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Belgrade Media Report 1 August 2022

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Monday 1 August 2022


• Due to Pristina’s unilateral moves, situation in Kosovo and Metohija has never been more difficult (Tanjug/RTS)
• Pristina postpones decision; Crossing points closed (Novosti/B92)
• Vucic: I believe situation will be de-escalated (TV Pink/Tanjug)
• Brnabic: Serbia not responsible for crisis in Kosovo and Metohija (Tanjug/Politika)
• Serbian Army denies that it entered Kosovo (Politika)
• Petkovic: Kurti unilaterally decided to set fire to powder keg (RTS)
• Petkovic with Kosovo Serbs: Unacceptable abolishment of IDs, aim expulsion of Serbs (Tanjug/RTV)
• Sanchez said that Spain supports Serbia when it comes to issue of Kosovo (Tanjug/Politika)
• Dacic with Sanchez: Spain always with Serbia (RTS)
• Selakovic: Serbia proud of outstanding relations with China (Politika)
• Serbia gets new parliament (RTS/Tanjug)
• Dacic: SPS will be part of the parliamentary majority (RTS)
• EU Ambassador: Serbia should oppose Russia’s aggression (Blic)
• On why Bosniaks are intimidated by rights of Croats in B&H (Politika)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Izetbegovic: Bosniaks have the right to be careful, but also the right to defend themselves (ATV)
• Izetbegovic’s statements receive more criticism, comments by Milanovic, Plenkovic, Vucic (ATV)
• HNS Presidency convenes, calls for OHR’s urgent relocation from Sarajevo to Brussels to protect OHR’s safety and independence (FTV)
• Ljubic speaks about technical changes to B&H Election Law (HRT1)
• Izetbegovic: It is unrealistic to believe leaders will reach agreement on B&H Election Law (FTV)
• Dodik: There was no Bosnia before me, there will not be after too; Schmidt proved his actions are managed by politicians from Sarajevo (Glas Srpske)
• Cubrilovic reacts to Schmidt’s decision: Only binding documents for RS parliament are the ones adopted by RS parliament (FTV)
• NS calls on Prosecutor’s Office of B&H to investigate information about ‘possible unrests in south of the country’ (Dnevni list)
• US Embassy: It is hypocritical for Covic and HNS to criticize inflammatory rhetoric of other political leaders (Dnevni list)
• Dodik: SNSD is forced to participate in general elections (Hayat)
• Sanchez meets with B&H Presidency members within his official visit to B&H (Hayat)
• Medved: Croat people in B&H need to be represented in authorities adequately (HRT1)
• Abazovic: I don’t know when the Agreement with the SPC is going to be signed (CdM)
• Djukanovic։ If this kind of Agreement with SPC is signed, government will fall (N1)
• Initiative to overthrow government after signing Agreement with SPC (Pobjeda)
• Abazovic discussed investments in energy and tourism with Saudi Crown Prince (Pobjeda)
• Sanchez: Montenegro is part of Europe; Djukanovic: The only good choice for the Western Balkans is the European perspective (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• National anthem cut short again: The Spanish Prime Minister didn’t hear about the Krusevo Republic, Goce Delcev and Pitu Guli (Republika)
• Kovacevski-Sanchez: Macedonia and Spain are strong allies, decades-long cooperation is deepening (Republika)
• The integration process towards the EU, the Prime Minister of Spain visits Tirana (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, August 1, 2022

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, August 1, 2022

Albanian Language Media:

• Kurti: We expect all barricades to be removed today (media)
• Kosovo institutions continue coordination on latest developments (media)
• Jarinje, Bernjak remain closed; four cases of mistreatment against Albanians (media)
• Over 1,500 entry-exit documents issued so far at border crossing points (Koha)
• Borrell invites Kurti and Vucic to Brussels to resume dialogue (RFE)
• EU is following events in Kosovo with concern, spokesperson says (media)
• Rama: Kosovo is right in its sovereignty; Vucic mustn’t feed groups in north (media)
• Begaj: Kosovo authorities avoided a serious provocation (media)
• PDK: Unprepared action in the north; government must coordinate with allies (Koha)
• Haradinaj: Security operations must be studied, analysed and explained well (media)
• Majko: Serbia has launched an aggression against the state of Kosovo (media)
• Kosovo government adopts emergency measures in energy supply (Kallxo)
• 513 new cases with COVID-19 in Kosovo (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Serbs in northern Kosovo spent night at barricades set up in protest (Tanjug)
• Reactions on situation in northern Kosovo, Pristina’s decision (Tanjug, media)
• Visoki Decani: Interethnic relations have never been worse due to attitude of Kosovo authorities (media, social media)
• Obradovic from Dveri Movement to demand session on Kosovo (Danas)
• Dendias on situation in Kosovo: Caution and respect of international law needed (Kosovo Online)
• Kremlin: Rights of Serbs in KiM must be guaranteed with resolution (Kosovo Online)
• Survey: Most people in northern Kosovo unwilling to change licence plates (N1, KoSSev)
• Billboards “Welcome to ZSO” posted in four northern municipalities (Kosovo Online, media)
• Starovic responds to Osmani’s chief of cabinet (Kosovo Online)
• Sanchez: We support Serbia regarding Kosovo (Radio KIM, KoSSev)
• Long vehicles queues at Merdare and Konculj crossing points (Kosovo Online, Tanjug)
• Kosovo police arrested two Serbs, case goes in regular procedure (Kosovo Online, RTS)


• Russia’s war in Ukraine finds echoes in the Balkans (The Washington Post)
• Serb Barricades Still up in North Kosovo Despite Govt Climbdown (BIRN)
• Kosovo delays plan for volatile north as tensions rise near Serbian border (The Guardian)
• Serbia Awards National TV Licences to Pro Govt Stations – Again (Balkan Insight)


• Serbia Ignores Calls to Free Kurdish Politician on Hunger Strike (Balkan Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, August 1, 2022

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• Kosovo agrees to delay new rules after tensions rise at Serbian border (RFE)
• Kurti: Reciprocity will be postponed if all barricades are removed (media)
• Svecla: Decision is being implemented except in Jarinje and Bernjak (RTK)
• Roads in the north of Kosovo remain blocked (RFE/Koha)
• Borell welcomes decision to move measures; “roadblocks to be removed” (media)
• Lajcak welcomes decision to postpone implementation by 1 month (media)
• Osmani: Vucic’s efforts to destabilise Kosovo will fail (media)
• Vela: Repetition of Putin’s playbook by Vucic’s regime (media)
• UNMIK chief Ziadeh calls for calm amid developments in the north (media)
• LDK leader Abdixhiku condemns attack of local Serbs against police (media)
• Turkish FM: Peace, stability in Balkans, always a priority for Turkey (media)
• Russian Foreign Ministry reacts to development in the north (media)
• Nearly 10,000 active cases with COVID-19 in Kosovo (media)

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