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Belgrade Media Report 26 July

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Brnabic: Inzko’s decision further complicates the situation in B&H (Tanjug/RTS/Politika/Novosti)
Vucic: I am not supporter of imposed decisions, we have to build brotherly relations with Bosniaks (TV Pink)
Selakovic favors stability in B&H after law on banning genocide denial (Beta)
Selakovic thanks Azerbaijan on clear position of non-recognition of Kosovo’s independence and support in international organizations (RTS/Tanjug/Beta/Politika)
Vulin: Inzko decided to take revenge on all in B&H and to create tensions and divisions (Beta/RTV)
Jovanovic: Unitarization of B&H is goal (Blic/RTV)
Serbian human rights activists welcome ban on genocide denial imposed in B&H (N1)
Bosniaks call Inzko to suspend Dodik (Politika)
Revenge (Novosti)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dodik: RS will reject all decisions that were imposed (N1)
Dodik starts petition against Inzko’s decision (ATV)
Dodik and SNSD present video calling for citizens in RS to gather and defend themselves (O Kanal/BN TV)
Dodik: B&H can return to previous situation only in case of withdrawal of HR’s decision (ATV)
Sarovic: I see no future for B&H without urgent abolition of High Representative (Nezavisne)
Judge Blagojevic resigns after Inzko imposed amendments to Criminal Code, stresses OHR cannot impose laws (Dnevni list)
Viskovic: RS institutions will undertake number of moves that will make it clear B&H can no longer function in this way; Cvijanovic: B&H that functions on dialogue is unsuitable for HR (ATV)
Izetbegovic says relativizing truth, attempts to equalize sides in war is preparation for linking rights of Albanians in Kosovo with rights of Serbs in B&H (Hayat)
Head of B&H’s Islamic Community welcomes ban on genocide denial (N1)
US Embassy to B&H: Threats related to dissolution of B&H are unacceptable and contrary to DPA and B&H Constitution (O Kanal)
EU: Revisionism and genocide denial are contrary to fundamental European values (Oslobodjenje)
German Embassy to B&H: Denial or even glorification of war crimes and genocide are unacceptable (N1)
NATO HQ in Brussels: Denial of genocide is unacceptable; support to territorial integrity of B&H and urged B&H leaders to refrain from divisive rhetoric (Fena/N1)
Zakharova: We are disturbed with interference of HR in internal issues of B&H as sovereign and independent country (N1)
World media report about Inzko’s decision and remind of genocide committed in Srebrenica (N1)
Schmidt: I am going to B&H with clear expectation to restart development process that stopped (Oslobodjenje/FAZ)
IAWG holds session, discusses changes to Law on Elections proposed by HDZ B&H and DF (BHT1)

Grlic Radman and Schallenberg both express support to Inzko’s decision (HRT1)
Serb National Council commemorates Serbs killed by Ustasha in 1941 (Hina)

Krivokapic: I reckon I will be prime minister by 2024 (RTCG/BBC)
Djonovic: “Becic’s resolution” immoral because it brings discord (Pobjeda)
Republic of North Macedonia

State Department warns potential investors in Macedonia about high level corruption (Republika)
Zaev’s government pledges to get serious about fighting corruption after the highly critical State Department report (Republika)

Charges pressed against 171 policemen (ADN/Abc news)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 26, 2021

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Albanian Language Media:

• COVID-19: 14 new cases, no deaths (media)
• Kurti, Gervalla return to Kosovo, Vitia and Svecla stay on in Croatia (media)
• Svecla: Some of the passengers will travel to Kosovo, others will return to Germany (Klan)
• PM Kurti pays tribute to Enver Zymberi on anniversary of his death (media)
• Gervalla called on EU to stop “Mini-Schengen” initiative (Telegrafi)

Serbian Language Media:

• One case of Covid-19 registered in Serbian areas in Kosovo on Saturday (Radio KIM)
• Presidential, and Belgrade elections, possibly parliamentary in Serbia in spring, official says (N1, Beta, Vecernje Novosti)
• Serbian List expresses condolences to families of those who died in bus crash (Kosovo-online)
• Raska-Prizren Eparchy expresses condolence to families of victims, prays for recovery of those injured in bus crash (Kosovo-online)
• Vucic will get closer to Moscow, but he will not “grow cold” towards Erdogan (Danas)
• Joksimovic: Regional initiatives enable stability (RTS)
• “International community does not see difficult position of Serbs” (Politika)
• Bayramov: Azerbaijan respects principles of international law when it comes to Kosovo issue (Kosovo-online)
• Dacic to attend inauguration of Iranian president (N1)
• Bolton: Pristina has the right not to accept territorial changes, but then there is no progress in the negotiations (Kosovo Online, B92)


• Enmity and Neglect Take Toll on Serb Churches in Kosovo (Balkan Insight)
• Enkel Demi: We Need to Know Each Other’s Literature (Balkan Insight)


• Nora Gjakova wins Kosovo’s third Olympic gold medal (Prishtina Insight)
• Montenegro Makes History With First Same-Sex Marriage (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, July 26, 2021

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• COVID-19: 25 new cases, no deaths (media)
• Kosovo bus crash leaves 10 dead, 45 injured (media)
• Condolences extended to families of victims that died in bus accident (media)
• President Osmani declares day of mourning in Kosovo (media)
• Government fears mini Schengen gives rise to Russia and China influence (Koha)
• Osmani meets with the Prime Minister of Japan (media)
• Judge rejects Thaci’s request for interim release (media)
• Janjic warns that Belgrade’s campaign could lead to armed conflict (Koha)
• Kosovo Wins Women’s Judo Olympic Gold (RFE)

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