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Belgrade Media Report 25 May 2022

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Wednesday 25 May 2022


• Serbian Patriarch: SPC unanimously approves autocephaly of Macedonian Orthodox Church (Beta/Politika/RTS/Tanjug)
• Vucic, Pendaroviski on Serbian Orthodox Church’s decision, ties, Open Balkans (Beta)
• Vucic from Davos: Only topic in Davos is Ukraine (TV Pink/B92)
• Hill: US supports Serbia’s path to EU, Open Balkans, dialogue with Pristina (Beta)
• Selakovic meets with ASEAN Secretary-General (Politika/Beta)
• Support of Indonesia to territorial integrity of Serbia (Tanjug/RTS)
• Stefanovic meets with Wiermann (Tanjug/Politika)
• Mali: Serbia to store natural gas in Hungary next winter (Tanjug/RTS)
• Dacic expects cooperation with SNS to continue (TV Happy/Beta)
• Bilcik says sanctions against Russia important, already in report (Beta/Kosovo Online)
• SANU notes primitive tones of hatred in Croatian counterpart’s announcement (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• B&H HoP rejects conclusion proposed by Bosniak Caucus to pressure B&H CoM to approve BAM 12.5 million for elections; HDZ B&H and SNSD’s delegates vote against proposal (O Kanal)
• Izetbegovic on B&H HoP’s session: It is time for HR Schmidt to react given that all other options have been exhausted (O Kanal)
• Komsic accuses Covic and Dodik of working together with renegade IC representatives who are working with HDZ on blocking of elections (O Kanal)
• Borenovic: SNSD and HDZ B&H want to prevent holding of the elections (Glas Srpske)
• Arnautovic discusses elections with Murphy, Kavalec: Postponing of elections is illegal; Murphy: Denying citizens’ right to vote is unconstitutional and anti-Dayton (Hayat)
• Sattler: Holding of elections in October as planned is not questionable (N1/O Kanal/Istraga.ba/Oslobodjenje)
• Bajrovic: Covic enjoys support of part of international community (Hayat)
• Dodik: I have received information that Schmidt will impose necessary decisions so that elections are held; This is unacceptable (Nova BH)
• Kavalec: Criminally persecute perpetrators of election frauds (Dnevni list)
• Dodik: Podzic and Masovic’s attendance at meeting on military assistance to Ukraine is part of Bosniaks’ joint enterprise aimed at destroying Dayton-based B&H (RTRS)
• Dodik calls for peaceful dissolution of B&H, stresses any kind of agreement on B&H’s future is impossible (RTRS)
• 30th anniversary of death of 12 Banja Luka babies marked (ATV)
• SDA comments Milanovic’s statements: This is threat to stability and peace in entire region (Dnevni avaz)
• Milanovic: If Croats in fall start implementing what they announced, it may happen that someone turns international military forces against them (N1)
• Croatian President rules out possibility of armed conflicts in B&H (Hina)
• Milanovic tells Serbia indictment against Croatian pilots will cost it (Hina)
• Abazovic and Kurti: Dedicated to the development of infrastructure projects that will better connect the two countries (CdM)
• In Davos, Plenkovic invited Abazovic to officially visit Zagreb in June (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Pendarovski believes the recognition of the Macedonian church will advance reconciliation in our society: Pendarovski met with Vucic in Davos as Serbia recognized the Macedonian church (Republika)
• No progress in the meeting between Kovacevski and Petkov in Rome (Republika)
• McAllister: EU should start accession talks with Albania (Radio Tirana)
• Meta meets McAllister (Radio Tirana)
• Greece warns it will put up barriers on EU bid if Albania brings up Cham issue (Tirana Times)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 25, 2022

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, May 25, 2022

Albanian Language Media:

• KDI: Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, necessary and of national interest (EO)
• Abazi resigns from parliamentary inquiry committee on energy (media)
• Excavations in Serbia end, no human remains uncovered (RFE)
• Osmani participates at international conference on trafficking of human beings (media)
• Blerim Kuci leaves AAK, resigns from all structures (Reporteri)
• Chairman of Kosovo-Israel Friendship Group Avdullah Hoti, sends request to PM Kurti (Express)
• COVID-19: 8 new cases (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• No remains found near the Stavalj mine (KiM radio, Nova S)
• Jevtic: Serbs do want Community of Serbian Municipalities (Jedinstvo)
• Jeremic: Imposing sanctions on Russia could lead to Kosovo membership in UN (KoSSev)
• SOC recognizes autocephaly of Orthodox Church in North Macedonia (KoSSev)
• Russian official praises Vucic for resisting pressure on sanctions (N1)
• Gracanica mayor met UNMIK chief (KiM radio)
• Vucic, Pendarovski discuss Open Balkan (Tanjug)
• Vucic with Mitsotakis: We thanks Greek people for support to territorial integrity of Serbia (Kosovo-online)
• UNS and DNKiM: Enable journalists to report on protest in Osojane (KoSSev)
• Stefanovic met Wiermann (Tanjug)
• Selakovic speaks with ASEAN Secretary General (Tanjug)


• A distillate of regional fears (KoSSev)


• Halt to Waste Collection Leaves Prishtina Covered by Garbage (BIRN)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, May 25, 2022

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• Scholz’s office on the messages that the Chancellor will bring to the Balkans (RTK)
• Kurti urges Greece to join other EU countries in recognising Kosovo (media)
• Kurti meets Abazovic in Davos (media)
• Vucic about Kurti: He will say terrible things about Serbia (media)
• Kosovo’s diplomatic corps visit Decan Monastery (media)
• Albania’s ambassador to CoE: We will do all it takes to support Kosovo joining (Telegrafi)
• Muja: The north will begin paying electricity bills very soon (Koha)
• Police officer in the north arrested damaging evidence charges (media)
• Arrest warrant issued for former Kosovo Police senior official (Kosovapress)
• Petkovic brings Vucic’s message to Prizren, calls Kosovo “our province” (Klan)
• U.S. Begins Denying U.S. Entry to Afghans Housed on Military Base in Kosovo (WSJ)
• COVID-19: 12 new cases (media)

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