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OSCE Broadcast 12 May

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• Daka: I hope at least once we will have regular elections (RTK)
• DiA says it is ready to observe election process in north with 116 observers (KTV)
• Government against vetting, opposition and NGOs say interference in judiciary being allowed (KTV)
• Marty: The whole truth about crimes in Kosovo isn’t known (KTV)
• Trials in absentia for Serbia’s crimes in Kosovo (KTV)
• Memorial plaque to missing journalists laid for the eighth time (Kossev)

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OSCE Broadcast 09 May

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• Haradinaj: Mogherini no longer leads dialogue, Merkel and Macron took it over (KTV)
• Thaçi: Serbian president is denying war crimes committed in Kosovo (GazetaExpress)
• Kosovo-Serbia presidents clash during Tirana meeting (GazetaExpress)
• Meta: We support Kosovo’s efforts for dialogue (RTK)
• Mustafa: LDK will not be involved in dialogue at this stage (RTK)
• Palmer: Instability in the Balkans suits Russia (RTK)
• EU’s representative gives no deadline on visa liberalisation for Kosovo (GazetaExpress)
• Exhibition with Serb crime photos launched (RTK)

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OSCE Broadcast 08 May

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• Mogherini: If tariff is revoked tonight, I call Dialogue tomorrow (RTK1)
• Haradinaj: Thaçi, Rama, and Mogherini have discussed partition (KTV)
• Thaçi to Haradinaj: Kosovo is not endangered by partition, but by bad government (Klan Kosova)
• Rama: Things in Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue can’t happen secretly (RTK)
• Thaçi in Tirana asked Mogherini for visa liberalisation (Klan Kosova)
• Thaçi: Border correction was my idea, US has not set ‘red lines’ (Klan Kosova)
• Swiss Ambassador: Border correction idea could lead to trouble (RTK)
• Deda: Merkel’s Office confirms that there is no change of borders (KTV)
• Liberalisation might happen in September, Haradinaj says (RTK)
• Task Force for war crimes established (Klan Kosova)
• O’Connell: Time for citizens to raise their voice against corruption (KTV)
• CEC approved slogan for elections in four northern municipalities (RTK)

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OSCE Broadcast 07 May

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• Haradinaj: We will prevent the Dodik Russian Republic in Kosovo (KTV)
• Vucic to internationals: You can kill me, but I won’t recognise Kosovo (Klan Kosova)
• Thaçi refuses to attend EBRD Summit due to relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina (Klan Kosova)
• Tribunal for Serb crimes legally impossible, lawyers say (KTV)
• Bajrami: Discussion on borders and Association to be avoided (KTV)
• More measures against Serbia considered (KTV)
• KFOR replaces border line signs (RTK)
• Twelve new prosecutors take oath in front of President (KTV)
Tahiri: Serbian-Russian idea of territory exchange got buried (KTV’s summary of Rubicon show)

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OSCE Broadcast 06 May

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Daka: OSCE will not have executive role in May 19 elections (RTK1)
Draft Resolution on Serb crimes in Kosovo – late and political (KTV & Klan Kosova)
Minister Mustafa announces reciprocity measures to Serbia (RTK1)
Import from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina declined from 1 million to 8,000 million euro a day  (KTV)

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OSCE Broadcast 02 May

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Over 200 OSCE officers will be involved in north elections (TV21, RTK)
Veseli: A Tribunal for crimes of Serbs in Kosovo will be established  (RTK)
Assembly’s Ad Hoc Commission for resolution on genocide starts work (KTV)
Mustafa: We will not vote any agreement on dialogue if it is not the opposition’s, too (KTV)
Veseli to discuss dialogue with leaders and Negotiating Team on Friday (Klan Kosova)
Cakaj: What Rama said in his clarification is 100% true (RTK)
Pacolli clashes with MPs for his links with businessman he made honorary consul in El Salvador (KTV)
Djuric: Vulin’s position on delimitation is rational (Kossev)

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OSCE Broadcast 01 May

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Thaçi: Only we and Serbia will be in Paris (KTV & Klan Kosova)
Rama responds to Haradinaj: Vucic publically expressed his unhappiness against me as same as Ramush  (KTV)
Analysts expect Germany and France to give impetus to Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (KTV)
EU has lost reputation concerning Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (RTK1)
Serwer: Macron joined those that oppose border changing (RTK1)
Hahn: It is time for Western Balkans to become part of EU (KTV)
Pacolli: No reconciliation without Belgrade punishment (KTV)
Kosnett: Serbs to live in Kosovo and build country’s future (RTK1)
Burchett: No one willing to punish Serbians for sexual violence in Kosovo (KTV)
INSID: The repatriated to be engaged against radicalism (Klan Kosova)
Rama: Thaçi said in Berlin that borders were not and will never be discussed (Klan Kosova’s summary of Zona B show)

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OSCE Broadcast 29 April

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Thaçi: No reconciliation without recognition by Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (All monitored broadcasters, RTK1)
Thaçi: Internationals were misinformed that we wanted border changing (Klan Kosova)
Haradinaj in Berlin: We need to open borders, not to create new ones (Most monitored broadcasters, Klan Kosova)
New summit on Kosovo in Paris this summer (N1)Vetëvendosje activists protest in Berlin (KTV)
Political entity lottery for elections in north to be drawn on Tuesday (KTV) 

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OSCE Broadcast 24 April

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• Srpska Lista considers its non-certification a political attack (KTV)
• Srpska Lista appeals CEC decision at ECAP (RTK)
• Spahiu: Elections in north can’t happen without Srpska Lista (RTK)
• Ambassador Heldt: I wonder what wisdom of CEC decision is (RTK)
• 19 Kosovo women returned from Syria put under house detention (Gazeta Express)
• Kosovo Special Prosecutor’s Office: Trajkovic’s testimony was not crucial in the arrest and detention of two suspects, as Serbian politicians claim (Kossev)
• LDK reacts to appointment of Ngadhnjim Kastrati as RTK General Director (Klan Kosova)
• Chief Prosecutor Beka: I will speak to journalists despite Rules of Procedure (KTV)

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OSCE Broadcast 23 April

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Rrustemi: Srpska Lista must prove it respects Kosovo’s sovereignty to participate in elections  (KTV)
EU seeks details about operation on repatriation of Kosovars from Syria (KTV)
Veseli writes to European Parliament and Quint about Serbian crimes in Kosovo (RTK1)
Pacolli: EU willing to liberalise visas for Kosovo (Gazeta Express)
Hoxha: Rosic and Spasojevic’s custody extended for another two months (KoSSev)

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OSCE Broadcast 22 April

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CEC to decide about candidates for north elections on Tuesday (KTV)
Mogherini fostered territory exchange plans, German politician says (RTK1)
Women returnees from Syria investigated for involvement in terrorist groups  (Most monitored broadcasters, KTV)
Haxhiu: Lumezi pretends he doesn’t see crime (KTV)
Gashi criticises Correctional Service management and Ministry (KTV) 

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OSCE Broadcast 18 April

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Committee’s resolution will call for Serbia to admit that it committed genocide (KTV)
Veseli calls on friendly countries to draft resolution to recognise Serbia as crime inflictor (KTV)
O’Connell: Agreement with Serbia shouldn’t be quick, but good (KTV)Djuric: No meeting between Kosovo and Serbia delegations in Berlin (Klan Kosova)Srpska Lista, Vetëvendosje and PDK will take part in early elections in north (KTV & RTK)
Veseli to Prosecutors: File charges against corrupt officials (Most monitored broadcasters, Klan Kosova)
Haradinaj considers Kosovo’s ranking as 75th for freedom of speech encouraging  (KTV)
Thaçi: No dialogue with Serbian side in Berlin (Klan Kosova’s summary of Zona e Debatit show) 

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