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How the European Union is betraying the Western Balkans (Washington Post)

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Jasmin Mujanovic, a political scientist specializing in the politics of south-eastern Europe, is the author of “Hunger and Fury: The Crisis of Democracy in the Balkans.” The European Union is on the precipice of a major crisis, one rooted as much in the incompetence of the Brussels establishment as in the cynicism and provincialism of […]

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UNMIK Headlines 23 May

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• Admiral Foggo: KSF transition in close cooperation with NATO (media)
• Mustafa and Kurti agree to push ahead no-confidence motion (media)
• Opposition parties with ‘secret’ strategy to bring down government (Zeri)
• Opposition has differences on how to bring down government (Koha)
• Jahjaga: Redrawing of borders, dangerous rhetoric (Zeri/Epoka)
• Meta: Not so easy to redraw borders (RTK/Epoka)
• Serbia decides not to take Kosovo to arbitration over tax (Klan Kosova)
• O’Connell: Reconciliation begins with telling and hearing the truth (Facebook)
• Kosovo, Albania, Croatia begin joint military exercise (media)
• UK Embassy: Independence for prosecutors that investigate corruption (Zeri)
• CSOs seek clarification about reference to Veseli in criminal case (Koha/Klan)

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