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Srpska Lista: Albanian media continue psychological warfare (Radio Mitrovica sever)

By   /  18/07/2019  /  Comments Off on Srpska Lista: Albanian media continue psychological warfare (Radio Mitrovica sever)

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Srpska Lista (SL) has reacted to Kosovo Albanian media reports on the names of people allegedly involved in smuggling in northern Kosovo citing unnamed sources, Radio Mitrovica sever reported.

“Albanian media are continuing the psychological warfare against the Serbian people in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, whose goal is to intimidate and prepare new violent actions against freethinking, prominent citizens”, Srpska Lista said in a statement.

“We recall that a similar media campaign in the Albanian media preceded the pogrom against Serbs on March 17, 2004, in which dozens of Serbian villages and hamlets have perished along with Serbian holy shrines, and which definitively has destroyed the possibility of return of displaced Serbs, same as in the recent events and unilateral violent action of Pristina in the north”, SL added.

“By drawing targets on foreheads of prominent citizens and their families and publishing photographs of their family houses that were taken while violating the law which guarantees the right to privacy of the citizens, the Albanian media, and above all the public broadcasting service of Priština, created a hit list and a public invitation to lynching”, SL further warned.

“At the same time, this public broadcaster, which is also funded by Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija, has never, not once, published a story about crimes against the Serbian people, nor about the terrorism that is growing in Kosovo and Metohija, which all Western media have written about for years. It is obvious that the editors published this pre-ordered text, while violating all norms and rules of the profession, but it is much more dangerous that there was no reaction of OSCE and other international organizations to these texts, which are obligated to monitor the work of the media”, the statement said.

Srpska Lista also urged the citizens not to fall prey to provocations and to remain calm.

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