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Belgrade Media Report 29 September

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Vucic: Signed must be implemented, but not according to Pristina’s regulations (RTV/Tanjug)
Dacic: EU plays the deaf and dumb mediator; Conflicts in Nagorno-Karabakh can be a warning for all in the region (RTS)
Djuric: If the ZSO idea is dead, then the possibility of success of dialogue is also dead (TV Prva)
Abazovic: It is logical that my coalition wants functions in security services (Danas)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

All three B&H Presidency members to pay official visit to Brussels on Tuesday (N1)
Dodik: Time when only one side in B&H was blamed by EU and international factor for everything has passed, new dialogue is necessary (RTRS)
Komsic: I was slightly surprised with the invitation to visit Brussels, this meeting was not initiated by B&H (FTV)
Tegeltija: B&H could confirm its participation in initiative ‘Mini Schengen’ by end of this year (ATV)
Komsic on meeting of SDA and HDZ B&H leaders with Plenkovic: I am against this type of communication, because Croatia obviously observes us as territory and not as country (FTV)

PM: Important to talk with the representatives of all peoples in B&H (Hina)
Plenkovic, Covic and Izetbegovic discuss the rights of Bosnian Croats (HRT)
B&H’s Croat leader: Bosnia can’t function without equality of Croats (Hina)

The Law on Freedom of Religion to be suspended as soon as possible (CdM)

Opposition Draft on the Electoral Code / Yuri Kim: The opposition took over the responsibilities and continues to stay engaged (Radio Tirana)


Migrants pitch tents in Serbia, prepare to cross into EU states (Reuters)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 29, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID – 19: 53 new cases, no deaths in last 24 hours (media)
• EU Head of Office: Association must be discussed in Brussels (media)
• PDK leaders Veseli slams Hoti government (media)
• Convicted MP hands himself over to police (media)
• PM advisor: We don’t expect any difficulties after Arifi went to jail (media)
• Serwer: Americans are wrong, Vucic won’t recognise Kosovo (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Vucic: The signed in Brussels must be implemented, but not according to the Pristina’s regulations (media)
• Dacic: Azeri-Armenian conflict a warning to the region (FoNet, N1)
• Djuric: If the idea of ZSO is dead, the possibility of success of the dialogue is also dead (TV Prva, Tanjug, Politika)
• Serbian FM: Thaci facing indictment soon (FoNet, N1)
• KFOR Commander: The formation of the ZSO is a controversial issue (Kontakt plus radio)
• Petkovic: Necessary to establish permanent police and international presence in Babin Most (Kosovo Online)
• Robbery attempt in Babin Most village (KIM radio)
• ”Fatherland” movement: Banner placed on Vucic’s initiative; he will need to say now “I will not give Trump” (KoSSev)


• A self-inflicted drama (Koha)
• Are ‘Serb’ churches Serb? Critique of an unwise choice (EWB)


• “Western Balkans should join the EU, but regional political elites should do their job” (EWB)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 29

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• COVID-19: 48 new cases, three deaths (media)
• In first court appearance, Mustafa refuses to plead (media)
• German government: Association in accordance with Kosovo law (DW/media)
• Grenell: Washington agreement, result of parties seeking U.S. involvement (media)
• COMKFOR: Establishment of Association of Serb-majority municipalities, disputed (media)
• Haxhiu: We should dismiss the Prime Minister who hugged Vucic (media)
• Biserko: Serbia, Russia seem to divert focus from Kosovo to Montenegro (Zeri)
• Kosovo War: Salih Mustafa’s case is the first for Hague court (BBC)
• Op-ed: How to defend the liberation war? (Prishtina Insight)

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