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Belgrade Media Report 17 November

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UNMIK’s engagement continues to be necessary in Kosovo and Metohija (srbija.gov.rs)
Selakovic: Serbia highly appreciates India’s principled position regarding Kosovo and Metohija (RTV)
Stankovic: Dismissal of Serbs in Bujanovac may be interpreted as provocation (Politika/Novosti)
EU sources: No reason why change in Washington should affect Belgrade-Pristina dialogue (Beta)
Majority of Serbians opposed to NATO membership (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

B&H CEC: 96.22 percent of ballots processed so far (RTRS)
Media carry names of newly elected Mayors and Heads of Municipalities (Hayat)
Future convocations of municipal councils already outlined (Dnevni avaz)
Media bring preliminary results of elections in RS (N1)
SNSD, United Srpska, SP are content with preliminary results of elections; Dodik: We win 48 out of 63 local communities (RTRS)
SNSD wins most votes for posts of mayor and municipality head in 42 local communities in RS; DNS loses its stronghold in Prijedor (ATV)
SNSD’s Jerinic reelected as Doboj Mayor (ATV)
HDZ B&H wins local elections in majority of municipalities predominantly inhabited by Croats (BHT1)
Irregularities reported during local elections 2020 (Hayat)
Dodik announces financing of Banja Luka from RS level will cease due to election result (O kanal)

PM sending message of reconciliation with delegation to Vukovar (Hina)

Meeting between representatives of the Socialist People’s Party and Krivokapic (CdM)
I think the parties will get seats in the government (RTCG)
Republic of North Macedonia

Dimitrov: At the moment we have negative stance from Bulgaria (Telma)
Mickoski to call leaders’ meeting with Sela and Gashi, invite Ahmeti, Thaci and Kasami as well (Republika)

White House deal, a farce (ADN)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, November 17, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID – 19: 17 deaths, 764 new cases (media)
• Thaci, Veseli and the others at another session on Wednesday (media)
• Nagavci: Unity around obsolete political club would be wrong (media)
• LVV Spokesman, supports Kurti’s reaction on Special Court (RTK)
• Isa Mustafa defends Lulzim Basha (media)
• Billboard in support of ex-KLA members torched overnight near Serb-majority Municipality (Gazeta Express)
• Serbian president says Merkel siding with Kosovo (media)
• Human remains of suspected missing persons from Kosovo war found in Serbia (Euronews Albania)
• Kosovo’s economy to shrink 7.2% due to coronavirus crisis (Gazeta Express)

Serbian Language Media:

• 74 newly infected, one death and 13 cured in Serbian communities (Kontakt plus radio, KoSSev, KiM radio)
• Nine more newly infected, 29 hospitalized in Gracanica (Kosovo Online)
• Gracanica billboards (media)
• Vucic: The Russians knew what was being signed in Washington; We will fight for Serbia (TV most, TV Happy)
• Majority of Serbians opposed to NATO membership (N1, Beta)
• “The only possible option is for Serbia to join the EU” (B92, Tanjug)
• SPC monastery in Kosovo abbess: Ten nuns infected with coronavirus (Beta, N1)
• Seventy thousand requests for return of usurped property in Kosovo (Kontakt plus radio)
• Artists in support of war crimes indictees; A billboard in Gracanica burns down (KoSSev)


• “Specialist chambers ‘inat’ should be recognised–and faced” (kosovotwopointzero.com)


• Kosovo president expects better US relations under Biden (Financial Times)
• “Serbia and NATO have to work on restoring trust in one another” (EWB)
• Suspected Mass Grave of Kosovo War Victims Found in Serbia (Balkan Insight)
• Survey: 80% of Serbian citizens against NATO membership, but only 33% against cooperation (EWB)


• A year after China ‘Patient Zero,’ 55 mil infected with SARS-CoV-2, 1.3 mil died (N1, RTS)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, November 17

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• COVID – 19: 11 deaths, 688 new cases (media)
• Mustafa: Let’s find an independent candidate for Kosovo President (RTV21)
• Hoti: We will soon start consultations on post of Kosovo President (media)
• Vetevendosje calls for elections: Government must be dismissed ASAP (media)
• Haziri: If we don’t agree on President post, we go to new elections (Gazeta Blic)
• Hoxhaj: Biden asked us to vote in favor of Specialist Chambers (Telegrafi)
• Bajrami: A vaccine against bad governance (Koha)
• Kosovo Foreign Minister warns of Russian – Serbian hybrid threats (media)
• Zeka: SPO told Azem Syla not to leave Kosovo this week (media)
• “Mortal remains found in Serbia are of Kosovo Albanians” (media)
• Janjic: Kosovo, Serbia will reach agreement late next year (media)

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