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Goran Rakic: Cowardly assault of Albanian hooligans is unacceptable (Kosovo-online)

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Srpska Lista Chair Goran Rakic has reacted to the stabbing of a young Serb boy in Mitrovica North, Kosovo-online portal reports.

“Cowardly assault on underage Serbian boy D.B. by a group of Albanian hooligans who came to the northern part of Mitrovica from the southern part of the city is absolutely unacceptable, illegal and shameful,” Mitrovica North Mayor Goran Rakic has said last night.

“On behalf of the municipality of Mitrovica North and all citizens of all nationalities who live peacefully in our municipality, I request the competent authorities to urgently identify, find and imprison the perpetrators of this cowardly act, sending a clear message that violence against our citizens will not be and must not be tolerated”, Rakić ​underlined.

“Main city bridge on the Ibar River is a space which is under the police and KFOR monitoring and I urge them to do their job and not to silently observe such events”, he added. “Endangering the safety of children is unacceptable and will not be tolerated and endangering the safety of children and all citizens is a reason to hold accountable those who have not done their job properly,” Rakic said.

He also ​​urged citizens to be restrained and cautious in the period ahead.

“The fact that the upcoming elections and the anti-Serb hysteria of Albanian politicians in Pristina is undoubtedly the reason for this, as well as a series of other incidents in the previous period in Kosovo and Metohija, to which, unfortunately, no international representatives have responded thus far”, Rakic ​​concluded.


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