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“Announcements of independent ZSO establishment political marketing” (KIM radio)

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Despite numerous statements and messages that Srpska Lista would independently initiate the establishment of the Association/Community of Serb-Majority Municipalities on April 20th, it has however decided to wait, KIM Radio reports today.

This is not first time that Srpska Lista announces and then pulls back from independent establishment of the ZSO. Although ZSO has been agreed in Brussels five years ago, it still remains “a dead letter on paper,” KIM Radio further said.

Former Kosovo Assembly member and a leader of Progressive-Democratic Party, Nenad Rasic claims that unilateral establishment of ZSO would have no legal importance, as all decisions must be approved by the government and the assembly.

Constitutional Law Professor, Mazlum Baraliju agreed with Rasic, saying that the Srpska Lista initiative is not in accordance with the Constitution and Kosovo laws.

He added Kosovo institutions are obliged to establish the Association/Community of Serb-Majority Municipalities, saying Serb representatives should wait.

Centre for Peace and Tolerance Director, Nenad Maksimovic thinks that announcements of Srpska Lista it would independently establish the ZSO are political marketing.

Maksimovic added Srpska Lista once again, used the persuasive power and convinced people something big would happen but nothing took place.

“The EU set a deadline and I believe the EU takes much serious approach to the process of ZSO establishment than Pristina and Serbs in Kosovo institutions. However, I would like to remind, that ZSO could have been absolutely established in line with the same principles, the same powers in 2009 already. Obviously, there is neither political will, nor practical knowledge of all actors involved in the process of ZSO establishment,” Maksimovic told KIM Radio.

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