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The Office of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs (OSCPA) is the public voice of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). OSCPA promotes local and regional awareness, and greater understanding of the work of the United Nations in Kosovo, using various communication tools including radio, print, the Internet, and increasingly other new information technology.

OSCPA produces a daily Local Media Observer which is distributed through electronic means, including social media. This website is also maintained by the OSCPA.

The UNMIK Website is one of the main sources of information about the activities of the Mission. Field reports, media reports, news and feature programmes on peacekeeping and humanitarian affairs are a staple of United Nations and UNMIK radio programmes which are broadcasted on Ophelia FM in Kosovo.

OSCPA also works with local, regional, international media, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations in bringing the core messages of the UN to people in the region.

The UNMIK Press Office is staffed with press officers who are also available by email and mobile phone. The press office handles media events and interview requests with the SRSG and other senior staff of UNMIK.

OSCPA is available to answer media queries on issues pertaining to the Mission activities. We may be contacted in the office in UNMIK Mission Headquarters or by email/phone.


Hayat Abu-Saleh (Ms.) 

Spokesperson and Chief of the Office of Strategic Communications and Public Affairs

United Nations Mission in Kosovo

Mobile/WhatsApp: +38344151816




Twitter: @UNMIKosovo

Instagram: @unmik.kosovo