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Office for KiM Director Djuric: “Kurti could easily carry the title of Kosovo Baron Münchhausen” (Serbian media)

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Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric said last night that the “Greater Albania” project and the erasure of Serbia and Serbs from the map are the backbone of Albin Kurti’s program, saying that he does not want to talk to Serbs which were elected by Serbs’s votes.

”Kurti may not become the Prime Minister of self-proclaimed Kosovo, but he could easily carry the title of Kosovo’s Baron Münchhausen. Kurti is lying to the whole world that he is a supposed Democrat, and he does not know how to calculate that 10 is always more than 0,” Djuric told Belgrade based news agency Tanjug.

“He does not want to talk to democratically elected Serbian representatives – I thank him! He saved us time and energy to explain to the world who he is and what he is – a great- Albanian, chauvinist extremist who violates the fundamental democratic principles, dreams of destroying Serbs and Serbia, and spends his whole life on hatred and dreams of Greater Albania and an independent Kosovo that will never come true,” Djuric pointed out.

He points out that Kurti wants to talk to those who won 0.08 percent of the votes, and he doesn’t want to hear out those who have won 98 percent.

”There is no Kurti’s Greater Albania and there won’t be. There will be no independent Kosovo. Lying to his own people that he can accomplish this by threatening Serbia and oppressing Serbs will do no good to him or the entire Kosovo and Metohija,” Djuric said.

He added that ”Kurti brags that he would not speak to democratically elected representatives of an entire people, the second largest in the province in which he lives, and the first when it comes to the numbers in the country whose citizenship he has,” quoted Serbian media.

Among other things, Djuric said that ”no one in Serbia is harbouring dangerous illusions about Albin Kurti as a supposed new leader who replaces the war generation of Albanian politicians,” Djuric said.

Djuric said that Kurti is ”the biggest separatist of them all, who has spent all his life waging war and fighting for the creation of a Greater Albania, and for the last two and a half decades has been exclusively fighting against Serbia and Serbian interests”.

”This is a man who hates Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and loves Enver Hoxha, and a person who offends female members of Vucic family. This is also utterly extreme; he is a radical, militant chauvinist politician, and not a new face of Kosovo, as some domestic and international circles want to portray him. They obviously do not mind that Kurti announces new pressures and trampling of Serbs in his first statement,” Djuric said, adding that everything was fine as long as he wants to take ‘Djilas’s Rada’, even if she did not get not even 0.08 percent of votes.

“A faithful follower of Enver Hoxha does not want to talk to those elected by the people, but to those rejected by the Serbs with contempt. This is a mockery in the face of democracy and a threat to the future of all citizens of Kosovo and Metohija, and is a policy that in Serbia, especially in its southern areas will not work,” Djuric concluded.

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