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Belgrade Media Report 20 September

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• Vucic: Belgrade will not accept that KiM becomes a member of the UN, I rejected the paper (Tanjug, B92)
• Hill: U.S. Supports EU efforts to arrive at solution in Serbia Kosovo dialogue (Beta)
• EU declines to comment alleged Serbia-Kosovo agreement (B92)
• Grubjesic: Non-papers are trial balloons used to check the mood of the public (RTS)
• Vucic met with congresswoman Claudia Tenny in New York (RTS)
• Selakovic spoke with 20 foreign ministers in New York (RTS)
• Commander of the Ohio National Guard: We respect Serbia’s neutrality, cooperation is expanding (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Dodik for Russian media about upcoming meeting with Putin: RS is grateful to Putin for maximal consistency in preserving of Dayton Peace Agreement; Dodik compares Ukraine and Russia issues with issues between ‘Serbs and Muslims’ (RTRS)
• Dodik: RS is state of Serb people; An independent state remains our goal (RTRS)
• Turkovic speaks to Biden during funeral of Queen Elizabeth II; Biden expresses interest in situation in B&H (Nova BH)
• Dzaferovic to address UN session on Wednesday (BHT1)
• OHR: Only state of B&H can dispose of state property (FTV)
• Constitutional law expert Popovic: B&H Constitutional Court is violating Constitution instead of protecting it, all its decisions are ridiculous and it does not have jurisdiction to decide on RS Law on Immovable Property (Glas Srpske)
• ‘Combined Effort 22’ exercise starts at Manjaca range (N1)
• PM Plenkovic to attend UN General Assembly, meet Croatian community in the US (Hina)
• Croatia continues contributing troops to peacekeeping missions abroad (Hina)

• Lekic։ Big step made (Antena M)
• URA gives its support for Lekic to be prime minister designate, but not its signatures (CDM)
• Mandic: We’ve agreed, Lekic prime minister designate (CDM)
• Mandic writes to Djukanovic: I expect you to give Lekic a mandate (CDM)
• Krapovic: We still don’t have 41 signatures, we have verbal support for Lekic (CDM)
• Milo keeps silent (Vijesti)
• Krivokapic: Geopolitical stage significantly shaken with war in Ukraine, it’s a threat to small countries (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Vucic: Macedonians can also count on Serbian gas this winter (Republika)
• UN General Assembly / Rama and Xhacka travel to the USA (Radio Tirana)
• Borrell gathers the leaders of the Western Balkans in New York (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 20, 2022

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Albanian Language Media:

• Osmani announces launch of first edition of Women, Peace and Security Forum (media)
• Germany refutes “new framework” of dialogue: We don’t know who invented it (Express)
• NATO ready to deploy more troops in Kosovo in case of new tensions (RFE)
• Konjufca in Tirana: Serbia is very hostile toward Kosovo (Paparaci)
• Jasharaj: There are solutions … we’re not asking for billions (RFE)
• Svecla: Terrorism and violent extremism on the rise; threat to Kosovo (Telegrafi)
• Rama on Vucic: On Kosovo, we agreed to disagree (Nacionale/Der Spiegel)
• KLA War Veterans to join protest against visit by Specialist Chambers’ President (media)
• LDK MP says Kurti is stubborn and unable to resolve problems (Indeksonline)

Serbian Language Media:

• Non-paper sent on Kosovo’s admission to the CoE (Kosovo Online)
• The new summit of the EU and Western Balkans leaders in December, in one of the countries of the region (RTS)
• Serbian president refused document from EU envoy (N1, Tanjug)
• “Vucic should explain details of letter he has not received” (Radio KIM)
• Vucic, Tenney discuss strengthening of bilateral ties (Tanjug)
• Selakovic held 20 bilateral meetings with foreign ministers in New York (Danas)
• Putin: We continue supporting Serbia in protecting its sovereignty (Kosovo Online)
• Vucic announces formation of movement for Serbia’s survival (N1, FoNet)
• Vasic: Prosecution did not qualify attack on two Serbs in Babin Most as attempted murder (Kosovo Online)


• New Agreement proposal: Trial balloon or beginning of the end? (Beta, Danas, KiM radio)
• Grubjesic: Non-papers as trial balloons used to check the mood of the public (RTS)


• Pristina Says Third Serb Targeted for Taking Kosovo Licence Plates (BIRN)
• In One Corner of Kosovo, Cheers Still Ring Out for Putin (The New York Times)
• Pupils and Parents in Peja March Against Teachers’s Strike (Prishtina Insight)
• Albanian Journalists Condemn Ban on Republishing Hacked State Information (BIRN)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 20, 2022

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• Osmani: Biden expressed heartful support for our country (media)
• Osmani travels to NY, to attend reception organised by President Biden (RTK)
• Government confirms: Kurti was aware of assassination plan against him (RTK)
• Kosovo says it foiled plot to assassinate prime minister in 2021 (Reuters)
• Serbia won’t let Kosovo join UN despite strong Western pressure (Bloomberg)
• Svecla to Vucic: Stop supporting illegal criminal structures in the north (media)
• Kosovo, Albania parliaments to sign memorandum of cooperation today (RTK)
• Kurti meets Albanian Ambassador, discuss Kosovo-Albania cooperation (RTK)
• Latest UBO poll: VV falls at 37%, LDK doubles at 22%, PDK at 21% (media)
• Kurti says Kosovo will open an office for Presevo Valley (Koha/Klan)
• Minister of Justice: Treaty with Denmark remains in force (Telegrafi)
• OSCE: Kosovo’s prosecution of terrorism financing ‘ineffective’ (BIRN)
• Albanians in south Serbia want rights included in the dialogue (Euractiv)
• Hackers publish sensitive data on assassination plots in Albania, Kosovo (Euractiv)

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