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OSCE Broadcast 12 April

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• Transparency and coordination in dialogue with Serbia demanded (All monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• EU: Resumption of dialogue at interest of both parties (RTK2)
• First signatures for bringing Mustafa Government down given (KTV)
• LDK General Council supports Demarcation with Montenegro (RTK1)
• Simic gives ultimatum to Government (Gazetaexpress)
• Serwer: Thaçi’s initiative on Army pushes processes forward (RTK)
• MPs do not make quorum when they do not like laws (KTV)
• PAK is not achieving to manage many properties in Kosovo north (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
• Kosovo Serb NGO to file lawsuit against Daut Haradinaj (RTK2)

– Political analysts in favour of elections (Summary of KTV Rubicon show)

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Transparency and coordination in dialogue with Serbia demanded

(All monitored broadcasters, KTV)


At a time when Kosovo has suspended talks with Serbia, the inter-parliamentary committee convened for the first time to discuss this process. As part of a memorandum signed by the Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI) with the Assembly, the debate was organised with chairpersons of Assembly committees.


MPs criticized Government’s approach, ones of the ruling parties mainly regarding lack of transparency, whereas opposition MPs also had criticism about the content of agreements achieved.


KDI spoke about their opinion polls, according to which, citizens lack information on talks with Serbia.


Jeta Krasniqi of KDI said that about 75 per cent of Kosovo citizens are dissatisfied with the monitoring role that the Assembly has exercised toward the Government in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process.


After a verbal clash between Muhamet Mustafa of LDK and Albulena Haxhiu of Vetëvendosje, the latter left the meeting as a sign of protest regarding Mustafa’s words used.

EU: Resumption of dialogue at interest of both parties



The EU Spokesperson, Maja Kocijancic, said that so far no date has been set up for the new round of the dialogue between Prishtinë/Pristina and Belgrade.


At the EU emphasize that resumption of dialogue is at the interest of both parties, and that they expect continuation of constructive work in implementing agreements achieved thus far.


First signatures for bringing Mustafa Government down given


Although there were several LDK MPs who did not vote their party chief for Prime Minister, LDK is convinced that there will be no LDK MPs who will vote the no confidence motion toward the Government initiated by the smallest opposition party. But, in PDK say that if coalition does not manage to pass important issues and unblock the processes, then they do not have any reason to fight citizens’ vote.


The first signatures for dismissal of Isa Mustafa Government have been given. Although Nisma për Kosovën, as the initiator, has chosen not to speak about the motion, AAK MPs have already given their signatures, but the motion’s text still has not been harmonised, and it is not final.


Some of the justification lines of this motion, drafted only by Nisma and which is expected to undergo changes, say that although this coalition has two-thirds of the votes in the Assembly, it is not managing to have quorum for many sessions in the row. Therefore, it is said that opposition groups and the signing MPs take this initiative to make it possible for all MPs to express themselves on no confidence motion through vote.


AAK believes that days of this Government are already counted. Vetëvendosje is also ready to support the motion, but they will not give their signatures without approval from Movement’s headship.


Many PDK MPs, but also independent ones, have already stated publically their support to the initiative of no confidence motion toward the Government.


LDK General Council supports Demarcation with Montenegro



LDK General Council convened on Wednesday evening to discuss the next local elections, visa liberalisation and the Agreement on Border Demarcation with Montenegro. After the meeting, which lasted over three hours, LDK chairperson and Prime Minister Isa Mustafa said that LDK General Council has unanimously voted in favour of ratification of Demarcation with Montenegro.


He said that LDK MPs who share a different view from the decision of the General Council should respect the political entity that brought them to Assembly and support its stance.


Regarding the upcoming local elections, Mustafa said that this issue will be discussed with the President of Kosovo in order to identify an adequate month from September to early December for holding local elections in Kosovo.


On the other hand, Mustafa said that they did not discuss the option of early elections at all.


Simic gives ultimatum to Government



Srpska List caucus leader Slavko Simic told GazetaExpress that if Kosovo Prime Minister does not appoint a member of Srpska List at the Head of the Ministry of Local Government Administration (MLGA) then Srpska List MPs will support the initiative of the opposition parties to bring Mustafa’s Government down.


He said that Srpska List has sent a letter to PM Mustafa requesting appointment of MLGA Minister. But, if Srpska List’s request is not approved by the Government of Kosovo until Friday, then this political entity will consider the option of voting the no confidence motion initiated by Nisma për Kosovën to bring Mustafa’s Government down.


“… if Government continues to ignore the request of ten MPs for appointment of the new MLGA Minister, then we will take into consideration Nisma’s request for bringing the Government down,” Simic told GazetaExpress.


He said that Srpska List has not yet been informed about this motion.


Simic also said that Government is facing a difficult situation after the no confidence motion initiative by the opposition parties.


“We have not yet been informed in details about the motion, but in principle we are not for the dismissal of the Government, or for losing time with new elections.  However, we would not want our request to be ignored. We will wait until Friday for the Prime Minister to invite us and solve the issue of MLGA Minister’s appointment,” said Simic.


On the other hand, Deputy MLGA Minister Bajram Gecaj told GazetaExpress that Srpska List officials should meet with PM Mustafa and discuss this issue.


“They do not need to send any request… Their representatives should met with the Prime Minister and present their requests,” Gecaj briefly said.


Serwer: Thaçi’s initiative on Army pushes processes forward



Expert on Balkan affairs, Daniel Serwer, said that establishment of Kosovo’s Army has been delayed for several years.


“I do not know why it happened. We should have it clear that KFOR will not stay in Kosovo forever, maybe up to five years, or more,” he said.


According to Serwer, creation of a strong security should take from 5 to 10 years’ time.


“KFOR will leave Kosovo one day. You should have capacities for at least temporary defence of country’s sovereignty and integrity until NATO comes at help,” he underlined.


Serwer said that Kosovo has powerful neighbours. “For as long as Serbia does not recognize it and until it is not admitted in the United Nations, keep in mind that threat from Serbia seriously exists. It does not want entire Kosovo, but the north or some more enclaves,” he added.


Serwer welcomed Thaçi’s initiative for transformation of Kosovo Security Force.


“I think it is a good initiative to raise this issue and push it forward, but it would be better together with the Serbs than against the Serbs, and I am thinking about Serbs in Kosovo. It is clear that you will need NATO’s support,” he stated.


MPs do not make quorum when they do not like laws



The quorum is often a card of lawmakers to leave laws that are not suitable to them. This Tuesday, the Assembly did not manage to vote amendment of the Law on Execution of Penal Sanctions, thus making it fail for the second time.


These failures are being seen as intentional by organisations dealing with monitoring of judicial system and legislative in the country.


Intentional prolongation is done for the fact that with the current Law on Execution of Penal Sanctions, the authority is given the possibility that through the Minister of Justice, in certain cases, to suspend execution of sentences for persons convicted with court order.


Ehat Miftari of Kosovo Law Institute said that practice has demonstrated that this possibility has been misused.


Arton Demhasaj of Çohu organisation considers passing of this law necessary.


The US Ambassador in Kosovo, Greg Delawie, has also reacted strongly against non-voting of this law.


PAK is not achieving to manage many properties in Kosovo north

(Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)


With the support of Police, Privatization Agency of Kosovo (PAK) has released many usurped properties in many areas of the country, but the same thing is not also happening in the northern part.


Since the end of the war, it is not being achieved to return over 25 usurped social properties under the management of this Agency, no matter that its leaders are saying that they are coordinating with Mitrovica/Mitrovicë north Mayor for solution of this situation.


Reporting to the Assembly Committee on Economic Development, leaders of this Agency said they have legal problems in transferring over 30 million euros to the state budget.


Based on the foreseen plan, this Agency was planned to be closed in 2023, but, the Committee chairperson and other members of this Committee did not agree with these conclusions.


The Commission decided that deadline for closure of the Agency and acceleration of solving of cases in the Special Chamber will be discussed in one of the future sessions of the Assembly.


Kosovo Serb NGO to file lawsuit against Daut Haradinaj



Centre for Peace and Tolerance (CPT) announced filing a lawsuit against Daut Haradinaj for inciting national hatred.


In his announcement, CPT Executive Director, Nenad Maksimovic, recalled threats made by Daut Haradinaj and his calls for ethnic cleansing. He underlined that the statement was condemned by Serbian Government Office for Kosovo, U.S Embassy to Kosovo, Kosovo President, and several other embassies.


Therefore, CPT based on the Criminal Code of Kosovo, article 147 will file a lawsuit against Daut Haradinaj for inciting national hatred.
This would be the first time that Serb civil society sector files a lawsuit against a person for inciting hatred, RTK2 reported.


Political analysts in favour of elections

(Summary of KTV Rubicon show)


The initiative for early elections of the opposition party Nisma për Kosovën enjoys the support of political analyst Besa Shahini. Shahini stressed her position in favour early elections in the KTV Rubicon show.


“It has been a year and a half since the Government is not taking big decisions, not only for big topics, but other ones as well,” she said.


Shahini is not optimistic if Nisma për Kosovën will manage to initially collect signatures for the motion.


The other analyst, Ramush Tahiri, says that this is a legal initiative for motives which are clearly known for quite a while from the opposition.


“It is a coalition for big Kosovo issues, the ones that deal with sovereignty,” Tahiri said.


However, the Assembly Speaker [Kadri Veseli] is the key factor if Nisma’s motion will have a positive response. Analyst Agon Maliqi stated this in KTV Rubicon show.


“Kadri Veseli is the key factor. In a way it seems that LDK has no hesitation,” Maliqi said.


Maliqi says that the campaign that Assembly Speaker Veseli has started is the origin of Nisma’s motion.


“Maybe the opposition has perceived this from the campaign that Kadri Veseli is doing. There is a kind of persuasion that this coalition is not managing to solve major topics,” he said.


On the other hand, Bajrush Morina said that elections might bring a new spirit, while he emphasised that he does not believe elections will be solution for the situation that the country is in.


“I do not believe there will be a radical change of the political scene,” Morina emphasised.


Bajrush Morina says that these elections might suit Vetëvendosje Movement as he considers it might have an increase.


“On the numbers’ aspect these elections suit Vetëvendosje the most, because I consider that it might have an increase,” he said.


In the meantime, Bajrush Morina said that Demarcation will be submitted to Assembly within ten days and that the visit of Republican Senator, John McCain, to Kosovo will be final response to Demarcation.


Morina believes that Demarcation will be voted in Assembly within ten days and that Prime Minister Isa Mustafa has already calculated the numbers.


Morina also mentioned the LDK General Council’s meeting, where the decision on Demarcation and MPs support was taken. He said that aside from two or three MPs within LDK, who are against Demarcation, the others will vote in favour of it at the Assembly.

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