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Belgrade Media Report 23 September 2022

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United Nations Office in Belgrade

Daily Media Highlights

Friday 23 September 2022

• Big powers are ready to resolve the “Kosovo knot”? Vucic: Do we have a choice? (B92)
• The EU denies the authenticity of the “non-paper” dialogue framework between Belgrade and Pristina (RTS)
• EU Rapporteur: Calls for mutual recognition between Serbia and Kosovo not politically useful at present time (TV Insajder)
• Vucic with Victoria Nuland: We discussed the most important global and regional geopolitical issues (RTS)
• Vucic with Raisi: Serbia appreciates Iran’s consistent position on non-recognition of Kosovo’s independence (RTS)
• Vucic and Nahyan on projects of mutual interest in New York (RTS)
• Foreign Minister’s 18 bilateral meetings with ministers in New York (Beta)
• Ponos says: Vucic’s speech in UN “quite all right” (Danas)
• Healthy Serbia Leader supports staged “referendums” planned in occupied regions of Ukraine (Beta)


Bosnia & Herzegovina
• Dodik reveals new details of talks with Putin: Russia stands by DPA (RTRS)
• Dodik: Dzaferovic presents his own views at UN GA (RTRS)
• Ambassador Vujic: I will talk with US Senators to tell them that it would be damaging if bill of US Congress’ House of Representatives was adopted (Nezavisne)
• Dodik: B&H joining NATO is impossible (Dnevni list)
• Constitutional Court of B&H puts out of force RS Law on Immovable Property Used for Functioning of Public Authority (Hayat)
• Dodik: Immovable property in B&H belongs to the entities exclusively (AJB)
• Cubrilovic: B&H CC’s decision is politically motivated (BHT1)
• B&H HoR Speaker Radmanovic: B&H CC put itself above B&H Constitution; Kovacevic: Instead of protecting B&H Constitution, B&H CC took over the role of the lead grave-digger of B&H (Glas Srpske)
• Sarovic: B&H CC’s decision was expected, but it is still completely unacceptable (BN TV)
• Borenovic: RS property remains its property, and it will be managed by the entity institutions (BN TV)
• PDP’s Trivic strongly criticizes B&H CC after decision on Law on Immovable Property Used for Functioning of Public Authority (BN TV)
• Komsic argues High Representative Schmidt’s intention to impose changes to Election Law of B&H is attempt to ‘put out fire with gasoline’ (Oslobodjenje)
• Dodik: I share some positions about B&H with Milanovic (Dnevni list)
• Croatian 2021 Census: Less inhabitants, less men, less Catholics (Hina)
• Djukanovic: No elections, no legitimate government (Pobjeda)
• Blazic: President has the last word, he can dissolve Parliament (RTCG)
• Vucurovic: Constitution violated because not all parties received the invitation to consultations; Krapovic: Like the majority, we could not leave room for Djukanovic (TVCG)
• Lekic: I have no right to give up, the Assembly will not accept Djukanovic’s instructions (Pobjeda)
• The Democratic Front started collecting signatures for the dismissal of Djukanovic (CDM)
• Djurovic returned the initiative to Djukanovic (RTCG)
• Abazovic with Biden: You are a great friend of Montenegro (CDM)
• Krivokapic at a working dinner with transatlantic partners at Blinken’s invitation (CDM)
• Abazovic and Guterres: Overcoming global crises with joint forces (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia
• Kovacevski-Guterres meeting: Cooperation with UN continues, strategic development goals priority (Republika)
• Kovacevski attends reception hosted by U.S. President Biden (Republika)
• Rama: Serbia should recognize Kosovo and apologize (Radio Tirana)
• Rama meets Biden at the UN General Assembly (Radio Tirana)
• Kim: We support all efforts, including the Open Balkans (Radio Tirana)
• Albania – Croatia, first round of social security negotiations achieves agreement (Radio Tirana)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 23, 2022

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, September 23, 2022

Albanian Language Media:

• Assembly does not adopt PDK-sponsored resolution on strike in education (RFE)
• Nagavci: We have addressed all demands, except for the additional €100 (Sinjali)
• SBASHK: We can emerge from this situation only through an agreement (Demokracia)
• SBASHK receives letter of support from American Federation of Teachers (Express)
• CDHRF calls for understanding from SBASHK: The strike must end (Nacionale)
• AmCham calls for dialogue and compromise to end strike (Telegrafi)
• NATO: Additional troops from UK will take part in routine drill (Express)
• NATO and security experts fear possible tensions in the north of Kosovo (RTK)

Serbian Language Media:

• EU invited 44 countries to the summit in Prague (media)
• Vucic meets Iranian President Raisi (Tanjug)
• Vucic meets US Under Secretary Nuland in New York (Tanjug)
• Petar Miletic, former Deputy PM: The information that I was appointed as an adviser to Kurti is only half correct (Danas)
• Rasic, Trajkovic on the Miletic’s appointment (medijacentar.info, Kosovo Online)
• Tour guide on incident in Pec (Radio KIM)
• MFA: Serbia’s strong diplomatic activity in UN continues (Tanjug, media)
• ”Which countries have recognized Kosovo and which have not?” (Danas)
• Establishment of government war crimes institute in Kosovo – related risks and timeframe (Radio KIM)


• “Kurti is trying to place Serbia alongside Russia, and as a Marxist-Leninist he knows that Kosovo is neither a state nor independent” (Danas)


• Rizvanolli asks citizens in Kosovo* if they are willing to pay for power imports (balkangreenenergynews.com)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, September 23, 2022

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• EU denies authenticity of non-paper for dialogue framework (BIRN)
• EU invites Kosovo to first meeting of European Political Community (RFE)
• Osmani: Eternal friendship and steadfast partnership with USA (media)
• Lajcak after meeting Osmani: Need for concrete solutions (media)
• Rama: Serbia should recognise Kosovo and apologise (media)
• PDK’s Pajaziti denies opposition is misusing the crisis, blames Kurti (KTV)
• Assembly’s committee on education to discuss ongoing strike today (media)
• AAK leader Haradinaj meets head of EULEX (media)
• Board member public company linked to ruling party quits after BIRN report
• Banks’ healthy capital base must be put to good use in Kosovo (Prishtina Insight)

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