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Belgrade Media Report 9 July

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Stefanovic to Osmani: There is no border with Kosovo and Metohija (RTS/Tanjug)
Brnabic: I believe agreement on election conditions is possible (Beta)
Vucic tells MEPs every pragmatic suggestion is welcome (Beta)
MEPs: Dialogue tied to Serbia’s strategic choice (Blic/Beta)
Dacic: There will be progress in dialogue once Pristina is put under pressure (K1 TV/Tanjug)
Odalovic: The Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija is under international administration; Resolution 1244 is alive (RTS)
US: Outstanding Bytyqi case illustrates urgent need for Serbia to focus on rule of law (Beta)
Lutovac: If we cannot have free elections, then there is rebellion and disobedience (RTS/Beta)
CRTA: Authorities and opposition extremely unequal on prime time news (Beta)
Forum ‘Deconstruction of myths on co-existence in Sarajevo and Srebrenica genocide’ takes place in Belgrade; Dodik: More Serbs suffered in Sarajevo than Bosniaks in Srebrenica (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

State-level authorities in B&H did not declare 11 July as mourning day for Srebrenica victims this year; FB&H declares 11 July as mourning day in FB&H (N1)
Zvizdic: There is neither wish nor will in B&H CoM to declare Day of Mourning in B&H (O kanal)
Abazovic attends Genocide Denial and Right-Wing Narratives forum in Sarajevo (BHT1)
Dacic: It is not acceptable to condemn crimes committed against only one side (Srna/Nezavisne)
Uebber says German government proposed Schmidt for new HR in B&H because he is well familiar with situation in B&H (BHT1)
Dodik: Merging of offices of RS President and Serb member of B&H Presidency is good for RS because it would allow RS representative presence on international scene (Nezavisne)
Sarovic: Dodik’s wish to merge post of B&H Presidency member with RS President will not be fulfilled (FTV)
Zvizdic: Milanovic’s bypassing B&H institutions and B&H officials during his upcoming visit to B&H is deliberate provocation (O kanal)
US Ambassador publishes new blog post: It is time for a truly independent judiciary to hold corrupt actors accountable (Dnevni avaz)

EP: Croatia meets all conditions to join Schengen (HRT)

Djukanovic to Palmer: Ruling powers change, but Montenegro will always be a reliable partner in preserving stability (CdM)
Becic: No alternative to dialogue if the EU is our top priority (CdM)
Szijjarto: Montenegro did everything to become EU member (Vijesti)
Republic of North Macedonia

Mickoski: So long there is VMRO-DPMNE, the Prespa Treaty will not be a done deal (Alfa TV)
Former US general Clark meets with Zaev and Ahmeti (Republika)

Rama makes an appeal to state Police: A 100-day deadline to find out and bring to justice all the infiltrators within the State Police, who cooperate with crime (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 9, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: Eight new cases, no deaths (media)
• Kurti: Recognition of Kosovo, cooperation and region’s EU integration – key to lasting stability (media)
• Kurti meets Mitsotakis, calls on Greece to recognise Kosovo (media)
• Think tank: U.S. proposal on Ujman Lake, not suitable for implementation (Koha)
• Rohde: We support return of displaced persons to Kosovo (media)
• Rushed dismissals harm public institutions, U.S. Embassy says (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Stefanovic to Osmani: There is no border with Kosovo and Metohija (RTS, Tanjug)
• Orban: Serbia is key country in the Western Balkans (N1)
• Odalovic: Pristina refuses requests to search locations (Radio KIM)
• Media: Linde violated the status neutrality of the OSCE mission (Danas, FoNet, Kosovo Online)
• Selakovic thanks Ambassador of Tunisia for principled stance on Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• Serbian List: We strongly condemn the violence against Dragica Gasic and Vuksan Gojkovic (Kosovo Online)
• HLC and YIHR Kosovo: Lawsuit against Dragica Gasic is unconstitutional (Radio kontakt plus)
• Ambassador Rohde: Return to your own home is a basic human right (Kosovo-online)
• Petkovic: Problems at the table better than incidents on the ground, in which Serbian people suffer (Kosovo Online, Tanjug, TV Prva)
• Jevtic: Pristina institutionally trying to seize property of Serbs and Serbian Orthodox Church (Kosovo-online)


• Seeking justice for Kujtim (Kosovo 2.0)


• World’s Safest Countries 2021 (Global Finance)
• Balkan Corruption Is Russia’s Faithful Friend (cepa.org)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, July 9, 2021

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• COVID-19: Eight new cases, two deaths (media)
• Kosovo, Serbia trade blame for logjam in dialogue (BIRN)
• Osmani: If Serbian army crosses the border it will be met by US troops (media)
• Kosovo Government has no timeline for reciprocity toward Serbia (KTV)
• Ker-Lindsay blames EU for setbacks in Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (Telegrafi)
• Kosovar city’s first Serb returnee reopens wartime wounds (RFE)
• HLCK, YIHR support Serb returnee in Gjakova (Klan Kosova)
• UN: 2022 budget for UNMIK approved (Deutsche Welle)

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