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Did and where communication in Ivanovic case fail? (TV N1)

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More than three weeks have passed since the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, leader of Civic Initiative, Freedom, Democracy, Justice, and apart from political statements, there are still no details as to who and with what motives shot at him on January 16, TV N1 writes today on its website.

Kosovo Justice Ministry claims they exchange information with the Serbian authorities, while the Serbian Ministry of Justice said they received no information at all.

Who is mediating in this exchange, did and where the communication fail? TV N1 wonders.

“On January 18, the Ministry of Justice received a request from the Serbian authorities, and the Basic Prosecution in Mitrovica responded to it on the very same day. Same, on January 31, we have received a request from the Ministry of Justice of Serbia, and the Basic Prosecution in Mitrovica responded to it as well, on February 5, 2018,” Kosovo Justice Ministry said.

The authorities in Serbia claim the otherwise, and the Office for Kosovo and Metohija Director, Marko Djuric said he has checked everything.

“Contrary to this and such claims, absolutely nothing has arrived here in Belgrade (…). And I think it tells a lot about the nature of the investigation, the intentions of those running it, so they publicly claim they cooperate, and we know they do not,” Djuric said on February 7, TV N1 reports.

Serbian Ministry of Justice also said they are waiting for information from EUELX, while EULEX briefly responded they can “only confirm EULEX is mediating in the exchange of requests between the Serbian MUP and Kosovo Police.”

Meanwhile, Serbian MUP responded they have not received any information related to Oliver Ivanovic murder probe, either.

Chairperson of the Serbian Assembly Committee for Kosovo and Metohija, Milovan Drecun believes the murder would neither be fully resolved nor Pristina would come out with real information.

“Tragic,” this is how a lawyer and friend of Oliver Ivanovic, Nebojsa Vlajic comments on the idea of dialogue and cooperation guiding Ivanovic while he was alive, is not implemented even after he is dead.

“I think Kosovo police and services in Serbia are obliged to cooperate, and it is really hard to conclude what the truth is, after such contradicting statements. I think the trust in institutions after such beginning of the investigation in no way can be regained, bodies running the investigation, and here I think foremost Pristina bodies are obliged to tell (what they have) and if they have nothing, then they are also obliged to say so,” Vlajic said.

Vlajic added tension and uneasiness in Mitrovica North do not scale down, and there is also no security, safety and trust of the citizens, as all other previous cases of attacks against people and properties remain without epilogue, TV N1 reported.


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