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EU reaffirms: Kosovo has to meet two more visa liberalisation criteria (EO)

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Ekonomia Online news website quoted European Commission spokesperson, Maja Kocijancic, as reiterating that Kosovo needs to implement two more conditions before being granted visa liberalisation: continue fight against high-level corruption and organised crime and conclude border demarcation with Montenegro. Kocijancic recalled that in a February meeting with President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, European Commission President […]

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UNMIK Headlines 8 June

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No one to “discipline” Serbian List (Koha Ditore)
Police step up presence in the north of Kosovo (Koha Ditore)
Serwer: Make haste with demarcation or risk having the door closed (Zeri)
ISIS fighter from Kosovo, Muhaxheri, reported killed (Gazeta Metro)

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PDK promises visa liberalisation in 2018 (Insajderi)

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Deputy leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Enver Hoxhaj, said in an interview aired on Klan Kosova that he believed visa liberalisation will happen in 2018. “I don’t wish to mention dates but I believe that in January of 2018 citizens will be able to travel without visas,” Hoxhaj said.

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Haradinaj reaffirms promise for visa liberalisation in 90 days (Koha)

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Candidate for prime minister from the coalition between the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) and Initiative for Kosovo (NISMA), Ramush Haradinaj, reaffirmed his promise that if elected, Kosovo would gain visa liberalisation in 90 days. He said in a Facebook post that he stands by his promise […]

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UNMIK Headlines 22 May

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Parties don’t heed appeals to ‘clean’ election ballots (Koha Ditore)
PDK and LDK continue to keep their ballots under wraps (Zeri)
Daka: Problems with diaspora voters due to snap elections (Koha Ditore)
Veseli: Elections called because of government’s lack of vision (Zeri)
Kurti presents Vetevendosje’s political programme (dailies)
Haradinaj promises visa liberalisation in three months’ time (Kosova Sot)
Pacolli: With Vetevendosje after elections (Zeri)
“Serbian List would prevent creation of Kosovo’s army” (Lajmi)
Apostolova: Kosovo decides on whether to renegotiate demarcation (RTK)
Thaci travels to Austria to meet President Van der Bellen (RTK)

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UNMIK Headlines 12 May

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Official: Early parliamentary elections in Kosovo on 11 June (dailies)
CEC: Election campaign to last ten days (Koha Ditore)
Delawie: Corrupt people to stay out of election ballots (RTK)
UN concerned with obstacles in Pristina-Belgrade dialogue (RTK)
Ferati: No more with PDK (Epoka e Re)
Lunacek: Establish a good government, deal with serious issues (RFE, Zëri)
Serbia concerned about elections in Kosovo (Zëri)

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UNMIK Headlines 9 May

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U.S. calls on Kosovo Assembly to ratify border agreement (Zeri/RTK)
Today is LDK’s exam in front of Delawie (RTK)
Next 48 hours, decisive for PDK’s positions (Epoka e Re)
Apostolova: No guarantees for visa liberalisation (Zeri/Klan Kosova)
Haradinaj: Kosovo still has unfinished duties (Koha Ditore)
“Peoples’ eye” warns against ratification of border demarcation (Epoka)

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Fajon: Kosovo to either ratify border agreement or find another alternative (Telegrafi/DW)

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European Parliament’s rapporteur for visa liberalisation for Kosovo, Tanja Fajon, said in an interview to Deutsche Welle that Kosovo needs to either ratify the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro or find a different alternative but that the decision would have to be taken by Kosovo politicians. Fajon said she understood the sensitivity of the border […]

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UNMIK Headlines 25 April

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National unification “clashes” Thaci with Hahn (Epoka e Re)
Intense preparations for elections underway (Koha Ditore)
Musliu: Vucic knows there will be Albanian national unification (Kosova Sot)
Serwer: “Great Albania”, sign of frustration with EU (Zeri)
EU will not drop border demarcation condition (Zeri)
Coalition to break next Saturday, elections on 4 June (Gazeta Metro)
PDK’s Krasniqi considers elections could be the solution (Klan Kosova)
“Assembly and government out of function” (Epoka e Re)
Ramush Haradinaj gains Albanian citizenship (Epoka e Re)

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UNMIK Headlines 21 April

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• Apostolova: Border demarcation not the only visa condition (Koha Ditore)
• PM Mustafa nominates Todosijevic for Minister (Lajmi/Bota Sot)
• Government silent on suspension of construction works in Mitrovica (Koha)
• Serbian List: None of us met Mustafa about army (Lajmi.net)
• Special prosecution files indictment on war crimes charges (Zeri)
• Decan historians threaten with blocking of roads (Epoka e Re)

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PM Mustafa to seek conditional visa liberalisation for Kosovo (RFE)

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Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, will travel to Brussels next week where he is expected to present a new request regarding visa liberalisation for Kosovo. Mustafa is expected to urge the EU to grant Kosovo a type of conditional visa-free travel for a period of two years during which Kosovo would work on fulfilling […]

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UNMIK Headlines 20 April

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After Rama, Thaci also threatens EU with national unification (RFE)
Albania-Kosovo unification threats come from frustrated leaders (Kosova Sot)
Thaci: Vote for border demarcation with Montenegro (Bota Sot)
EU Office: Apostolova’s remarks were misunderstood (RTK)
Haradinaj wants new elections: Population should not be tortured (Epoka)
Kurti strikes at politics’ ties with business (Koha Ditore)
Recica: Coalition is not matching as we thought (Lajmi)

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