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Drecun: Pristina is trying to skip formation of ZSO (RTS)

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The proposal of the Statute of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) should be presented on the 4th of August in Brussels. That deadline was given to Pristina when the Serbs, five years after the signing of the Brussels Agreement, announced that they would form the Community themselves, reports Radio Television of Serbia (RTS).

Pristina wants to skip the formation of the ZSO and expects at the same time to reach a final agreement with Belgrade, said chairman of the Committee for Kosovo and Metohija, Milovan Drecun to RTS.

Milovan Drecun said, visiting the RTS News, that the Serbian team will finish its work and prepare a statute, but when it comes to Pristina, things are different.

“Their indications that they are expecting the final solution, and that is the independence of Kosovo by their opinion, shows that they want to skip the formation of the ZSO at all costs. They insist tha we recognize and treat them as an independent state, and it will not happen even at the cost of not being admitted to the EU because of it,” said Drecun.

The lack of reaction and a mild critique by Brussels of this kind of behaviour in Pristina has not yielded results.

It is obvious that the processes are speeding up, but the question is whether we are entering the final phase of negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina, reported RTS.

Drecun said they are entering a phase in which they could agree on the settlement of the final status of Kosovo, but that does not necessarily mean that the solution will be reached.

Drecun told the Radio-Television of Serbia that citizens’ expression of opinion in the form of a possible referendum or election on the Kosovo issue can be expected only when it becomes clear that a certain type of agreement which would change the internal structure of Serbia can be achieved.

“If we could be certain that such a solution would be achieved before anyone accepts or signs it, then a referendum of citizens should be organized. No government would be able to implement something they agreed to without the support of citizens,” Drecun said.

Drecun reiterated that the formation of any kind of army, meaning any form of armed forces of Kosovo is unacceptable for Belgrade.

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