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Belgrade Media Report 11 January

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Brnabic: Serbia will continue to build even better relations with the US (RTS/Tanjug)
Vucic: Serbia will remain reliable support to RS (Politika/RTS)
Selakovic: It is Serbia’s duty to take care of RS (Tanjug/RTS)
Gratitude to Argentina for support for Serbia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity (Politika)
Selakovic: Request to Qatar to refrain from lobbying for Pristina (Politika/Tanjug)
Kesic: Balkans will not be amongst US top priorities (Novosti)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

RS marks 9 January – Day of RS, Dodik says historical goal is independent and free RS (RTRS)
Cvijanovic: RS is living in freedom, it is developing but is also facing with different challenges (RTRS)
Cvijanovic says 9 January exists as historical fact (RTRS)
Dodik: Circumstances have changed, but message remains same – 9 January is day when Serb people celebrate their statehood (RTRS)
RS officials congratulate Day of the RS (BN TV)
Dacic: Serbia’s goal – regional stability (N1)
Izetbegovic to Vucic: War criminals from Srebrenica are still hiding in Serbia (BHT1)
Vulin: SDA condemns Vucic for sending well wishes to entity guaranteed by Constitution (RTRS)
Salkic: Marking of 9 January as Day of RS is discriminatory, illegal and immoral (O kanal)
Krivokapic’s congratulatory message provokes number of reactions (Nova BH)
Inzko says TC Assembly session of new majority is illegal, orders to abolish state of emergency (BHT1)

Krivokapic congratulated Cvijanovic on Day of RS in phone call (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Karakachanov says Macedonia will get a date for negotiations if it accepts that the common history is Bulgarian (NOVA-News)
Zaev and Osmani hide the Annex: If it were not for Karakachanov, the public would not know that Bulgaria has set new conditions (Republika)
It’s shameful to learn from Bulgaria that the government is still negotiating about the Macedonian identity in the midst of the holidays (Republika)
Foreign Ministry again fails give a specific answer regarding the 12-point annex agreement (Republika)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, January 11, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID – 19: 206 new cases, six deaths (media)
• Hoti warns of possibility to return reciprocity with Serbia (RFE, media)
• Hoti: Agreement for the Office at Presevo Valley, to be signed on Monday (RTK)
• CEC decides on political entities’ campaign expenses (Indeksonline)
• Hoti: We are in the process of finalizing MP list (RTK)
• Enver Hoxhaj reveals PDK offer for Presevo Valley (RTK)
• Justice Party boycotts elections (media)
• Hoti monitors closely the situation after the recent floods (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Seven new cases of Covid-19 registered in Serbian areas in Kosovo (Radio KIM)
• Election calculations in Kosovo: Kurti the favorite; what the Serbian list will do (KoSSev, N1)
• Jeremic: Firm stance on Kosovo status precondition for normalization of living circumstances (Danas)
• Petkovic: To Jeremic Kosovo is a prey, to us highest value (TV Most)
• Serbian Crisis Team: Anti-coronavirus measures unchanged, schools open Jan 18 (N1, RTS)
• Serbia launches platform for citizens to apply for vaccination (N1, BETA, FoNet)
• Poll: Over 40 pct of Serbia’s people believe in coronavirus conspiracy theories (BETA, N1)
• Office for KiM promised assistance to families affected by floods (Radio KIM)


• Shaped by Kosovo’s war, Vjosa Osmani won’t blink in her battle to cut out the rot (The Times)
• Apparent Body-Shaming Shows Even Kosovo’s Top Official Must Endure ‘Disgusting Misogyny’ (RFE)


• Floods across Kosovo cause disruptions and evacuations (Prishtina Insight)
• Floods throughout central Kosovo, Grabovac village in the north under the water (KoSSev, KiM radio, RTV puls, Radio Mitrovica sever)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, January 11

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• COVID – 19: 260 new cases, 2 deaths (media)
• Zemaj: Kosovo has secured over 1 million Covid vaccines (media)
• PDK says Government’s approach to Covid vaccines is ‘alarming’ (media)
• VV assembles General Council, Kurti to lead ticket and run for PM (Koha)
• LVV: Kurti not denied the right to run for MP or prime minister (media)
• Haziri: LDK prefers a joint ticket not pre-election coalition (Telegrafi)
• Isufi: AAK will be in the new government regardless of who wins (EO/media)
• Mustafa: Polls are propaganda, LDK will be the first party (Express)
• Political parties hold rallies, fail to respect anti-COVID measures (Kallxo)
• Prishtina municipality warns to fine parties for organising rallies (Zeri)
• Acting President Osmani to visit Brussels this week (Klan)
• “Election rallies are rendering the anti-COVID measures useless” (media)
• LVV vows to reapply reciprocity towards Serbia (Koha)
• War veterans’ deputy leader boycotts Hague court hearing (Balkan Insight)

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