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Belgrade Media Report 16 August

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• Brnabic: Vucic to fight for peace in Brussels (TV Pink/RTV/Tanjug)
• Vucic: No comparison between Serbian Armed Forces and so-called Kosovo army (Tanjug/RTS)
• Rakic: Ambassadors of the Quint told us to accept the independence of Kosovo (B92)
• Dveri Party unveils platform on Kosovo (Beta)
• Matic: Wine fair to also promote tourism industries of Open Balkans states (Tanjug/Politika)
• Hill: I’m not pursuing anti-Serbian policy, I’m here to build stronger Serbian-US relations (RTS)
• Refugee Commissioner says almost 10,000 migrants in Serbia (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office confirms its support to HR Schmidt’s intention to impose changes to B&H Election Law (Dnevni avaz)
• Diplomatic sources say Croatia does not support HNS initiative for B&H to move its embassy to Jerusalem (Hayat)
• US Congress to discuss two law proposals dealing with B&H and Western Balkans (Oslobodjenje)
• Is Erdogan coming to support or pacify Izetbegovic (Nezavisne)
• Turkovic: There is danger that mandate of EUFOR Althea Mission will not be extended in November (Oslobodjenje)
• First group of German soldiers arrive in B&H as part of EUFOR mission (N1)
• Kovacevic: RS has nothing against ALTHEA mission, but it has never said that it is in favor of arrival of any new military troops, including German troops (RTRS/ATV)
• Abazovic: If government doesn’t fall, a big reshuffle about to happen – everyone’s invited apart from DPS and SDP (CdM)
• Maddocks: Another change of power doesn’t necessarily mean instability (Pobjeda)
• Dzomic: No future agreement can encroach on rights guaranteed and recognized to SPC by Fundamental Agreement (CdM)
• Zakharova on the expulsion of the Russian diplomat from Montenegro: An illogical decision (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Mickoski: If Kovacevski gathers 80 MPs for constitutional changes, I will fulfill the promise given the next day, if he fails, let’s hold elections (Republika)
• USA recognizes the languages of Western Balkans – it is stated in the proposed legislation for aid to the region (VoA/Libertas)
• President Begaj received by Kosovo PM (ADN)
• Osmani: Kosovo and Albania to reach mutual protection agreement (ADN)
• Kosovo revokes decision to limit power supply after coop with Albania (ADN)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, August 16, 2022

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Albanian Language Media:

• PM Kurti: September 1 will be a normal day (Klan)
• There is no normality; power cuts continue today (Koha)
• Haradinaj, Begaj discuss joint defence treaty (Koha)
• LDK leader Abdixhiku slams Kurti again (media)
• War crimes association in Gjakova presses charges against Bozidar Delic (media)
• President of Albania does not meet with Abdixiku – do not agree on the venue (Telegrafi)

Serbian Language Media:

• EC: Vucic and Kurti must discuss all open issues in Brussels (Beta, N1)
• Serbs’ representatives from Kosovo: “Quint support the decisions made by Pristina”; Petkovic: “They make effort to support independence, but no effort for CSM” (media)
• Media in the EU: ”Nothing from the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue, just to prevent war” (NMagazin, Beta)
• Janjic: Insufficient efficiency of the energy sector in Kosovo (KiM radio)
• US Ambassador: Community of Serb Municipalities is not unique (N1)
• Brnabic: Vucic to fight for peace in Brussels (Tanjug)
• Selakovic: It is known how the CSM should look like (Kosovo Online)


• Introducing the Far-Right Power Index (BIRN)


• Refugee Commissioner says almost 10,000 migrants in Serbia (Beta, N1)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, August 16, 2022

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• Albania helps Kosovo, the energy crisis is avoided (media)
• Kosovo walks back power cutoffs to consumers amid energy ‘emergency’ (RFE)
• President Osmani accuses EU of favoring Serbia (Koha)
• Begaj supports decision on reciprocity on license plates and IDs (Koha)
• Osmani on headscarves in schools: Constitution, primary orientation (media)
• Counter-petition launched against request to lift ban on religious dress in Kosovo schools (BIRN)
• Serbia does not allow Bislimi and Svecla to visit Presevo Valley (RTK)
• Kosovo to host largest field exercise in region, “Defender Europe 23” (media)
• Kurti meets OSCE Head of Mission Davenport (media)
• Haradinaj to Kurti: I am addressing you to reconsider your position (media)

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