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Belgrade Media Report 16 September

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• Vucic presented Viktor Orban with the medal: This is your second home (Tanjug, RTS)
• Vucic promises Serbia won’t recognize Kosovo as long as he is president (VIP)
• Kosovo minister to Vucic: Hard times are coming (N1)
• Media: Lajcak says there is no ‘new framework’ (FoNet)
• Saracin: Important meetings in Belgrade, Germany remains committed to Serbia’s path to the EU (RTS)
• Serbian officials congratulate Day of Serb Unity (Vecernje Novosti)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Serb Day of Unity marked by RS and Serbian officials in Bijeljina; Vucic: We must jointly defeat madness that threatens to bring new conflicts to the region; Dodik: Serbs today have two countries – the RS and Serbia; Serbs must always fight for unity (BN TV)
• Serbian President Vucic pays visit to Bijeljina on occasion of start of construction of Raca-Bijeljina highway section; Dodik to Vucic: Mr. President welcome to your land and among your people (BHT1)
• B&H HoP delegate Becirovic reacts to Dodik’s messages conveyed while welcoming Vucic (Nova BH)
• Exclusive interview with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic (BN TV)
• Dodik’s statement on wiretapping of US Ambassador sparks reactions (N1)
• Delegation of Ukrainian Government visits B&H (Oslobodjenje)
• Russia Calls for Mladic’s Release on Humanitarian Grounds/Reactions (RTRS)
• Milanovic: Those in RS who attack Dodik represent problem (HRT1)
• Milanovic’s Office: Croatia will send soldiers to EUFOR or NATO missions in B&H (HRT1)
• Milanovic: Genocide must be discussed, there must be no taboos (HRT)
• Negotiations to be continued today (CDM)
• Abazovic: I will not sign for Lekic to be a mandate holder because it is a trap, I would not like his government to be formed by other parties (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Prime Minister: N. Macedonia’s team ready for screening (MIA)
• Mickoski: The referendum is the way out of the harmful agreement with Bulgaria that leads to assimilation, the government runs away from the people’s declaration (Fokus)
• NATO certifies the Albanian AF Infantry Battalion: Ready to be used by the Alliance at any time (Radio Tirana)
• Interview with Ilir Meta (Tirana Times)
• Erion Veliaj meets Speaker of the American Congress, Nancy Pelosi in Washington (Radio Tirana)
• Spiropali meets the chairman of the Internal Security Committee in the US Senate (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 16, 2022

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Albanian Language Media:

• Germany, France call for comprehensive Kosovo-Serbia agreement (Gazeta10)
• Jasharaj on strike in education: Up to the membership to decide (media)
• Education Minister: Committed to address any difficulty the teachers may face (media)
• Gjini: AAK does not support ousting of government (Telegrafi)
• PSD’s Kastrati calls for protest against Trendafilova visit (Nacionale)
• Bamieh on arrest warrant: If EULEX interfered, it’s interference in judiciary (Nacionale)

Serbian Language Media:

• “Vucic prepares list of ‘derecognitions’ of Kosovo for UN session” (Danas)
• Vucic: So easy to forget about UN Charter when it comes to Serbia (Kosovo Online)
• Stano: Resolutely resolve demanding political issues through dialogue for the normalisation of relations (Beta, KoSSev)
• Analysts: Lajcak’s visit need to keep tensions under control (Radio KIM)
• Petkovic: Svecla’s message the most direct threat to President Vucic so far (Tanjug, Kosovo Online)
• Vucic on Svecla’s statement about ‘difficult days’ (Kosovo Online)
• Vucic awards Order of Republic of Serbia on Grand Collar to Orban (Tanjug)
• Sheholli: EU prepared a new document with 13 points as a “transitional final agreement” between Belgrade and Pristina (Danas)
• The Serbian Assembly special session on Kosovo: The opposition had an opportunity for promotion, Vucic dominated on his field (Danas)
• UNS and DNKiM: Protest due to the denial of equal use of the Serbian language in Kosovo and Metohija; sanctions for those responsible demanded (KoSSev)


• Is EU Candidate Status Within Reach for Kosovo? (Prishtina Insight)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 16, 2022

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Kosovo government gives details about Kurti – Lajcak meeting (media) 
Lajcak: Talks continue for normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations (media) 
Osmani and Scholz discuss push for visa liberalization (media) 
Osmani in Potsdam: Republic of Kosovo, success story (media) 
Albanian Post to publish “new framework” document on Sunday 
Svecla to Vucic: There will be difficult days, weeks and months (Express) 
AAK’s Berisha: The government will fall in spring (Nacionale) 
Kosovo ex-fighter’s lawyer asks court for war crimes acquittal (BIRN) 
Kosovo Selects ‘Looking for Venera’ for 2023 Oscars (Prishtina Insight) 
Junk folder: Journalists countering disinformation (Kosovo 2.0) 
Regional minimum wage; Montenegro in lead (Euronews Albania) 

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