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Belgrade Media Report 06 July

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Vucic: All I hear from their statements is rubbish (RTS/Tanjug)
Vucic to meet Macron in Paris (RTS/Tanjug)
Dacic: Greek decision to close borders for Serbians is bad (RTS)
RIK announces final results of parliamentary elections in Serbia (RTS/Tanjug/Beta)
Ljajic: Forty-six patients died at Novi Pazar hospital since April (TV Prva/Beta)
Another 289 cases (RTS)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

Covic: Partnership between HDZ B&H and SDA does not exist; Izetbegovic: Croats hold more posts that they should (O kanal)
Russian Ambassador Ivantsov: Attempts to push NATO integration undermine foundations of B&H’s functioning as state of three constituent peoples and two entities (Nova BH)
B&H CC declines jurisdiction over decision of B&H CEC; Decision causes sharp reactions in RS (ATV)
Dodik: Self-discipline and respect of measures are RS’ main commitment in prevention of spreading of Covid-19 (ATV)
B&H sees significant decline in daily coronavirus cases for 2nd straight day (N1)

HDZ wins convincing victory in Croatian parliamentary elections (Index.hr)
Plenkovic: Election victory is huge obligation (Hina)
Croatia reports 69 new cases of coronavirus infection, a total of 3,220 (N1)

Boskovic: Montenegro is our holiest place (CDM)
Mugosa: I advise Vucic to listen to health experts and leave us alone (CDM)
Media campaign against Montenegro: Not even Goebbels did this (CDM)
Divanovic: We’ll defeat political primitivism in the forthcoming elections (Pobjeda)
Coronavirus: Montenegro hits record high in daily cases (CDM)
Republic of North Macedonia

Political parties make various promises, focus on young people and economy (MIA)
North Macedonia reports 78 new cases of Covid-19, 172 patients recover, 5 died (MIA)

Meta welcomed Hoti: Albania supports Kosovo-Serbia dialogue (Radio Tirana)
Covid does not stop “patriotic tourism”. A high influx of vehicles at the Morina border crossing (Radio Tirana)
Albania reports 71 new case of Covid-19 in past 24h and 3 deaths (Tirana Times)


Serbian President Vučić takes German lessons (Politico)
Serbia thanks Turkey after receiving another batch of medical supplies (TRT World)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Afternoon Edition, July 06, 2020

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Albanian Language Media:

• Covid-19: Hospital and University Clinic director dismissed (media)
• Thaci: Danger of coronavirus pandemic still high (media)
• Zemaj warns of legal sanctions for not respecting Covid-19 measures (media)
• Stjernvall: Pristina a ‘party town’ as Covid-19 cases spike (media)
• EU confirms Paris summit, Hoti-Vucic meeting (media)
• CDHRF: Talks with Serbia to be suspended (Zeri)

Serbian Language Media:

• The dialogue continues, Hoti and Vucic on July 12 in Brussels (N1)
• Serbia-Kosovo summit on Friday, Merkel and Macron hosts (Blic)
• Vucic with Macron on Thursday in Paris (Kosovo Online, Tanjug)
• John Bolton publicly presented the deal (Danas)
• Dr. Antonijevic: 60 people tested today, 300 by Friday (Radio Mitrovica Sever)
• “Epidemiological situation in the municipality of Gracanica under control” (KIM radio)
• Serbian election commission says less than half of electorate voted (N1)
• Another theft in Priluzje: A cultivator with a rotary tiller stolen from farmer (KoSSev)


• Turkey in the Balkans: A march westward (moderndiplomacy.eu)


• Serbia, Kosovo leaders to meet as EU-backed talks resume (AP)
• Kosovo Confronts ‘New Situation’ After Record Daily Deaths From COVID-19 (RFE)
• Kosovo Politician Threatens BIRN Country Director (Balkan Insight)
• Balkan States Find Prosecuting Terrorism a Challenge (Balkan Insight)


• BIRN editor says many more COVID-19 deaths than officially reported (N1)

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UNMIK Media Observer, Morning Edition, 06 July

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• 152 new coronavirus cases in last 24 hours in Kosovo (media)
• Kosovo government reinstates curfew in some cities (media)
• Health Minister: We have potential to fight the virus (media)
• Ministry of Health on new fatalities: We must wait for investigations (media)
• Kurti: New elections are the only solution (media)
• Nagavci accuses government of failing to manage coronavirus situation (media)
• Ismaili: Hoti government to treat pandemic with greater seriousness (media)
• PDK’s Haxhiu: State of emergency must be declared (media)
• PM Hoti: We’re waiting for confirmation of date of Paris Summit (media)
• Kosovo, Serbia leaders discussed land swap idea, Bolton says (media)
• Mustafa: Current situation does not guarantee institutional stability (Koha)
• Thaci continues visits to families of martyrs (Zeri)
• Veseli calls on KLA associations to call off protest (media)

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