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Belgrade Media Report 6 September

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• Vucic with Botsan-Kharchenko on progress in Belgrade-Pristina dialogue (RTS)
• Brnabic wraps up visit to Kosovo and Metohija (Tanjug)
• Petkovic: Brnabic’s visit showed how much our people love Serbia (Tanjug)
• Kamberi seeks more Kosovo presence in Presevo Valley (Beta)
• Kosovo-Serbia land swap would be a fair solution (Beta/Koha)
• Djilas: Important that parliament session on Kosovo produce unity of political options (B92/Beta)
• Aleksic: Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija, together with Serb List, work on evicting Serbs (Nova S)
• Jeremic: If Pristina doesn’t form ZSO by 31 December, Belgrade to abandon negotiations in Brussels (Beta)
• Slovenian Ministry summons Serbian Ambassador over Vucic’s statement (N1)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• RS parliament receives Dodik’s request to hold session at which MPs should declare on whether decision to grant agrement to new German Ambassador to B&H is harmful to vital interest of RS (Nova BH)
• Borenovic: Dodik’s policy is crazy and extremely damaging for RS people and economy (BN TV)
• Crnadak: RS parliament’s session will show that Dodik is leading RS into conflict with whole world (O Kanal)
• SNSD condemns PDP’s moves of siding with Western power centers (ATV)
• Stanic says Dodik’s initiative to block granting of agrement to new German Ambassador to B&H is nonsense and yet another pre-election trick (EuroBlic)
• Krivic slams Dodik over his initiative to launch protection of vital national interest regarding appointment of new German Ambassador to B&H (Dnevni avaz)
• Dodik: RS willing to accept constitutional and Dayton B&H, it is ready to leave any other kind of B&H (ATV)
• Cubrilovic: Israeli officials express support to Dodik’s stances (RTRS)
• Official campaign for general elections in B&H begins; Election campaign in B&H takes place in atmosphere of political tension and uncertainty as to whether High Representative will impose political changes to B&H Election Law (HRT1)
• Continuation of the negotiations of the old parliamentary majority (MINA)
• Djukanovic: We have to stop awarding those who’re going to betray after elections (Gradska TV)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Mickoski: VMRO-DPMNE to file initiative to collect signatures to call a referendum against the Agreement with Bulgaria (Republika)
• Nikoloski: Early parliamentary elections needed so that the government doesn’t run away from elections (Republika)
• Kovacevski: Goal set to conclude EU negotiations by 2030 (Republika)
• Kovacevski will beg Orban for Russian gas through Vucic?! (Pressing TV)
• Rama: Peace in region jeopardized by Russian influence (Der Spiegel/ADN)
• New parliamentary session, President Begaj addresses to MPs to focus on political dialogue and reforms that are important for the country (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 6, 2022

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Albanian Language Media:

• Prime Minister Kurti welcomes the German-French engagement in dialogue (media)
• Berlin confirms Scholz and Macron’s commitment to the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (RTK)
• Kurti: A minor who should be at school today is in a shelter, and this, due to a crime (media)
• Deputy Prime Minister Bislimi travels to the Czech Republic (media)
• Minister Mehaj on an official visit to Germany (RTK)
• LDK: The government’s package will not have an impact on overcoming the crisis (media)
• COVID-19: 29 new cases (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• Kurti: “Serbs who feel unsafe in Kosovo are the criminals” (N1, KoSSev)
• Mayor of Bujanovac: ”Exchange of municipalities between Kosovo and Serbia would be fair” (Danas, Kosovo Online, FoNet, N1)
• Vucic, Botsan-Kharchenko discuss Kosovo, energy situation (Tanjug, N1)
• Jeremic: If ZSO is not established by December 31, negotiations in Brussels should be halted (N1)
• Djilas: Joint Declaration on Kosovo (KiM radio)
• Nedeljkovic pleads not guilty, sentenced to eight months in prison (Kosovo Online)
• Antonijevic: Trial of Nedeljkovic bad message to Serbian community in Kosovo (Kosovo Online)
• UNS and DNKiM condemned the harassment of the RTK2 journalist (KiM Radio)
• Serbian List: Pristina’s plan to abolish Serbian licence plates doomed to fail (Kosovo Online)
• Slovenian Ministry summons Serbian Ambassador over Vucic’s statement (N1)


• Jaksic on Brnabic’s visit: ”When Pristina is dissatisfied, then it does not approve visits” (Danas, N1, FoNet)


• Serbian, Ukrainian first ladies discuss humanitarian crisis (N1)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 6, 2022

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Lajcak to visit Pristina, Belgrade on September 9 (media)
Serbian PM says willing to compromise during landmark Kosovo visit (Reuters)
Svecla: Vucic threatened citizens who agree to put RKS license plates (media)
Osmani meets Malaysian ambassador Dato Abdul Malik (media)
Bislimi: Depopulation of the Valley, concerning (media)
LDK: Government should start dialogue with trade unionists (media)
PDK: Government is trying to suppress citizens’ discontent through charity (RTK)
Joseph: Kosovo feels threatened by Serbia (euronews.al)
Kosovo Serb war crime defendant stays silent in court (BIRN)
Serbian PM visits Kosovo Serbs as tensions still simmer (AP)

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