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Belgrade Media Report 23 May

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• Brnabic: Serbia’s stance on war in Ukraine clear, but excludes sanctions (TV Happy/Beta)
• Orban, Vucic herald rough winter (Beta)
• Biden congratules Vucic second mandate: I am sure we can deepen close ties (RTS)
• Hill: There’s only one path for Serbia to the West, and the EU (Politika/Beta)
• Vucic: We joined none of EU’s 23 declarations against Russia (Beta)
• Brnabic: Serbia fighting to protect its position, decide independently (B92/Tanjug)
• Selakovic: Serbia will not be alone in fighting Pristina’s CoE membership bid (Tanjug)
• Cuban Ambassador: For Cuba Kosovo is part of Serbia (RTV Panon)
• Djilas: Zero chance of Freedom and Justice Party joining Vucic’s government (Nova/Beta)
• Jeremic says hid party is no longer allied with Djilas after meeting Vucic (TV Prva/Beta)
• RIK confirms Vucic’s electoral victory, new vote in Veliki Trnovac (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Deadline for securing funds for organizing general elections in B&H expires (O Kanal)
• HR Schmidt: We will not allow that the elections fail; There is money in B&H (DW/Dnevni list)
• Deadline for political parties and independent candidates to apply for general elections in B&H expires, comments (Nova BH)
• B&H CEC: Application for participation in elections was submitted by 108 political entities (ATV)
• Seven opposition parties in FB&H announce Becirovic will be their joint candidate for Bosniak member of Presidency of B&H (Nova BH)
• Becirovic urges opposition not to underestimate ruling parties but to be cautious, serious and do everything that is required to ensure victory in 2022 general elections (Face TV)
• Becirovic assesses B&H’s relations with Croatia and Serbia, claims that both Croatia and Serbia must truly respect B&H’s sovereignty and not just profess commitment to its territorial integrity (Face TV)
• Izetbegovic, Covic meet with Michel in Sarajevo; Michel says he will help encourage further dialogue between all parties in B&H (Hayat)
• Stevandic on Izetbegovic’s statement that electoral reform will be discussed after elections: It is maneuvering to allow Bosniaks to elect Croat member of B&H Presidency, interfere with election of Serb member (RTRS)
• Dodik comments on his meeting with European Council President Michel (ATV)
• Komsic: President Milanovic acts on Russia’s instructions (Oslobodjenje)
• Milanovic: Plenkovic only wants to show off and present himself as someone who cares for Croats in B&H, Michel does not decide on anything anyways (HRT1)
• Milanovic sends Stoltenberg a letter, does not mention vetoing Finland, Sweden bids to join NATO (Jutarnji list)
• Plenkovic meets Hahn, speaks about need to change Law on Elections of B&H (Jutarnji list)
• Covic: It would be wrong for HNS B&H to choose between Milanovic or Plenkovic (Hina)
• Montenegro celebrates 21 May – Independence Day (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Bulgarian parliament speaker announces that the veto against Macedonia will stay in place (Republika)
• Hopes for full EU membership evaporate with the latest Macron – Michel initiative (Republika)
• Stoltenberg telephone conversation with Rama: Finland and Sweden in NATO would strengthen the alliance (Radio Tirana)
• EU membership/ Meta makes an appeal to politics for urgent reflection! Focus on the resolution! (Radio Tirana)
• Durres port project / Rama: The extension in Prishtina makes us the gateway to the whole (Radio Tirana)
• Sali Berisha re-elected Chair of DP with 99% of votes (ADN)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 23, 2022

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Albanian Language Media:

• Kurti pays homage at graves of Bytyqi brothers (media)
• Kurti to attend World Economic Forum in Davos (media)
• Assembly to hold session this week, opposition highlights energy tariffs (media)
• KESCO: Energy Regulatory Office’s decision in not clear (media)
• Kosovo’s Ombudsperson: ERO’s decision on energy tariffs, discriminatory (media)
• SPO sends witness summons to General Inspector of AKI (Telegrafi)
• Kosovo’s Justice Minister clashes with Serbian State Secretary of Justice (Telegrafi)
• Montenegro to join the Open Balkan initiative? (RTK)
• COVID-19: 1 new case (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Bilcik: There is no alternative to dialogue because we have nothing else (Kosovo Online)
• Ambassador Hill’s interview with Politika: No third way – East or West (media)
• ”The EU and the US very dissatisfied with Kurti’s refusal to renew the Dialogue with Belgrade” (Beta, NMagazin, Danas)
• Vucic, Hill meeting: All efforts should be directed towards the dialogue under the EU auspices (RTS)
• Petkovic in a two-day visit to Kosovo (KiM radio, Kosovo Online)
• ”Property of Decani, hotels in Brezovica, and Brezovica Ski Centre go into the Sovereign Wealth Fund” (KiM radio)
• Scholz in Serbia on June 10 (KiM radio, DW, N1)
• Vucic to speak with Putin about gas supplies on Wednesday or Thursday (Tanjug, media)


• Berisha claims he’s back in charge of Albania’s Democratic Party (BIRN)
• Albanian PM supports new community for non-EU countries (Euractiv)
• US would defend Taiwan if attacked by China, says Joe Biden (The Guardian)


• Krasniqi: 14 municipalities to benefit from the €8 million performance grant (EO)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, May 23, 2022

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• Kurti at World Affairs Forum: Kosovo to become part of NATO’s PfP (media)
• Biden to Vucic: Normalise relations with Kosovo (Koha/Telegrafi)
• U.S. Ambassador to Belgrade: Kosovo and Serbia are neighboring countries (media)
• President of Albania, Ilir Meta, to visit Kosovo (Klan)
• Two more Ukrainian journalists arrive in Kosovo (media)
• Mehaj: 600 new soldiers to be admitted this year; purchase of weapons, priority (media)
• Concerns raised over possible human rights violations at KSC (Koha)
• Chief State Prosecutor not decreed yet (RTK)
• Afghans lacking complete security checks won’t be able to travel to U.S. (BIRN)
• COVID-19: Nine new cases (media)

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