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Vucic for TV Prva: “West expects KiM issue to be resolved quickly, Bolton will not come” (Serbian media)

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We are facing difficult talks with the West, which expects a swift resolution of the Kosovo issue, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told Belgrade based TV Prva this morning.

Serbian media quotes Vucic as saying that “it is not only a matter of deadline, it is a matter of substance when it comes to KiM”, emphasizing that “the problem is what we will agree”.

Asked about media allegations that ”Thaci’s terrorist-criminal group B13 was preparing a bloody fall”, Vucic said that “there is no evidence of such a thing.”

“I do not rule out the possibility of something like that. To be honest, this will not happen, an attack can happen, but we will not allow the killing of the Serb population. Their only goal is to conquer the territory of northern Kosovo, a difficult autumn awaits us regarding KiM, you have no one to talk to. The elections will bring situation to a boil, because anyone who does something against the Serbs will have more support, the supply of Serbs in KiM is another problem,” Vucic said.

Vucic stated that there will be several difficult aspects in Kosovo.

“The life of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, then it will be turbulent between their four parties because of the upcoming elections, they all have about 20 percent, and the Serbian List comes as the fifth that everyone will try to bring down. But it is ours to have a political organization that will fight for the interests of the Serbs,” he said.

He also commented on the ban on entry into Kosovo for citizens holding Serbian passports.

“They started a race with taxes (on Serbian goods), and then this on banning entry with Serbian passports. It’s nonsense, like little children, they are trying to make some state. That’s always what it looks like,” Vucic said.

“It’s clear that the Serbian side was negotiating to travel with an ID card, but of course you have the right to travel with a passport as well. The one entitled to more, is entitled and to less,” he explained.

Asked if US National Security Advisor John Bolton could soon arrive in Serbia, the Serbian president said:

“I don’t think he will come. He was thinking about visiting Belgrade and Pristina, but the question is what he can get by going to Pristina, who can he talk to now. That’s the analysis. I’m not talking on his behalf.”

When it comes to solving the Kosovo problem, Vucic says that what he had as an idea was rejected by everyone.

“I’ve seen more and more pressure on me,” Vucic said.

Asked how he comments on Professor Edward Joseph’s statement that the solution to the Kosovo problem is in his hands, Vucic says it is a matter that imposes an additional burden on him.

“Professor Edward Joseph is a serious man and certainly not on our side. Serbia and the Serbs cannot agree to Kosovo’s recognition. We do not want that. People from the international community need to know that there will be no solution to Kosovo if Serbia is humiliated. They know that Serbia is in a hurry to Europe and they put you in a situation where you have to think what is worth more,” Vucic said.

Speaking about how all five permanent members of the UN Security Council have changed their ambassadors to Belgrade and whether it has anything to do with the Kosovo issue, Vucic replied that they “certainly did not come to check on climate change in Serbia”.

Commenting on media reports that there are plans in Pristina “to attack two municipalities” in northern Kosovo, Vucic reiterated that Belgrade will not tolerate any pogroms or killings of Serbs living there.

“It will not happen,” Vucic said, stating that Pristina’s strategic goal is to control northern Kosovo.

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