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Bennett: We are aware public expects first indictments (Tanjug, Radio kontakt plus)

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Specialist Prosecution for war crimes committed in Kosovo is aware the public impatiently awaits raising of first indictments, which would be done when evidences and circumstances necessary to fulfill the highest standards of the international legal practice allow it, the Spokesperson of the Specialist Prosecution Christopher Bennett told Tanjug news agency.

According to him, aiming to protect the right, privacy and security of all those the indictments could have an impact on, including victims and indicted, all decisions are to be made after full and careful data examination.

He recalled the Prosecution would use the highest standards and procedures of the international criminal practice, stipulated in a Manual adopted by the Specialized Chambers in July.

Bennett also added, the Special Prosecution does not comment on the timeframe of possible indictments, nor about the names, due to professional and ethical reasons.

He said that the Office of Special Prosecution has a special three-language template for those who are yet to speak about criminal acts that enables them to get in touch with a prosecutor, and all these contacts would be strictly confidential.

Chairperson of the Serbian Government Commission for Missing Persons, Veljko Odalovic said earlier he expects the Special Court for KLA war crimes would raise first indictments based on evidences submitted to it.

Secretary of the Association of Families of Missing and Kidnapped Persons from Kosovo and Metohija, Olgica Bozanic said families expect indictments not to be selective, adding they are not pleased with what they heard.

“We heard the prosecution would include 37 cases only. We are not pleased with that, and we do not know what does it include? Is it about group criminal acts since there were such kidnappings and killings, or is it about individual crimes?” Bozanic said, adding in order to clarify that, the families asked for a meeting with a special prosecutor.

She recalled that 3.500 Serbs and other non-Albanians were murdered in Kosovo, and almost 1000 kidnapped, Tanjug news agency reported.

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