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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 20, 2022

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 20, 2022

Albanian Language Media:

• Quint: Fully implement lawful registration of Decani Monastery land (media)
• EU Head of Office: Swiftly and fully implement court’s decision (media)
• “Implementation of court decision, precondition to CoE and NATO integration” (media)
• Decan Mayor on pressure from Quint: Albin Kurti should respond (Periskopi)
• Senator Murphy: Unbreakable bond between America and Kosovo (Reporteri)
• Prime Minister Kurti meets Congresswoman Maloney (media)
• President Osmani: Our objective is NATO membership (media)
• Independent Unions call on PM to act and prevent general strike (Telegrafi)
• Hoxhaj: The Balkans can be the second front of a hybrid war (media)
• COVID-19: 14 new cases (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Quint and EU appeal to Kosovo institutions to return the property to the Visoki Decani monastery (Kontakt plus radio, RTK2)
• SOC: International institutions to enable rule of law and respect for religious freedoms in Kosovo (Kosovo-online)
• Petkovic: International community to exert pressure on Pristina to return land to Visoki Decani (Kosovo-online)
• Selakovic in Turin: Pristina’s request attempt to misuse Council of Europe (N1)
• Vucic: All crucial issues discussed with Michel (Tanjug)
• Michel: We want to deepen cooperation with Serbia, accelerate EU accession (Tanjug)
• Petkovic on Kurti’s latest statements about Community of Serb-majroity Municipalities (Radio KIM)
• Platform for trust-building in Kosovo presented (Radio KIM)
• Fresh bomb threats sent to 134 schools in Serbia (Radio KIM, N1)
• DefMin says Serbia committed to respect for territorial integrity (N1)
• Petkovic and Rakic: Displaced families from Pec received support to return (TV Most)
• US to provide grants worth 19.5 mln dollars to Serbia (Tanjug)
• Serbia has complied with EU sanctions on Belarus over the war in Ukraine (EWB)


• Competition or Complement? Calls to restart Berlin Process revive Balkan dilemma (BIRN)
• ‘Return us Home’: Exhibition seeks return of artefacts held in Serbia (BIRN)
• Wave of False Bomb Threats in Region Again Hits Kosovo (Balkan Insight)

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Belgrade Media Report 20 May 2022

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Friday 20 May 2022


• Vucic: All crucial issues discussed with Michel (Tanjug/RTS)
• Michel: We want to deepen cooperation with Serbia, accelerate EU accession (Tanjug/RTS)
• Vucic: Science and technology parks reflect our change for better (Tanjug/Politika)
• Agreement for financing Serbian start-up community signed (Tanjug/Politika)
• Selakovic: Legally inadmissible and unacceptable request of Pristina (RTV/Tanjug)
• Serbia builds bridges of cooperation with all neighboring states (Tanjug)
• Pristina refuses six years to return land to Visoki Decani (RTV/Tanjug)
• Porfirije: After 55 years, the wound of schism with the Macedonian Church has been healed (Tanjug/Politika)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• B&H CEC cancels number of public procurement procedures due to lack of funds; It calls on authorities to ensure funds by midnight on Thursday (Hayat)
• OHR calls on B&H Council of Ministers to allocate funds (AJB)
• Covic: Someone deliberately wants to create crisis in B&H (ATV)
• SDA: Blocking of elections is criminal offense, judicial institutions must react (N1)
• Dodik: Agreement on changes to Law on Elections of B&H will happen when Bosniaks want it (Nova TV)
• Dodik: B&H will not impose sanctions on Russia (Sputnik/RTRS)
• Russian Federation: B&H is friendly country as far as Russia is concerned; Kalabukhov: B&H is not on Russia’s list of enemy states (RTRS)
• Dodik comments constant attacks on RS authorities done by RS opposition and international community officials (RTRS)
• Plenkovic: Milanovic’s threats that he will block NATO accession of Finland and Sweden not helpful (HRT1)
• Abazovic & Bilcik: Positive energy in Brussels for Montenegro (CdM)
• Abazovic: Montenegro has a historic chance (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Mickoski on the Macron initiative – If it includes the Bulgarian demands, it would lead to our full capitulation and assimilation (Republika)
• Nikoloski: Bulgaria needs to give us guarantees before we amend the Constitution (Republika/Makfax)
• European Parliament approves report on Albania, Santos: Time to move ahead with the accession negotiations (Radio Tirana)
• EP urges EU to start opening negotiations on Albania, Foreign Minister welcomes decision: Time to show strategic vision (Radio Tirana)
• Nikolla welcomes EP vote: Albania unwavering towards the European family (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, May 20, 2022

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• Kurti: To normalise relations – Serbia needs to change (VOA)
• Sarrazin: Germany’s final goal is to have Kosovo part of NATO (Kallxo)
• Lajcak and Escobar discuss way forward in dialogue (media)
• Foreign ministers of CoE member states set to meet today (RTK)
• Citaku: Kosovo to be serious and present an offer in dialogue (Koha)
• Svecla: All security mechanisms need to exercise added vigilance (Koha)
• Rizvanolli: Clean energy, objective of MCC’s Compact project (Telegrafi)
• Mehaj: National Security Strategy to soon be presented to the Assembly (Kosovapress)
• Peja School Denies Discrimination Against Minority Pupils (BIRN)
• COVID-19: 12 new cases (media)

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