeri)
• Turkey concerned Thaci’s son is attending Gulen school (Koha Ditore)

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UNMIK Headlines 01 April

By   /  01/04/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

• Thaci: Political murders should not be used for election campaign (RTK, Lajmi)
• OSCE helps process of Serbian presidential elections in Kosovo (RTK)
• Recica: Creation of army, only through constitutional changes (RTK)
• Discussions on Association to start next week (Koha Ditore)

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Thaci: Blocking of roads in Kosovo is blocking Kosovo’s road to the world

By   /  29/03/2017  /  Articles from Kosovo media  /  No Comments

President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, condemned the blocking of roads in several cities of Kosovo as being unacceptable. “This approach is completely unacceptable because freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of political thought and the freedom of expression are guaranteed by the Constitution of Kosovo and its laws. These apply to all citizens of […]

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UNMIK Headlines 28 March

By   /  28/03/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

Thaci: Only demarcation can bring visa liberalisation (Tribuna Channel)
Despite Serbian List return, coalition experiences a vote crisis (Koha Ditore)
Kosovo government conditions Vucic’s visit (Koha Ditore/Telegrafi)
U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary to visit Kosovo today (Indeksonline)
Kosovo no strategy to manage post-special court indictments situation (Koha)
Assembly MPs visit for the first time Police Station in Zubin Potok (Epoka)
Thirteen displaced families return to Istog municipality (Zeri)

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UNMIK Headlines 25 March

By   /  25/03/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

“Internationals fear the prospect of spring elections in Kosovo” (Koha Ditore)
“Kosovo army to be set up through international coordination” (Kosova Sot)
“Decision on Serbian elections in line with Kosovo Constitution” (KP)
Gecaj: Association, demarcation and army will not be in one package (Zeri)
Haradinaj case: Serbian authorities submit replies to French court (Zeri)

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UNMIK Headlines 24 March

By   /  24/03/2017  /  UNMIK Media Reports - Morning Edition  /  No Comments

“Thaci tones down Kosovo army rhetoric” (Koha Ditore)
Engel: U.S. should support creation of Kosovo’s army (Epoka e Re)
“Association, compromise for army and border demarcation” (Zeri)
Vucic: Pristina and Bosnia are playing with stability of the region (Lajmi)
Haradinaj: Process against me is a political game (RTK)
Forensic teams recover human remains from Prizren cemetery (RTK/RFE)
Hoca e Madhe/Velika Hoca residents prevent Serb election rally (Klan Kosova)

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