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Belgrade Media Report 3 June

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Brnabic with Palmer: Serbia is devoted to resumption of dialogue with Pristina; Full US support (RTV)
Selakovic with Palmer: Cooperation with US priority, unacceptable avoidance of Pristina to fulfill obligations (RTS)
Dacic meets with Shoygu (Politika/Tanjug)
Serbian Foreign Ministry: Despite Montenegro interfering in Serbia’s internal affairs by recognizing the illegal secession of part of its territory, despite opposition of most of its citizens, Serbia consistently offers a hand of support and friendship to Montenegrin citizens (Tanjug/RTV/RTS)
New non-paper: Visegrad Group seeks greater support to Western Balkans (Beta/Klix)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

RS representatives meet with Serbian President Vucic (ATV)
Cvijanovic: RS looks up to Serbia and is grateful for its support (RTRS)
Cubrilovic: Delegation from the RS unanimous at meeting in Belgrade that OHR should end its mandate or at least appoint HR in line with DPA and legal acts (RTRS)
Borenovic: Meeting in Belgrade useful, RS’ position on DPA unquestionable; SDS leader Sarovic: It would be good thing if HR will be submitting reports on work to Serbia (RTRS)
Inzko: Serb politicians have nothing to fear when it comes to new HR, perhaps Dodik fears due to being aware he is violating DPA (N1)
Dzaferovic: Meeting in Belgrade will not have any effect on OHR; Vucic, Dodik comment react to Dzaferovic’s statement (Nova BH)
Salkic: Before he leaves B&H, Inzko should complete his promise and impose a law banning genocide denial (Hayat)
Other reactions to meeting of RS officials in Belgrade (N1)
PIC SB welcomes appointment of Schmidt as new High Representative in B&H; Unequivocal commitment to territorial integrity of B&H reaffirmed (Hayat)
SDA, Our Party, SDP officials welcome appointment of Schmidt as new HR in B&H and conclusions adopted by PIC SB (BHT1)
Delegation of international officials points out need for involving B&H Central Election Commission in work of IAWG (FTV)
Komsic’s advisor responds to Grlic Radman: B&H’s Program of Reforms does not mention representation of peoples, but it speaks about equality for all citizens (Oslobodjenje)

European Commission says Croatia is ready to join Schengen Area (HRT)

Nikolic: Krivokapic should initiate a vote of confidence in government (RTCG)
Becic: Krivokapic shouldn’t resign, Democrats support him (CdM)
DF: Without agreement, elections are the only possible solution; Krivokapic proposed to foreign embassy that Spajic be new PM (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Zaev: Country is doing everything to find a solution with Bulgaria (Republika)
Radev: Bulgaria requires guarantees over Macedonia’s EU accession (MIA)
De Sousa: Sofia-Skopje dialogue needed without making a fuss (Republika)
Satisfied with his good policies, Zaev expects his parliamentary majority to enlarge (Republika)
Massive turnout in the local elections, and then there will have to be early parliamentary elections (TV Alfa)
Zaev: Why hold early elections, Mickoski doesn’t even use “N” from North, imagine what will happen to the country (Republika)

Llalla: US and EU Ambassadors wanted Berisha and Meta arrested (Tirana Times/Syri TV)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, June 3, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 12 new cases, no deaths (media)
• Prime Minister Kurti received a delegation from Austria (RTK)
• The EU sees dialogue as a continuation and not as a new beginning (RFE, media)
• Greek FM Dendias discusses with Lajcak prior to visiting Kosovo (Klan)
• German MEP, Ernst: I am against KFOR, Kosovo must be disarmed (Klan)
• Assembly debates on education organising during COVID-19 pandemic (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Antonijevic: No new coronavirus cases in Serbian areas (KiM radio)
• Europa Nostra to Pristina: Nomination and decision on V. Decani in line with professional standards (KoSSev)
• Lajcak: “Kurti knows that, as well as Vucic” (Tanjug, B92, KiM radio)
• Greek minister talks with Lajcak ahead of tomorrow’s visit to Kosovo (Beta, Danas)
• West launches “idea of two Germanys” again (Danas)
• Selakovic with Palmer: Pristina avoiding its obligations, insist only on recognition (N1, FoNet, Kosovo Online)
• Brnabic with Palmer: Dialogue with Pristina in the focus of the Government, full support of the USA (RTS)
• Grubjesic: No essential dialogue if ZSO is not on table (Kosovo-online)
• Simic: Kurti is running away from dialogue, the West should direct pressure on Pristina (Kosovo Online, Tanjug, TV Pink)
• RTS: Community of Serb-majority Municipalities on hold for 3000 days (RTS)
• Dveri Movement: We’ll alert public in case of treason over Kosovo (N1)
• New non-paper about the Balkans has arrived in Brussels; Five countries joined forces (B92, Klix.ba)
• Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can vaccinate in Serbia free of charge (Tanjug)


• Serbia: New Internal And External Challenges – Analysis (eurasiareview.com)
• 17 military exercises in the Balkans and in Serbia’s neighbourhood from May to June (euractive.com)


• The Kosovo government to provide better protection of religious sites and full enforcement of the Law on SPZ (KoSSev)
• BIRN Launches Database of Mass Graves from Yugoslav Wars (Balkan Insight)
• ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’: Albanian Miners Seek Special Status, Fair Pension (Balkan Insight)
• Kopač tells Kosovo* there is no future for coal power plants (balkangreenenergynews.com)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, June 3, 2021

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• COVID-19: 18 new cases, no deaths (media)
• Palmer assures Kosovo: U.S. is a stakeholder in dialogue process (RTK)
• Greece: We support visa liberalization, but we will not recognize Kosovo (TV Dukagjini)
• Presidency: date of the local elections is to be set in the following days (RTK)
• LDK to vote for Association if it passes Court’s filter (Koha)
• Palmer, Lajcak to meet Serbian President Vucic today (media)
• Another non-paper on the Balkans submitted to the EU (Koha)
• Editor of the Swiss newspaper responds to Gervalla (RTK)
• Poll: 44% of respondents believe Gervalla is defending KLA (Telegrafi)
• KLA War Veterans call for Gervalla’s resignation (T7)
• The Hague summons witness who was 8-years-old during Kosovo war (Exit News)
• Serbia and Kosovo leaders to meet for reconciliation talks, says Miroslav Lajcak (Euronews)
• Top U.S., EU envoys tell Kosovo that better ties with Serbia will open door to Europe (RFE)

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