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UNMIK Headlines 12 October

• New agreement (Epoka e Re – front page)
• Assembly wants exact number of recognitions within year (dailies)
• IBM agreement failing (Zëri – front page)
• Belgrade pressures EU (Express – page 5)
• Tadic: Bad news for Serbia (Express – page 5)
• AAK helped Government continue privatization (dailies)
• PDK: In Assembly, talks should be addressed (Koha Ditore – page 2)
• Jahjaga won’t yield to rising resignation demands (Koha Ditore – page 2)
• EU relations with Kosovo, not as with a state (Koha Ditore – front page)

Headlines - 11.10.2012

UNMIK Headlines 11 October

· Brussels conditions negotiations with Kosovo (dailies)
· Government: SAA short-term criteria will be met this year (dailies)
· Zbogar: Criteria are achievable (Koha Ditore)
· Zbogar: The north to be negotiated with Serbia (Koha Ditore)
· Germany: EULEX on the wrong track (dailies)
· LDK says that justice is being abused from politics (Koha Ditore)
· He is a member of Vetëvendosje? (Express)
· Pacolli gets opportunity to stop “bad privatization” (Koha Ditore)
· Turkey against division (Express)
· Four more months at the head of EULEX (Zëri)

UNMIK Headlines 10 October

· For Kosovo and Albania steps forward with conditions (Koha Ditore)
· Thaçi leads the team of Pristina? (Epoka e Re)
· Mustafa for early elections, the others against! (Zëri)
· PDK seeks deputies (Express)
· Kadaj-Bujupi: AAK has not changed its position (dailies)
· Italy does not condition Serbia with recognition (Express)
· Use the model of two Germany’s (Epoka e Re)
· Swoboda: Serbia will recognize Kosovo sooner or later (Express)

UNMIK Headlines 09 October

· EC will submit to Kosovo “achievable conditions” for SAA (Koha Ditore)
· Kosovo to organize next elections with closed lists (Koha Ditore)
· EU still in phase of consultations for dialogue (Zëri)
· Mustafa and Daci get closer to unite (dailies)
· Surroi: Return of reserved seats, renegotiation of Ahtisaari Package (Koha Ditore)
· Tahiri: I don’t speak on behalf of the President (Bota Sot)
· Krichbaum: Serbia to recognize Kosovo (Zëri)
· Serbs tried to prevent reconstruction of houses (Zëri)