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Petkovic: Haradinaj’s trucks are not aid but deception (Vecernje Novosti, TV Pink, KoSSev)

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Serbian Government Office for Kosovo and Metohija Assistant Director Petar Petkovic said the trucks with the goods Ramush Haradinaj sent to the northern Kosovo are not aid but rather a deception, Vecernje Novosti reported.

He told TV Pink sending the two trucks with the goods in the north of Kosovo is “a smuggling approach of Haradinaj” that represents a provocation. “These two trucks are not aid, but a provocation. Our people in Kosovo and Metohija know it very well and that is why they rejected with contempt everything that Haradinaj, Thaci and Veseli were doing, shooting at the Serbian suppliers and trucks transporting the basic life commodities, arresting the people,” Petkovic said.

He noted for several days there is no milk, diary products, meat, fruits, vegetables in the north of Kosovo, while the businessmen due to “Pristina’s terror” decided to close their shops yesterday.

Meanwhile, KoSSev portal reported that two trucks were parked on Monday afternoon in front of the former Mitrovica North Administrative Office, which is located right next to the railway bridge on the north side of Mitrovica. The trucks had Kosovo registration plates and an inscription “Viva fresh store“. They were open – and at the moment the KoSSev team arrived on the spot – contained a smaller number of goods.

The half empty trucks contained basic products such as oil, water, sugar, pasta and hygienic products.

The small team rallied around the trucks, carried an invoice stating that the value of the goods was about EUR 6400. As they told KoSSev portal the goods were intended for sale in the north.

Kosovo tax administration officer approached the trucks, showed her ID, and asked for the invoices. While the person in charge of the goods showed her the invoice, a man dressed in plain clothes approached, claiming to be a policeman. He told the tax officer that she can address her questions to the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The tax officer then asked him to show his ID – as she did earlier – which he did not do.

When the tax officer asked whether it was a humanitarian aid shipment, she was told the goods are for sale.

See at: https://kossev.info/the-kosovo-government-sent-goods-for-sale-to-the-north/

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