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Belgrade Media Report 25 September

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Vucic: They will provoke a new 17 March and they’ll finish the job (TV Pink/B92/RTV)
Dacic: ZSO closed topic for Serbia as well (TV Palma Plus/Tanjug/RTV)
Drecun: First arrest of Chambers for KLA crimes is crucial step, new indictments being prepared (RTS)
Djuric: Only technical level talks on Monday (Tanjug)
Mandic: Vijesti concern wants to turn dominant victory of Serbian people into somebody else’s victory (TV Pink)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

B&H Council of Ministers adopts Revised Strategy for Processing of War Crimes (N1)
Viskovic announces lawsuits over false accusations (RTRS/Srna)
Izetbegovic: SDA defends civic principle, HDZ B&H defends ethnic principle; Serbia “de facto” recognizes Kosovo without saying it “de jure” (FTV)

Djukanovic congratulates Becic: I firmly believe that together we will ensure maximum commitment to Montenegro’s development (CdM)
Djukanovic to put forward proposal for the prime minister-designate by 23 October (CdM)
Djukanovic -Toudic: New political reality is the confirmation of democratic maturity (CdM)
Pesic: Montenegro will continue to implement NATO policies (CdM)
Picula: All political actors must respect state symbols of Montenegro (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Karakacanov says Bulgaria will act to postpone the opening of EU accession talks with Macedonia (Republika)

Electoral reform, opposition – majority clash continues (Tirana Times)
Varhelyi: Constitutional Court should be completed prior to the First Intergovernmental Conference between Albania and the EU (Radio Tirana)
Speaker Ruci met with Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Tahiri (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 25, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 49 new cases, one death (media)
• EULEX raids KLA war veterans’ offices (media)
• Head of KLA war veterans, Hysni Gucati, arrested by EULEX (media)
• Specialist Chambers do not comment on today’s operation (Kallxo)
• Haradinaj: Kosovo has always stood on the side of justice (media)
• EU confirms: Next meeting in Brussels on 28 September (Klan)
• Assembly fails to pass law on economic recovery (media)
• PDK pushes for approval of its version of economic recovery plan (media)
• No quorum to vote draft law on KLA values (media)
Serbian Language Media:
• Four infected with Covid-19, five cured in Serbian communities in Kosovo (Kontakt plus radio)
• Vucic ahead of meeting Erdoğan: Turkey is one of most significant power in world (media)
• Drecun: First arrest of Court for KLA crimes crucial step, new indictments underway (RTS)
• “EU not responsible for agenda of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue” (Tanjug, Radio KIM)
• Dacic to Lajcak: When would Brussels deal with ZSO? (NMagazin, TV Prva, Beta)
• Djuric: On Monday talks at technical level only (Radio kontakt plus)
• Vucic: “They will prepare a new March 17th and they’ll finish the job” (B92)
• “Trump Bridge“ over Gazivode: Serbs grateful to Trump for “bringing peace“ (KoSSev)
• KEK violated Law on use of languages (Radio KIM)
• Trial of Nenad Arsic continues (Radio KIM)
• Israel in the Balkans: Why did Serbia and Kosovo sign up to Trump’s deal? (middleeasteye.net)
• Russia and Serbia: A Partnership Past its Prime (RUSI, media)
• Next year in Jerusalem: The Serbian Embassy and Kosovo go on pilgrimage with Trump (diem25.0rg)
• Week in Review: The Possible and the Impossible (Balkan Insight)
• Adam Boehler On New Era Of Serbia-US Relations (The Pavlovic Today)
• Undermining EU enlargement: The destructive effects of state capture in the Wester Balkans (N1, clingendael.org)
• Hague Prosecutors Publish Kosovo Guerrilla’s War Crimes Indictment (Balkan Insight)
• Ex-army leader is first suspect arrested by Kosovo war crimes tribunal (The Guardian)
• PM’s Welcome For ‘Lake Trump’ Proposal Baffles Kosovo Officials (Balkan Insight)
• Gracanica municipality donates computers, UNMIK tablet devices to primary and secondary schools (Radio kontakt plus)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 25

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• COVID-19: 63 new cases, no deaths (media)
• Specialist Chambers publish indictment against Salih Mustafa (media)
• KSC calls on victims to apply for participation in proceedings (media)
• KLA war veterans: Salih Mustafa’s arrest, a sad day for Kosovo (media)
• Thaci tells T7: Mistake to discuss Association now; was not asked about ‘Yellow House’ (media)
• Abazi: Security institutions know where ‘SPO files’ are coming from (media)
• Kastrati: Specialist Chambers must be stopped (RTK)
• Hoti: We will use Ujman Lake as we did in the past (RTK)
• Lajcak: Dialogue to continue Monday, Association not on agenda (media)
• Grenell says parties agreed to rename disputed lake to Lake Trump (media)
• Abbott: We don’t encourage Kosovo to open embassy in Jerusalem (Klan)
• Haradinaj requests UK’s active involvement in dialogue (media)
• Von Cramon: Kosovo and Serbia to engage on hard topics (media)
• Meta: International community would also benefit from Kosovo’s UN seat (Koha)

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