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Belgrade Media Report 2 August 2022

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Tuesday 2 August 2022


• Vucic receives Botsan-Kharchenko (Tanjug/RTS/RTV)
• Selakovic: Serbia, Cyprus support each other on key issues (Tanjug/Beta/RTS/RTV)
• Petkovic: We were one step from serious conflict (Beta/Politika)
• Jarinje, Brnjak border crossings open, traffic back to normal (N1)
• Stano: EU has invited Belgrade, Pristina to Brussels meeting (Tanjug)
• Kremlin fully supports Belgrade in dispute with Kosovo (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Dodik reacts to developments in Kosovo: We in RS fully and strongly support Serbian leadership in their efforts to deescalate situation (ATV)
• Izetbegovic: We have friends in the east and west and together we will direct HR Schmidt in regards to solutions for B&H Election Law (FTV)
• Becirovic: Covic and HDZ must realize there will never be third entity in B&H (Dnevni list)
• Other FB&H politicians comment on reaching of solution to B&H Election Law (BHT1)
• Cubrilovic: RS parliament paves way for return of RS competences, we demand only what belongs to us (Glas Srpske)
• Bakalar: Technical changes are implementable although it is not wise to change the rules during a match (Dnevni list)
• Plenkovic: It seems to me that events in Kosovo were less tense than it seemed (Hina)
• Plenkovic: Croatian government always stands by Croats in B&H, I hope next moves of HR Schmidt will ensure at least minimum equality of Croats after elections (Hina)
• Abazovic rejects all objections to Agreement with SPC (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Mickoski: Because of Pendarovski and Kovacevski, what we had to negotiate with Bulgaria is now on the negotiating table with entire EU (Kanal 5)
• The tense situation in the north of Kosovo; Rama reacts for the first time (Radio Tirana)
• Sanchez supports the integration of Albania into EU (Radio Tirana)
• President Begaj telephone conversation with Vjosa Osmani: Open issues between Kosovo and Serbia can only be addressed through dialogue (Radio Tirana)
• Xhacka: The government of Kosovo showed maturity, it has the right to exercise its sovereignty in every cm of the territory (Radio Tirana)
• Nikolla reacts to the tensions in the North of Kosovo (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, August 2, 2022

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, August 2, 2022

Albanian Language Media:

• Osmani: Preparations by Serbia to escalate Western Balkans and Kosovo (BBC)
• After the tensions in the north, NATO SG Stoltenberg spoke with Kurti (RTK)
• Hovenier: Decisions on reciprocity were coordinated with internationals (media)
• Kosovo Police Director: We are investigating events in north of Kosovo (media)
• 1,030 new cases with COVID-19 in Kosovo (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Situation in northern Kosovo normalised (Tanjug)
• Petkovic: We will seek in Brussels compromise solution (Kosovo Online)
• Vucic with Botsan-Kharchenko on situation in Kosovo (Kosovo Online)
• Serbia gets new Parliament (N1)
• Dodik: Serbia has right to defend safety of Serbs in Kosovo (N1)
• Sanchez: International law violated by recognition of Kosovo (RTS)
• Hoxhaj: Stance of Spain and Greece ‘buried’ chances of Kosovo to be recognized by five EU member states (Kosovo Online)
• NATO SG speaks with Kurti (Kosovo Online)
• Selakovic spoke with his Saudi Arabian counterpart on regional and geopolitical challenges (Kosovo Online)
• NUNS calls to find out who disables KoSSev portal whenever crisis with Pristina erupt (BETA)
• Kosovo police arrested Serb near Rudare (Kosovo Online)
• Covid-19: 16 new cases in Serbian areas (KoSSev)


• Opinion piece by Milenko Vasovic: “Serbia’s Vulin Serves a Purpose, Spewing Hate” (BIRN)


• Manifesta 14: An unflinching look at Kosovo’s fraught history and ambitious future (wallpaper.com)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, August 2, 2022

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Svecla: Jarinje and Bernjak border points opened, barricades removed (media)
Opposition boycotts the meeting at the Presidency (Klan)
NATO DSG: KFOR ready to intervene if stability in the north is threatened (media)
EU confirms that Kurti and Vucic have been invited to Brussels (Klan Kosova)
Petkovic: One step away from conflict because of Prishtina (media)
NATO peacekeepers oversee the removal of roadblocks in Kosovo (Reuters)
Serbia, Cyprus discuss Kosovo, Turkey (Cyprus Mail)
Ukrainian MP: Putin’s scenario is being repeated in Kosovo (euronews.al)
Social Media Disinformation Spreads Panic About Kosovo-Serbia ‘War’ (BIRN)

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