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Belgrade Media Report 8 September

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• Serbia open to new Turkish investments (Tanjug/RTS/RTV)
• Cadez: Serbian businesses have a lot to offer to Turkish market (Tanjug)
• Serbia, Turkey sign several agreements on cooperation (Tanjug)
• Vucic awards State Medal to Ohio National Guard Commander (Beta)
• Ambassador: Russia has no requirement for military base in Serbia (Beta)
• Ambassador Hill says Kosovo should be in Open Balkans (N1)
• Around 10,000 migrants in Serbia, accommodation capacity insufficient (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• RS parliament to hold special session re appointment of new German Ambassador; Dodik: My veto is directed against rigid German policy (RTRS)
• Erdogan supports High Representative Schmidt, but not his intention to impose changes to Election Law of B&H; B&H Presidency members Dodik and Dzaferovic too disagree with imposing of changes, Komsic says B&H needs different Constitution (Nezavisne)
• Radoncic criticizes Erdogan for pushing Bosniaks in conflict with West: If he wants truly to help, Erdogan should finally increase Turkish investments in B&H (Dnevni avaz)
• Informal group of citizens organizes protests in front of OHR in Sarajevo; Protesters say they want civic B&H and implementation of verdicts of European Court of Human Rights (O Kanal)
• HNS calls on HR Schmidt not to succumb to pressure and impose changes to Election Law (Vecernji list)
• Abazovic: Certain structures had agreement with DPS that they could not implement to end, so now they’re looking for excuse (CdM)
• Picula: Additional instability would only make path to EU more difficultꓼ old majority already had opportunity that they failed to use (RTCG)
• Djukanovic: Montenegro supports Ukraine because it fights for freedom and defends the rights of every democratic state (CdM)
• Hacker attack paralyzes work of many services (CdM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Nikoloski: Referendum and early elections to take place on the same date (TV Alfa)
• Sajkoski: Agreement with Bulgaria, instead of good neighborliness, made an intrusion into the uniqueness of the Macedonian people and the sovereignty of Macedonia (TV24)
• Xhaferi: No turning back from Macedonia’s European integration (Republika)
• Albania breaks off diplomatic relations with Iran, blames Tehran for cyberattack (Tirana Times)
• White House: US strongly condemns Iran’s cyberattack against Albania (Tirana Times)
• Italian President Sergio Mattarella arrives in Tirana! (Radio Tirana)
• Rama: UNMIK completed its mission in Kosovo (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 8, 2022

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Albanian Language Media:

• Kurti: Serbia increasing aggressiveness, we must understand this as its weakening (Koha)
• Osmani: Iran should be held responsible for the cyber attacks in Albania (Reporteri)
• Svecla: Kosovo Police begins water patrolling on the border with Serbia (media)
• Kurti and Nagavci call for start of classes in schools (media)
• Jasharaj: If Kurti wants schools with students, let him fulfil our demands (media)
• Official: MP Doarsa Kica-Xhelili joins the LDK (media)
• Svetomir Bacevic sentenced to five years in prison for war crimes in 1998 (media)
• COVID-19: 25 new cases (media)

Serbian Language Media:

• NGOs express concern over verdict to Nedeljkovic (KoSSev)
• The Nedeljkovic’s verdict made known to Serbs they are unwelcome, says CI “Serbian Survival” (KiM radio)
• Lawyer Vasic on verdict to Bacevic, terms it ‘shameful’ (Kosovo Online)
• Petkovic reacts to Kurti’s statement (Kosovo Online)
• Botsan-Kharchenko: Russia not requesting to set up military base in Serbia (Tanjug)
• Vucic to host Hungarian President Katalin Novak on Friday (Tanjug)
• Jeremic calls for unity on the issue of Kosovo (Beta, N1, Insajder)
• Vucic: Relations with Turkey at historic high (Tanjug, media)
• Vucic scheduled a meeting of the National Security Council (Tanjug, Politika)
• Commander of Ohio National Guard decorated by Vucic (Beta, N1, RTS)


• ‘Wine Vision’ Offers Taste of Open Balkans in Action (Balkan Insight)


• What is the future of Kosovo-Serbia relations? | A Debrief with Ambassador Christopher Hill (atlanticcouncil.org)
• Serbian president reveals grandfather was murdered in Holocaust (The Jerusalem Post)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 8, 2022

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Pahor meets Osmani: We have different positions on the Association (Albanian Post)
Kurti: With Slovenia, we share same values and views on peace and security in region (media)
Osmani to Serbian List: I am not only the president, but I am also supreme commander of the army, in which there are also Serbs (Klan)
SRSG Ziadeh meets Albanian PM Rama, encourages regional cooperation (media)
Erdogan hopes for a quick agreement between Kosovo and Serbia on license plates (RTK)
Hill would like to see Kosovo part of the “Open Balkans” (N1, media)
Donika Gervalla and Faton Peci elected leaders of Guxo List (media)
Minister Haxhiu: We are preparing the lawsuit for crimes against Serbia (Paparaci)
Citaku: Kurti does not want to govern, he wants to rule (media)
Amid Dialogue With Serbia, Kosovo’s NATO Membership Hangs in the Balance (Newsweek)
War hangover in divided nation is a warning for Europe (Bloomberg)

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