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Belgrade Media Report 22 January 2021

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Friday 22 January 2021


Brnabic to Quint Ambassadors: Initiative to amend the Constitution adopted and forwarded to Serbian parliament (RTV/Tanjug)
Dacic: Italy is one of Serbia’s most important foreign trade partners (RTV/Tanjug)
Djuric: I am convinced that we will establish excellent relations with the new administration as well (B92)
Interstate agreement on encouraging investments signed with the US (Politika)
Godfrey: New administration will continue to improve relations with Serbia (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

B&H CEC annuls elections in Srebrenica and Doboj (Nova BH)
Dodik: We will appeal decision of B&H CEC even though we have no confidence in the court; SNSD will block elections in 2022 (BN TV)
Cvijanovic condemns CEC’s decisions regarding Doboj and Srebrenica (ATV)
SDS, PDP, DNS hold joint press conference following announcement of B&H CEC to annul election results in Doboj (BN TV)
US Embassy comments B&H CEC decision: We welcome all measures in line with Election Law and CEC procedures (Oslobodjenje)
Inzko: Basically, in some way, my Bonn Powers were taken from me, not formally, but de facto; I believe that it is good that new High Representative will arrive (O kanal)
Izetbegovic: New High Representative just needs to do his job and not allow anti-Dayton activities in B&H; Biden’s win could bring back ‘April Package’ to the table (FTV)
Dodik: If SDA continues with attempts to reorganize B&H, we will host referendum on independence (RTRS)
Komsic slams Covic, says he should stop claiming that Sarajevo wants some kind of Muslim state (Oslobodjenje)
Police clash with migrants, two police officers injured (N1)
SDA: We give full support to police bodies to use all capacities to establish public peace and order in migrant camps (Hayat)

PM now claims he did not offer congratulations for the Day of RS (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Government passes census law with 62 votes, methodology yet to be determined (Republika)

Serbia-Albania deal on freedom of movement enters into force (ADN)
Albania declares Russian diplomat persona non grata (ADN)
Ambassadors Kim and Soreca at the Constitutional Court; US will continue to strongly support the implementation of Justice Reform (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, January 22, 2021

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, January 22, 2021

Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 289 new cases, 14 deaths (media)
• Hundreds of Kosovo citizens travel to Bujanovac to get Covid vaccine (Koha/Klan)
• Daka says she does not intend to resign from CEC post (Kallxo)
• France expects credible, inclusive and transparent elections (media)
• Ahead of elections, government pledges stimulus package for teachers (media)
• Osmani: Prosecutors to impartially exercise their duties (media)
• Szunyog: Asset confiscation, crucial in fighting economic crime (media)
• Kosnett to prosecutors: Do not fear accountability – embrace it (media)
• Selimi: Specialist Chambers took political actions and showed bias (Telegrafi)

Serbian Language Media:

• Dacic: Serbian List guarantor of preserving interests of Serbian people in Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• Godfrey: New administration will continue improving relations with Serbia (N1)
• EC comments of Haradinaj’s statement on unification with Albania (media)
• “Biden has bigger problems, he will not embark on adventures in Balkans” (Sputnik, Kosovo-online)
• Central Election Commission introduces new procedure – Todosijevic’s candidacy under question mark (Radio Mitrovica sever, Vecernje Novosti)
• Dimkic: No ecological disaster, news of Leposavic tailings spill exaggerated by media and malicious individuals (KoSSev)
• Preparatory hearing in Oliver Ivanovic’s murder case continues on February 5 (Radio KIM)
• Albania’s citizens may enter Serbia with IDs only (KoSSev, N1)
• Fmr Dean: Sarajevo Performing Arts Academy formed sexual harassment commission (N1 BiH)
• Moscow: Expulsion of Russian diplomat from Tirana shall not remain without response (Kosovo-online)
• Hoti announces investments, with an aim to make Serbian property an international ski resort (Vecernje Novosti)
• Detention of Bacevic extended for two more months (Radio KIM)


• Vaccines Turn Into Geopolitics in Europe’s Most Volatile Region (Bloomberg)
• Kosovo Commemorates 15th Anniversary of First President’s Death (Balkan Insight)


• The EU to secure vaccine for Western Balkans, says Von der Leyen (Beta, N1)
• Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines’ reduction in supplies causes dissatisfaction within EU (Tanjug, B92)
• Albania expels Russian diplomat, citing lockdown breaches (AP)
• North Macedonia’s Naivety About Vaccine Procurement Costs Country Dear (Balkan Insight)
• EU proposes dark red areas for Europe’s epidemiological map (N1, Hina, B92)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, January 22, 2021

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• COVID – 19: 312 new cases, 7 deaths (media)
• Hoti: Washington Agreement will be implemented with President Biden (media)
• Mustafa: Not right and intolerable to blame and accuse Daka (media)
• Konjufca: Daka in the service of organised crime (Koha)
• Kosnett: Respect the decision of courts (media)
• Rohde: Pre-electoral procedures are still ongoing (media)
• Hoxhaj: We’re in a race with Vetevendosje and Kurti (media)
• Reporters threatened by the language of political parties (Radio Free Europe)
• Von Cramon: Kosovo needs stable government, reforms in several areas (media)
• EC: Haradinaj must not threaten with unification with Albania (media)
• Hoxhaj: 30% pay raise for doctors and nurses in first months in power (media)

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