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Kurti writes open letter to Haradinaj on border demarcation (Koha)

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Vetevendosje leader, Albin Kurti, has written an open letter to Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, proposing his idea of the way forward on the issue of border demarcation with Montenegro. Kurti says in the letter that it is well known that border demarcation with Montenegro is not the last visa liberalisation condition and that Kosovo has to implement another very important one: fight crime and corruption. “There will be no lifting of visas without the approval of the law on confiscation of illegally-obtained assets, without amendment of the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code, and, frankly, without the arrest of some crime sharks,” Kurti writes. “Therefore, the question is, can we not first fight crime and corruption and then deal with ‘demarcation’”, he asks. Kurti tells Haradinaj that the citizens of Kosovo deserve to know the truth that: “Ratification does not guarantee visa liberalisation. The other condition is more difficult and decisive.”

Kurti notes that the statement signed by presidents of Kosovo and Montenegro is a “mistake in steps” as there can be no correction to the situation once the agreement is ratified. “Why can we not correct first and then ratify,” asks Kurti going on to say that the answer to this is pretty clear: “You can maximally correct several hectares but not 8,200 of them.”

Kurti proposes to Haradinaj a “joint path forward” consisting of a parliamentary debate on the report of Bulliqi commission; adoption of a Kosovo Assembly statement for good neighbourly relations with Montenegro and requesting review of the agreement; informing Montenegro through direct diplomatic contacts about the methodology of determination of the border and begin new initiative for a new demarcation process; parliamentary inquiry into the agreement; international conference regarding the border delimitation and demarcation.

“We already have two positive developments: implicit admission of mistake by President Thaci and implicit acceptance by Montenegro for new talks. These should be used to full advantage for new developments, not for sealing old ones. Finally, let us first make the corrections through a joint commission – it can even be called JWG (Joint Working Group) – and then proceed with ratification. In the meantime, we can fulfill the criteria for fighting corruption and crime. Ultimately, we can fulfill both criteria roughly by the same time and gain visa liberalisation,” Kurti concludes.

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