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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 16, 2021

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 16, 2021

Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 11 new cases, no deaths (media)
• Osmani: We will oppose those who aim to destabilise the region (media)
• Rama received by Chief of U.S. National Guard Bureau in Pentagon (media)
• Aliu: Buildings in “Sunny Valley” in the north are illegal, political issue (Koha)
• Another three bacteria found in Decan water tests sent abroad (media)
• Water supply system in Decan is not protected, minister says (EO)

Serbian Language Media:

• Stano: Vucic and Kurti on July 19 in Brussels with a focus on what has been achieved so far (Tanjug, Kosovo Online)
• Assembly relieved Milena Popovic from membership at Constitutional Affairs Committee (Radio KIM)
• Miroslav Ivanovic regarding Simmons’ allegations: The story has some background (KiM radio, KoSSev, Nova.rs)
• Ranko Bacic discharged from Pec hospital (Kosovo-online)
• Simic: Osmani forgets thousands Serbs from Kosovo deleted from voters’ lists (Kosovo-online)
• Janjic: Something must be delivered in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina (Danas, Beta)


• When the only success of a meeting is the meeting itself (KoSSev)
• Serbia’s Narcissistic President Loves Giving Medals – to Himself (Balkan Insight)


• Political scientists say EU has lost the battle for the Balkans (Euractive)
• Albania’s EU Path Held Hostage by ‘EU Nationalisms’, PM Says (Balkan Insight)
• Freedom of Information in Balkans: ‘No Will, No Optimism’ (BIRN)


• Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection calls on MPs to react (media)

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Belgrade Media Report 16 July 2021

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Friday 16 July 2021


Vucic: Serbia in a complex environment (Beta/RTS)
Vucic briefs Botsan-Kharchenko on Serbia’s stances ahead of Monday’s resumption of discussions in Brussels (Tanjug/RTV/RTS)
Pristina’s attempt to appropriate Serbian cultural heritage (Tanjug/RTV)
Serbian authorities, opposition meet without EU mediation (N1)
Djilas: We will not take part in elections if EP proposals cater to Vucic (Nova/Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Softic: There is campaign against OSA (Oslobodjene)
Dodik: Apprehension of Mehmedagic is entertainment of Bosniak political and police circles (Srna/O kanal)
Novakovic Bursac: Mehmedagic’s arrest speaks a lot about state of B&H; Majkic: Statements of senior SDA officials who protect Mehmedagic say enough about situation (Glas Srpske)
Stevandic: SDA is interfering in judicial process, Niksic needs to convene session of Joint Commission on Supervision of Work of OSA (Nezavisne)
Russia, China submit draft resolution to lift High Representative’s mandate to UN Security Council; Russian Embassy to B&H: It is being worked on resolution (ATV)
RS officials welcome draft resolution of Russia and China delivered to UN SC (Nezavisne)
Softic: I am optimistic Schmidt will bring certain changes and new turn (Oslobodjenje)
EU Integration (Dnevni list/Glas Srpske)

Milanovic attends trilateral meeting with his Austrian and Slovenian counterparts (HRT1)
HNS Main Council: Change Law on Elections in line with principle of status of constituent people of three peoples (Vecernji list)

Welcoming Djukanovic with the highest state honors (CdM)
Krivokapic meets with IPU President Pacheco (Gov. Press service)
Republic of North Macedonia

Pahor: Compromise acceptable for Macedonia and Bulgaria needed (Republika)
Mickoski-Jan Kop: Netherlands supports the need for rule of law reforms (Republika)

Catching the Big Fish: Low-Grade officials at the MoI responsible for 28 million USD scandal (Tirana Times)
Kim: US assistance is bringing Western Balkans closer to EU (ADN)
DP publishes conclusions on elections (ADN)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, July 16, 2021

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• COVID-19: Four new cases, no deaths (media)
• NIPHK detects presence of bacteria in water that could indicate contamination (media)
• Mayor: Regional water supply company will no longer manage Decan (media)
• Government pledges to take measures towards “Hidrodrini” water company (Koha)
• Prosecution: Police to provide report on water contamination suspicions (media)
• Decan health crisis: U.S. Embassy calls on media to ignore rumours (media)
• Ministry of Health delivers medical aid to Decan clinic (media)
• Government of Kosovo reveals topics of upcoming Kurti-Vucic meeting (Kallxo)
• Kosovo to set up commission for assessing damage to cultural heritage during 1998-99 (media)
• Helsinki Committee condemns passivation of addresses as form of ethnic cleansing (media)
• Osmani reacts to Helsinki Committee report (media)
• Kosovo offers assistance to Germany following deadly floods (media)
• Op-ed: Kosovo’s Klecka War Crimes Trial was No Joke (BIRN)

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